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Joseph asks…

PLEASE help me with 17 of my literacy questions!!! pleaaasee(dont answer if your not really answering please)?

Charmain purchases roses for $20.00 a dozen from a floral vendor. She sells the roses for $25.00 a dozen at her shop. Which of the following is this scenario an example of?
A. Bait advertisement
B. Loss
C. Predatory pricing
D. Profit

Nia spends $35.00 to make one handmade purse. Since business has been slow lately, Nia is selling her purses for $30.00. Which of the following is this scenario an example of?
A. Bait advertisement
B. Loss
C. Predatory pricing
D. Profit

(3)If a company is using a bait and switch scam to lure customers, they can be sued for fraud.
True or False

You should review financial statements monthly to detect signs of identity theft.
True or False

Demi became a victim of identity theft after responding to an official-looking e-mail requesting her bank account information and social security number. What type of deceptive business practice is being described in this scenario?
A. Bait and switch
B. Consumer fraud
C. Phishing
D. Pyramid Scheme

What do you think would happen if a person donated a couch that was so used that it smelled and sank in the middle? CHOOSE ALL THAT APPLY
A. Any charitable organization would be happy to receive it
B. Any charitable organization would have to dispose of it.
C. The government would view NOT this as a legitimate deduction
D. The government would view this as a legitimate deduction

A person with no cash to spare in his or her budget should not consider ways to donate to charity.
True or False

Which of the following best summarizes the pyramid scheme concept?
A. A sales tactic used to fool customers into thinking that certain merchandise is available even though it isn’t
B. Advertising fake prices to lure customers into the store
C. An illegal investment scam based on a hierarchical set-up
D. Fraudulent e-mails that allow identity thieves access to consumers’ personal information

Margie was recently solicited by a friend to join his company. Margie had to invest $100.00. Once she invested in the company, she could make her investment grow by recruiting 10 people and collecting their start-up money. Which of the following is this scenario an example of?
A. Bait and switch
B. Consumer fraud
C. Phishing
D. Pyramid Scheme

Which of the following is defined as selling something for less than what you pay for it?
A. Bait advertisement
B. Loss
C. Predatory pricing
D. Profit

Phishing is a sales approach that lures customers into purchasing items that are of a lower quality.
True or False

Mr. Walters wants to increase sales so badly, he is willing to do just about anything. He decides to use the bait and switch technique to lure customers into his store. If he was to map out a plan to increase sales using a bait and switch technique, what would it look like?
A. First, he would advertise all of his items that are very highly-priced to draw in wealthier customers. Once customers came to the store, salespeople would attempt to offer lower-priced items in hopes of selling more items.
B. First, he would advertise items at a very low price to get customers to come into the store. Once customers came to the store, salespeople would attempt to offer customers higher-priced items.
C. He would create an ad with all of his top-selling merchandise, being careful to include only the items that he had plenty in stock. Once customers arrived, he would drastically drop the prices of the featured items.
D. He would create two different advertisements, one with low-priced items and one with high-priced items. Depending on which ad the customers brought to the store, sales people would try to sell items from the ad the customer didn’t have.

What do you think would happen if a person donated a bag of clothes with rips and stains on them?
A. Any charitable organization would be happy to receive them.
B. Any charitable organization would have to dispose of them.
C. The government would view this as a legitimate tax deduction.
D. The government would not view this as a legitimate tax deduction.

Mr. Owens has an overstock of ground beef, tomatoes, and lettuce. In an effort to reduce his stock, he decided to sell taco shells at a discounted price. What type of marketing strategy is Mr. Owens using?
A. Bait advertisement
B. Loss leading
C. Misleading Advertising
D. Predatory pricing

Which of the following is defined as selling something for more than you paid for it?
A. Bait advertisement
B. Loss
C. Predatory pricing
D. Profit

A wealthy person’s best option for helping out a charitable cause is to donate cash.
True or False

Which of the following is a form of illegal, multi-level marketing?
A. Bait and switch
B. Consumer fraud
C. Phishing
D. Pyramid Scheme

John answers:

1.) = D
2.) = B
3.) = True
4.) = true
5.) = C
6.) = A + C
7.) = True
8.) = A
9.) = D
10.) = B
11.) = False
12.) = B
13.) = B + C
14.) = B
15.) = D
16.) = True
17.) = D

Mark asks…

My mom is really mad at me. How can I talk to her about this without getting into trouble?

I have an allowance card where my mom puts on $100 a month and my dad puts on $100 a month. That makes me sound like a spoiled brat, but I’m not, I can assure you! My parents are divorced, so it only makes sense I would get double because they each have separate lives now.

