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Sandy asks…

should i sell my mutual funds? investors,stockbrokers help! 10 points?

I been making money for the past four years but now i lost most of the profits. What should I do?
2003: I purchased $100,000 worth of mutual funds
2004,2005,2006:positive gain
2007:Original$100,000 is worth $143,000
2008:Recently in the past few months I lost 40K plus. Worth $92,000 now today (10-8-08). Past two days i lost $7,000-$8,000 alone!!!!!!

Should i sell all my stocks now and rebuy them again later when the drop is finished and the stocks/housing market return to normal and rebuy all the same stocks again or should i just keep all of it since the market will bounce back soon? help?

i own:

should i sell some and which ones and do you believe which is good to keep. the top ones i invest more in then the bottom of the list.

John answers:

Depends on your situation. If you are retiring tomorrow, take the money and run.

If you are retiring in 30 years, stop worrying. It will eventually come back. Just check your statements yearly so that you can look at any managerial changes, major holding changes, and to rebalance if you so choose.

I think that selling all and rebuying will cost you too much in expenses.

Donald asks…

What’s wrong with the Management and shareholders of Delta Airlines?

Last year, Delta Airlines lost over $5 billion. They have a huge debt as high as $30 billion. Its balance sheet does not balance because its net worth is minus $10 billions. They have been in bankruptcy for awhile and just recently borrowed $9 billion dollars. If Delta was a house, the owner does not have any equity in the house and continues to pay its loan without building an equity because on top on the mortgage loan, the owner pays a second mortgage. They are like more of an apartment that pays rent and doesn’t get back anything from it. I decided to bring up this issue here because of the visibility and popularity of the Yahoo Answers website, and with the hope that somehow a member of Delta management would come forward and explain why Delta believes it can survive. Delta operates seventy (70) 727 airplanes, with oldest delivered in 1972. These airplanes consume fuel like army tanks on steroids. How does anyone expect Delta to make money? I hope this message will save many people a lot of money by not buying Delta stocks.

John answers:

This isn’t going to ‘save’ anyone any money, and you know this isn’t the reason you are posting this here.

Thanks to it’s unions, Delta is in trouble, and will likely fold or get bought out.

And yes, it is management’s fault. They should never have caved in to the union demands in the first place.

Susan asks…

My parents think I am a bad kid who spends all their money and has psychological problems…?

They frustrate me so much…they are impossible to talk to, they live in their own world and always try to make life hard for me. All my life they have badgered me into going into medicine, but ever since I went to college they expect me to pay for all my expenses. Now that I am finally applying to medical school you would think they would be proud, but instead I can tell this bitching is going to continue until I can support myself which is like in 5 years (residency)…My dad is a fucking doctor and has more than enough money to pay for my education and living expenses, and my mom and dad definitely throw their money on stupid dumb shit, yet they have such a problem with giving me money. I am a student who has to get good grades and work my ass off in school, I don’t have time to work a second job, getting A’s in my hard ass classes is already a full time job. My parents even refuse to pay for treatment of medical problems I have. If I did not know they were not going to support me for the 10+ years that I need to sacrifice to become a doctor I would have done something else with my life, but I have to put up with their bitching all the time. Like, it would be one thing if they couldn’t afford it, but they are fucking loaded, and it’s not like I’m asking for much. I don’t know what to do. I mean, I know it sounds wrong, but seriously what use are parents if they aren’t going to pay for things you need, especially if they buy dumb shit like new counter tops and kitchen floors and finishing the basement and throwing money around in stocks. I’m a fucking student, how will I earn anything CLOSE to fully supporting myself unless I go into the army. Do they really want me to do that? In my opinion money isn’t just for yourself, it’s for your family and children, and maybe that’s just my morals and nobody else has them, but it’s not like I’m asking for a Ferrari I’m asking for normal shit that I need or that would improve my life and is nothing compared to what they throw around.
sorry for all the *’s…just frustrated…

John answers:

I understand your perspective, it doesn’t seem fair. Guess what? It isn’t. It’s their $ and they can do what they wish with it.

Now suck it up and stop whining! You can get student loans to help w/your tuition and living expenses. You will be ok, you will be more than ok — this will help you build character and stop relying on your parents for everything. You are an adult now, act like one. I know it’s harsh, but this may be the best thing for you.

If they don’t want to give you $ and all they do is criticize, cut them off! They have no right to tell you what to do if they aren’t giving you $. That’s the great thing about being self sufficient.

Also don’t become a Dr. If you’re just doing it to win their approval. Life isn’t about making your parents happy. Good luck, be strong, if you have a good attitude nothing can stop you!

Mark asks…

so for my econ class?

we are doing something called “smart stocks” its basically a website that gives you “money” to invest into stocks. its fake though. well if i rank in atleast the top 10 in my class then i get extra credit in the class…and i could use it. but my stocks just dont go up. after 2 weeks i only have a +5.64 gain….someone else has around 80. i dont need to get the money just the points (you know…how much you gained or lost) but i dont know how to make it go up. i buy something…it drops…i sell something…it drops.

can anyone help me out here?

John answers:

Welcome to Wall Street baby.

William asks…

Is getting a mortgage this hard for everyone?

My wife and I have finally found the house we want to buy. When we approached our mortgage broker 2.5 weeks ago, we were told this would be very easy and we could close in 10 – 14 days. After 2 weeks of constantly providing “1 more” piece of information for the underwriters (which we did quickly and accurately), we were finally told that they would not approve a “full doc” loan?
Here are the basics:
– We have over 80% of the cost of the house in an account designed to pay for the house (20% down, plus a chunk to draw interest and make monthly payments)
– We have “spotless” credit
– My annual salary for the last 3 years rank me in the top 1% of the US
– I have stocks worth 3 times the cost of the house
– It is a jumbo loan

I was told it was taken to the highest level of the corporation and they said “NO” and if I have that much money I should pay cash for the house.

What is a “full doc” loan? What are my options? Does this seem odd?

John answers:

At 1st glance If I was working for you I would probably try and go with a fast and easy type program. This is basically a stated program for people with excellent credit. The rates are still very close to those full doc programs plus you don’t have all the hassle of proving to the lender that you make the money you say you do. The major lenders still in business offers these type of programs. Country Wide, Citi, Wells Fargo, Indy Mac, etc….. To be honest I think Indy Mac right now is the best when it comes to Jumbo loans. Keep looking I’m sure you will be able to get a loan. As far as paying cash for the home I don’t know why people think owning a home free and clear is the best way to go. Equity is basically dead money. The only way to pull it out is to pay someone to get the cash for you. Not only that but homes in most areas will not give you the same return on investment as other investment options. I would if I was you get a 100% loan with the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) tied in to the rate. Take the 20% you were going to put down and put it into whatever account or investment plan you already have established. In the long run this way probably will make you more money.

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