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Mary asks…

What does author Richard Carlson in “Don’t Worry, Make Money” meant by not worrying about the market…?

but instead invest in it? I quote him:

“I believe that one of the closest things to a worry-free, wealth-building strategy is to invest, long term, in the stock market, preferably through your company 401K or, if you’re self-employed, your SEP. Why? Because historically, to profit from this simple, well-known strategy, it doesn’t matter in the short term if the market is going up or down. You win either way. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Once you commit to the “don’t worry” attitude, you’ll chuckle as you notice how many people worry, every day, unnecessarily, over which direction the market is moving. “What a relief, the market is having a good day” and “Oh no, the market is down” are frequent comments, but in reality, they have virtually no relevance if you are investing for the long term.

What is there to worry about? By implementing the “pay yourself first” strategy, by investing a predetermined percentage, such as 10 percent of your income to yourself (into high-quality, no-load mutual funds), you virtually guarantee that, over time, you’ll amass a small fortune. You simply put the money in, month after month, and leave it there.

If the market is going up, your invstment is worth more money. Congratulations, you win. But if the market is going down, your next investment will afford you the luxury of purchasing more shares of stock at a lower price. Congratulations, you win again!

To top off this worry-free, wealth-building strategy, you can get the federal and state governments to pitch in a third, or even more, of your total investment. By using a company retirement plan or self-employed SEP, you can deduct your contribution from your taxable income up to a certain maximum limit, saving thousands of dollars and reducing the out-of-pocket costs of your investment. Your tax adviser, or even a knowledgeable friend, can probably show you how simple it is to accumulate wealth using this strategy and how to maximize the government’s contribution toward your financial goals. The point here, however, is to show you that “don’t worry” is not simply a cliché. There are many worry-free, practical approaches to building your fortune; this is simply one of the best. As always, your external success begins with your attitude toward life.

In very simple words, where and to whom do you go to to invest in the stock market. And what is a company’s 401K? I also don’t even know what is stock? Thank you so much for your time. Oh, and by the way, do you agree with this author?

John answers:

I agree with Richard Carlson.

Mark asks…

are these or any of these things make our country more corrupt than any 2nd or 3rd world country?

I love america but nowadays it seems harsh….right around 1995 it seemed corrupt and since then it has gotten worse…way worse. I think these are the top 10 things that made our country worse:
1. Greed in stock market…in the 90’s everybody made money, then lost money, now it seems everybody is greedy all over again
2. Increase in taxes….might not seem like you’re paying more, but you really are when it comes to property taxes, the home i lived in in 1992 where taxes were 400 to 700 dollars are now 4100 to 4500…is that exponential growth!?
3. No strong leadership….the leaders now can’t really push hard on what SHOULD be done, they puppet around wasting their time with illusions to brainwash taxpayers to believing illusions
4. Massive layoffs to come. People will get laid off or enter jobs they would have never thought they would work in. We will work at wal mart and food services, while indians come here, take our colleges over, and become doctors (not prejudice)

John answers:

Well there is a long list to compete with and history b4 and in the making. The Philippines Marcos, Castro, Saddam, Idi Amin, No Korea, some of these leaders have credentials beyond yours above. Now we have still Castro, Chavez of Venezuela, the President of Iran, the rulers in Darfur ?

In my opinion, after more careful research you can find hundreds more violations displayed by these folks than created by our current administration in the US .

If you open the debate up to the violations of the last administration it would take up alot more lines and time than u and I have 2 day. Thanks.

Thomas asks…

Wrestling Weekly by LJD Smalls?

Hey guys, back with another blog and this will involve myself giving you a lowdown of what i thought of the weeks action along with my top five matches of the week and a quote of the week. If you like this check out my youtube account, i make videos on things which you might prefer. Here is the link, so go and check out what i do! Lets get down to business!