I found these really cute pants that I’ve wanted for ages now. They ship from Australia, so it costs a lot of money for it to ship here. That on top of the $60 price made it $85. My allowance is put on once at the beginning of the month and one in the middle. I’ve been spending most of my allowance on movies in the first half of the month. I had $10 on my account after I bought the pants. My mom has told me in the past that I should have at least $30 on my card for emergency purposes. I had roughly $37 cash in my wallet, so I transferred $37 from my mom’s account to my card and I put the $37 cash on my mom’s table. When I told her about what I did, she became furious. “I bought two dresses for the events! What more do you want? You should be grateful I didn’t make you buy your graduation dress yourself!” The dresses cost $60 together. That in comparison to the $150 dresses my friends bought isn’t all that bad. Then she says, “I bought you dresses! What else do you want? What do you think I am? Your bank? You shouldn’t have transferred the money. I don’t trust you. Having this credit card is supposed to teach you how to wisely spend money!”

I agree that I shouldn’t have been on her banking website transferring money. It’s none of my business. I also agree that I squandered my money in the first half of the month on movies that I could have bought later. But when I saw those pants finally in stock, I couldn’t resist. Having heard that she doesn’t trust me to put the correct amount of money on hurts me. I don’t like hearing things like that from the people I love.

Do you think she was overreacting or should she be mad even when I gave her the cash? Also, what do you think I should do?

John answers:

$200 a month is insane for allowance.

You need to learn to spend your money wisely, obviously you’re not.

You could resist, you chose not to. She was not over reacting…

James asks…

Production capacity question?

Last year, product Buddy produced units on both first shift and second shift for a plant utilization value of 134%. First shift labor costs are $7.82 per unit. Second shift labor costs are $11.55 per unit. Assume this year’s production total will be 941,000, again exceeding the first shift capacity of 700,000. Baldwin’s management team is considering expanding first shift capacity by 241,000 to eliminate the second shift.

Four of their top managers meet to discuss the problem. Each offers a line of reasoning. Which manager’s analysis do you agree with? Baldwin always funds plant purchases 1/3rd with bonds, and 2/3rds with new stock issue. Assume labor costs remain unchanged.

Moe: Buy the capacity. Eliminating second shift will save $3.73 per unit. Each unit of capacity will cost $34.00. Our debt will be 1/3rd of that, or $11.33 per unit. At 10.9% our interest payments would be only $1.23 per unit. Over the 15 year life of this new first shift capacity we will save $13,483,950 in labor and it only cost us $2,964,300 of interest payments. This is a no brainer.

Larry: Buy the capacity. We can escrow the annual depreciation of $546,267. In 5 years we will have accumulated enough to pay for the bond. After that we save $3.73 on every unit we sell.

Shep: Wait a minute. Agreed every unit of capacity we buy and use saves us money, but suppose we don’t use all the capacity. Moe and Larry are assuming we run one complete shift. An idle unit of capacity would cost us $1.23 in interest plus $2.27 in depreciation. So let’s only buy 220,000 units. Running a little second shift is better than watching new capacity gather dust.

Curly: Let’s not buy any capacity. Some people like to work second shift because they get paid 50% more. Material costs are the same on both shifts at $14.61 per unit. So the variable costs of our production with current plant capacity would be $21,692,620. Including our current period costs of $4,652,000, we would spend a total of $26,344,620 with our current plant to make our annual production. On the other hand, if we bought more plant so we could build everything on first shift I agree our variable costs would go down, to $20,768,461. But after adding the increase in depreciation of $546,267 and interest of $1,157,002 on the new plant, our period costs will be $6,355,269. That would bring the total cost of our production run to $27,123,730 after purchasing new plant. It’s cheaper to pay overtime than to purchase additional plant. We should not buy capacity unless we are worried that two shifts cannot meet demand.

Do you agree with:
Select: 1

Please help I have no idea

John answers:

Thanks 4 info

Charles asks…

Feeling Depressed because of ex? What should I do?

Hi guys I know this is pretty long but please help me out if you can find it in your heart to aid a really down college student.

I will choose a best answer and dish out points whenever possible

Alright so basically, my ex-girlfriend and I broke up like 3 months ago because she said that she needed time to “grow up”. Basically, we decided to still be friends because we really still like each other and get along great. However, I am still very much in love with her.

The problem is that lately I’ve been feeling really down around my ex and kind of jealous and I don’t know why. She’s basically perfect at everything. She’s very attractive because a lot of guys flirt with her, wears size 00 pants, exercises constantly, her parents are wealthier than mine as she lives in a half a million dollar house and her dad retired at the age of 48, she always gets whatever she wants (material-wise) i.e. she has two pairs of Uggs, wears all Abercrombie clothing, gets the newest iPod every year, breaks her cell phone at least 3 times a year, has two pairs of Sperry type shoes, and gets Tiffany and Co. jewelry costing around $175 once a year (She gets all this stuff usually for Christmas or just because presents but she always gets whats on her list of wants), she makes friends easily, has time to join lots of clubs in college, works as a store model for Abercrombie and has a higher GPA than me while majoring in journalism, and sometimes I feel like she has all of God’s blessing even though she is extremely atheist.

However, I am the complete opposite as I always work for what I get. I’m in one of the top 10 business schools in the nation but struggle to maintain a 3.0 GPA and spend most of my time studying, I haven’t met very many people in college because I’m trying to save money by living at home with my parents (my ex lives in the dorms which her parents pay for), I spend all my free time at home, I don’t find myself as attractive because I’ve only worked for American Eagle and I am Asian, my parents want me to earn things so I have to work to pay for my clothes, cell phone, car repairs and other stuff I want unlike my ex, and lately I’ve felt like God’s deserted me even though I try to follow his teachings.

I just feel crappy to the point that I’ve been unmotivated to study and I want to sleep all day. I’ve stopped going to the gym and I have been wallowing in my own self-pity, I’m always wishing that my parents were a lot richer because my ex gets to finish college at her own pace while I’m pressured to finish in 4 while her parents can also afford to let her take summer classes to make her workload easier while I don’t have that luxury.

The only thing I feel like I have an advantage over her is that I know how to invest and save my money better than her because she can’t save her own money at all. She doesn’t even know how the basic definition of a stock or how a credit and debit card work. I am very ambitious and always look for ways to make extra money through investing and saving but I always still feel down because I know that she’ll still get ahead of me in the future because her father is already investing money for her for her retirement in the thousands already.

Despite all this I feel like God’s let me down. Why does he bless people that don’t believe in him? Should I stay away from my ex even though I still love her? She is white and we’ve known each other for 4 years and dated each other for 2 and a half years. Can a relationship with 2 different people like this work out again? Why do I feel this way? I get really jealous because no girls flirt with me at college compared to guys hitting on her. What should I do?

John answers:

Hunny…….I will unblock my email for you to email’s almost 4 am and I have to be up and ready to leave soon. I will get back to you ok///////email me and I will give you my main email address…It may not seem like it now, but when you find the one who was meant to be, you will wonder wtf was I thinking??????????? {{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}} Julia

EDIT……..Unblocked now..sorry I fell asleep before I remembered to do it..,Please feel free to talk to me. Once yoi find out you are not alone and what happened to me and many others like me..You will be grateful, once you do find your soul mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken asks…

Why Has The Federal Reserve Not Been Abolished Since It’s A Private Bank?

PR Specialists/Publicists working for the Banking Families; monitor sites and post erroneous information to confuse citizens, but the Federal “Reserve” is a Private Bank with a governing board “chosen” by Presidents who receive significant campaign contributions. The Federal Reserve actually has shareholders.

By the way people, the latest Banking crisis is NOT REAL. It’s just a scam to screw the little shareholders out of their stock and STEAL Tax Dollars (437$Billion) a Day From The Voiceless Masses. The fall of those banks was intentional. You can’t honesty tell me those dandy investment bankers were idiots. This was no accident. Why were these institutions bankrupted and then bought out after the stockholders lost everything or simply bought outright for pennies, by some of the same institutions that own the Fed? WaMu, Bear Sterns, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch & Co.,Countrywide Financial Corp. are just a few of these companies that were “purchased”. In addition, with flat or declining wages in America and Inflation at 10%, you actually lose buying power (or money, depending on how look at it) when the bank only gives you 2.5%-5.0% from cash in your account, your still losing 5.0% of your assets(if you’re lucky).Then they lend your money right back to you on credit cards for 12%-18%. Loan sharks take less. Conspiracy is a term used to discredit individuals with factual information. I don’t believe in aliens or black helicopters. But these people are stealing from YOU: FACT. The “experts” who deny it are obviously serving your best interest. They have “advised” this economy exceptionally well don’t you think? How much is your house worth? If you buy a 200K house for 30years fixed, It actually costs you around 600K. And people wonder why they are poor? The Only Way To Get Rich, Is To Stay Away From Debt. You can rent a house, or you can “RENT” FROM THE BANK FOR MUCH MORE. Rent from a bank and they will let you paint that little fence and make improvements because they know after you lose your job of 10yrs, you lose that house. Did they really lose money? No, They already got their 200K back (mainly “Interest the first 15yrs on a mortgage”). Then they take your house. Pay cash for everything you can. Use the money you don’t need for bills and start a business, that way your capital is working for you.
On top of that the Politicians-Financed By Bankers, decide to absorb-socialize-take custody, whatever you want to call it, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with a combined 5.4 trillion in outstanding mortgage debt. What that means to you is this: You GET stuck with a whopping 5.4 Trillion in debt, plus the (700$ Billion-Bail-Out). Plus $437.53 Billion a day to keep financial companies afloat. These Banks/Insurance Companies lobbied for the removal of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act just in time.

John answers:

I won’t speak as to why we haven’t abolished them yet, the answer seems quite obvious. I do want to remark on J.P. Morgan taking out the Lehman Bros. Did anybody happen to look at the hierarchy on the list of shareholders? J.P. Morgan called in their margin loans to Lehman virtually draining them of any liquidity, and forcing them to fold. Why now is there infighting amongst the shareholders? Very interesting if you ask me.

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