Raw – 19th October 2009: Overall, i relatively enjoyed this weeks Raw and i thought Snoop Dog did a pretty good job compared to the losers from last weeks Raw. Along with this we got a great match, yes smarks may disagree like always, but Cena and Hunter pulled out the stocks pretty good for two guys who are apparently ‘poisining’ the company. We also got some angles advanced and packed into this was a little teaser of the somewhat imminent DiBiase face turn. Apart from Cena vs. Hunter there wasn’t anything too special but in retrospect i rather enjoyed this episode of Raw. Smalls Rating: 7/10

ROH on HDNet – 19th October 2009: Using the power of youtube i am able to watch these shows and i feel damn lucky for it. The reason being that i got to witness what was probably match of the week as Danielson performed in what was possibly his last match for ROH against rising star Austin Aries and if i do say so myself it was fine contest. I also thoroughly enjoyed the opener and thee only dampener was the injury sustained by Lynn. Overall i was another good show, thats two in a row on my count! Smalls Rating: 7.5/10

ECW – 20th October 2009: Wow, Jericho is on ECW. I have to say this now, his visit to ECW was booked great as not only did he get some attention for ECW but he also put over their champion which can be nothing but a good thing. Aswell as the damn good main event we got a solid undercard with pretty much all the main angles in ECW being adavanced and we finally have a new number one contender. So out of the 3 shows so far all of them have been good! Smalls Rating: 7.25/10

WWE Superstars – 22nd October 2009: No matches above two and a half stars can’t be good. Although the general feel of the show didn’t seem so bad, in hinesight it wasn’t all that good at all. The main event was decent but nothing too spectacular, however this was the best match of the night for the reason that it put over the two new stars rather nicely. Smalls Rating: 4.75/10

TNA Impact – 22nd October 2009: Another good impact, TNA may have really started a new era as to me everything they have done in the last few weeks has been an improvement. Although a Cage match and Ultimate X may seem like overkill it seemed to keep the big vibe going after BFG and that is the momentum they need going into Turning Point. Yes, the same old dumb stuff stuck around but all angles were advanced and we saw a great debut for indy star Nigel McGuinness, i mean Desmond Wolfe. Smalls Rating: 7.5/10

Smackdown – 23rd October 2009: Well, another average Smackdown. Infact, Raw was better this week but to be honest Smackdown wasn’t that bad. The main event was actually pretty good and advanced the angle at the same time which was good to see. I also enjoyed the tag team match but overall it just didnt feel like the Superb Smackdown i was used too. Maybe when the focus is shifted again it will be good again but i just feel a bit letdown by the progress of the show. Smalls Rating: 6.5/10

Top 5 Matches of the Week – Honourable Mentions:
Beer Money vs. British Invasion – TNA Impact – ***
Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder – ECW – **3/4
Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny King – ROH – **3/4

Top 5 of the Week:
5. Undertaker vs. CM Punk – Smackdown – ***
4. Christian vs. Chris Jericho – ECW – ***1/2
3. MCMG vs. Lethal Consequences – Impact – ***1/2
2. Triple H vs. John Cena – Raw – ***3/4


1. Austin Aries vs. Bryan Danielson – ROH – ****

And now its time for Quote of the Week, who wins the award!

HHH to Kofi: ‘When did you lose the accent’

Great stuff, DX has been doing pretty good comedy seeing as its PG and all!

Thats all for now, see you later!

John answers:

Sounds pretty cool ! Thanks for the heads up on that !

Sandra asks…

Father’s Lawyer Harassing Me?

Sorry if this is long but I need help! I am a 22 year old disabled woman. I have been disabled and diagnosed with my disorders during my mid-teenage years. My parents were also divorcing during this time period, my father quit having anything to do with me. I continued to live with my mother, and am still living with her because she helps me with my problems, and I help her as well. Of course, I pay half the bills and have other monthly bills.

My father re-married and moved across the country. Since I am disabled, and am not living with him, he still has to pay child support. He has taken me to court about 8 times since my 18th birthday, and each time the same judge always settles on my behalf. I am on several different medications to control my problems, both physical and mental. I cannot work, and this has been determined through many tests and doctor visits and of course, being on disability without the help of a lawyer. My father has always been resentful to me and now that he is re-married, he doesn’t call me, check on me, talk to me, and hasn’t even seen my face except in the court room. He has NO idea about the severity of my disabilities. But, He swears that I am making up my problems, and his lawyer are trying to find any excuse that he can to intimidate me and break me down. He sent a set of “discovery” papers to my mother, asking her the income in this house and details about her money situation (any stocks, bonds, winnings) She returned the papers, and the lawyer decided to delay court because he felt that he needed more “information.”

He has sent a second set of discovery papers, but this time around the questions got way too personal. He wants to know very personal information about my MOTHER’s income, my mother and my “criminal record” though we don’t even have one! He asked what my adopted brother’s social security income. He also wants to know why “any doctor would see me fit as disabled.” We have no idea how to answer these, and why he’s asking. There are many more questions about my mother and my personal information that have nothing to do with the case. I am tired of being harassed and want to know how I can control the situation better.

Each question is like a slap in the face. We feel that we should not have to share that kind of information, especially my mother’s, to my father’s lawyer. Since I can’t afford a lawyer, I don’t know what to do. I am getting threatening letters at least 3 times a week and court is on June 23rd. He has threatened to try to get my mother put in jail for not filling out the second set of papers. She wrote a letter to the judge, stating that she felt the papers were irrelevant to the case and over the top, ect. I had to tell my doctor that I am dreading hearing this attorney completely BASH me because I’m different. I want to cry just thinking about what I am going to have to deal with in court AGAIN. I feel like I am a bad person, like a criminal, and I have never even had a traffic ticket. I tried to have a relationship with my dad but he didn’t want it. I have been to court enough times to know how hard it is to keep calm when a cold-hearted lawyer is saying that I am making this stuff up. Despite seeing one of the area’s best doctors, 10+ visits to the hospital, and having being proven disabled, this isn’t enough to prove to my father (who was never there for any of it) that I am sick. I want to be “normal.” My doctor is concerned because my father has stressed me out to the point where my illnesses get worse. We haven’t had a response from the judge stating that either we have fill and send the discovery papers in. So what I am asking is that….

1. Is it a law (in Indiana) to HAVE to fill out any discovery papers a lawyer has sent? (The judge didn’t order them, just the lawyer.)

2. Is there anything I can do to stop the lawyer and my father from harassing me? Is there any way I can take my father to court for emotional abuse?

3. How can I get my point across loud and clear that my problems are real? What kind of proof should I bring to prove this? (I’ve already proven before with copies of my Rx prescriptions, social security letters, school records that stated that I was ill even during my teen years)

4. How (or can I) get the judge to order my father to present all of HIS income, stocks, bonds and whatever else to court? Since my mother and I ended up having to do it (though we have nothing to hide…)

I know this is a little more complicated than the usual yahoo question, but any advice is appreciated. I just want a peaceful life. Any help is very much appreciated, Karma will reward your good deed 🙂 thanks a bunch!
Thanks for that wonderful insight, I knew what he was doing was wrong, but didn’t know it was against the law. I will make a trip to the court house ASAP. I didn’t know I had that option! Also thanks for the well wishes and luck, it means more than you know!
Thanks for that wonderful insight, I knew what he was doing was wrong, but didn’t know it was against the law. I will make a trip to the court house ASAP. I didn’t know I had that option! Also thanks for the well wishes and luck, it means more than you know!

John answers:

Bottom line, you need a lawyer. Seek a legal aid association. Http:// is a place to start. The other person talking about slandering your name and what not is completely wrong. The legal definition of slander has absolutely no application here. If he is just sending you strongly worded letters that doesn’t really count as being harassed. Thats what lawyers do, they send strongly worded letters. He isn’t forcing you to read them. If he was showing up at your door step then that is different, but sending you letters is him doing his job. Most of the info they are asking is actually easily obtained by any lawyer with, and mostly a matter of public record. Frankly, its hard to say whats going on here without seeing the lawyers brief on the case, which is why you need a lawyer. The only thing that i can see that you have said he has done that his illegal is that of threatening jail time. In most states its illegal to threaten to pursue criminal prosecution (even validly prosecution) to try to force somebody to take a particular course of action. That is something that if you have prove of, is very illegal in most states.

James asks…

Need A lot of Advice about Confusing Ex! Please Help Me! I am Desperate!!!?

Hi guys I know this is pretty long but please help me out if you can find it in your heart to aid a really down college student.

I will choose a best answer and dish out points whenever possible

Alright so basically, my ex-girlfriend and I broke up like 3 months ago because she said that she needed time to “grow up”. Basically, we decided to still be friends because we really still like each other and get along great. However, I am still very much in love with her.

The problem is that lately I’ve been feeling really down around my ex and kind of jealous and I don’t know why. She’s basically perfect at everything. She’s very attractive because a lot of guys flirt with her, wears size 00 pants, exercises constantly, her parents are wealthier than mine as she lives in a half a million dollar house and her dad retired at the age of 48, she always gets whatever she wants (material-wise) i.e. she has two pairs of Uggs, wears all Abercrombie clothing, gets the newest iPod every year, breaks her cell phone at least 3 times a year, has two pairs of Sperry type shoes, and gets Tiffany and Co. jewelry costing around $175 once a year (She gets all this stuff usually for Christmas or just because presents but she always gets whats on her list of wants), she makes friends easily, has time to join lots of clubs in college, works as a store model for Abercrombie and has a higher GPA than me while majoring in journalism, and sometimes I feel like she has all of God’s blessing even though she is extremely atheist.

However, I am the complete opposite as I always work for what I get. I’m in one of the top 10 business schools in the nation but struggle to maintain a 3.0 GPA and spend most of my time studying, I haven’t met very many people in college because I’m trying to save money by living at home with my parents (my ex lives in the dorms which her parents pay for even though her parents live 2 blocks away from campus), I spend all my free time at home, I don’t find myself as attractive because I’ve only worked for American Eagle and I am Asian, my parents want me to earn things so I have to work to pay for my clothes, cell phone, car repairs and other stuff I want unlike my ex.

I just feel crappy to the point that I’ve been unmotivated to study and I want to sleep all day. I’ve stopped going to the gym and I have been wallowing in my own self-pity, I’m always wishing that my parents were a lot richer because my ex gets to finish college at her own pace while I’m pressured to finish in 4 while her parents can also afford to let her take summer classes not only at where we go to school but to other colleges such as New York University and/or Chicago to make her workload easier while I don’t have that luxury. She also got a chance to study abroad twice.

The only thing I feel like I have an advantage over her is that I know how to invest and save my money better than her because she can’t save her own money at all. She doesn’t even know how the basic definition of a stock or how a credit and debit card work. I am very ambitious and always look for ways to make extra money through investing and saving but I always still feel down because I know that she’ll still get ahead of me in the future because her father is already investing money for her for her retirement in the thousands already.

Not only does she get all that stuff but her little sister and her brother get all the stuff they want to. Her sister basically gets everything my ex does like a new iPod at the same time my ex does and wears Abercrombie only also. However, if she doesn’t get her way at all, she always throws a fit (I’ve been there to witness it) until she gets her way. I don’t understand how she gets all this stuff either. Is it possible to get a life like this when her dad worked as an engineer for GM for 20 years and is now retired and her mom is a territorial manager for Johnson and Johnson?

Despite all this I feel like God’s let me down. Why does he bless people that don’t believe in him? Should I stay away from my ex even though I still love her? She is white and we’ve known each other for 4 years and dated each other for 2 and a half years. Can a relationship with 2 different people like this work out again? Why do I feel this way? I get really jealous because no girls flirt with me at college compared to guys hitting on her. What should I do? Am I even in her league at all?

John answers:

Wowserz, she seems like she will be getting no where in life with begin independent. You don’t need a girl like that, remind yourself, you do not want to be putting up with a girl like her, she seems stuck up and ungrateful..who cares how much she has, god made you the way you are because he has big plans for you, but you have to believe it!! God made her like that because she needs help…don’t worry about ther love life, it may be hardd..being lonely sometimes..but your time will come dont rush nature…just go with the flow of the river, rocks will be thrown but you will flow right pass them..I’m sure your strong, dont let it get you down.
Keep doing your day job!! Forget her, remember who you aare..and theres no comparison between you to..
You probably have a much better family life with yours than she does with her own, and thats most important.
Her they dont know what there doing, and its annoying, but we learn to live with people like them, and thaats life.

-hope the words of a high school student help =D
strength, leads to succes…

P.s. Your way out of her league, why?
Your beyond her, you have MUCH MUCHH MORE than you can see!

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