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Paul asks…

At the age of 27, what can i do about an alcoholic parent (more details)?

My father is removed, weak, not in control, angry, and an extreme alcoholic. He has sat in his office mostly alone for his entire life and there are still handles of vodka underneath his sink at his office from years ago. which shows how much he used to drink and he still drinks almost everyday. my mother on the other hand, so completely insane… so out of control, she just decided to lie to each other and themselves (Denial).. serious denial, though the situation was so far beyond the pale, and yes, i have suffered extreme abuse, still do, in fact my one older sibling, sister, is the most annoying abusive person int he world, says she is gay, and imo could be a sociopath, CRUEL crazy person. still at this age they are tying me to a tree, trying to dumb me down to cover their insanity and evil and denial. while ive now lost my engagment, my foot in school at a top state university. everything. i had it all to lose.. and they have lost it for me. directly and indirectly. not to mention i have to deal with alot of REALLY BAAD people in my home town (which really hasnt been home in years. i graduated highschool and i am gone.. 10 years ago). my sister is also a lying drug dealer manipulator. my mother is a mega control freak, ashamed, a horrible horrible mother. she drilled a hole in my bedroom door about 5 years ago while was i temp. living in their house. she deny’s and will ‘deny til she dies’. i have no use to fabricate that to anonymous people. this is really bad. and at this point, ive lost it all, i just my freedom and sanity and money is an issue. well, how am i supposed to make money if they fucked up my life and my ‘plans’ so bad? basically im just riding on some inheritence… they have hid my inheritence from me, and in fact lost $25K in the stock market without asking me or telling me. I want them out of my life permanently. what can i do? Thanks all.
basically my mother is quite more of a control freak because of my fathers drinking perhaps? i dont know, she was always pretty crazy. she never breastfed me… so her stupidity started prior to birth. she is a mega control freak. spying on me, stealing my mail, my money… she says ‘everything belongs to me’.
She is obsessed with what i do. the father doesnt care about anything or anyone. complete innability to express himself, can’t relate to me, etc. emotionally immature angry dumb ass. his favorite film is peter pan (hmmm?).
no. they are sick people. i am as independent as they come, they do things to control me. more issues… you make it sound trivial.

next please. 🙂
Thanks for the different point of views. The only thing i can do is move away, i know that. but it’s good to get point of views from people outside of my situation.

John answers:

You’re 27 years old. What’s stopping you from leaving town?

That is a toxic family and the only way you’re going to succeed in life is if you stop blaming them for your misery (even though they caused it) and start living your life.

The fact that you seem to have turned out “normal” (compared to them) will work in your favor. You know what you want and drugs and booze won’t help you get there. Your family has nothing to offer you but negativity and bad memories, so take them out of your life. Leave a number and wait for them to call you, but don’t hold your breath.

I think your best bet would be to get out asap and start a life somewhere else. Once the first step is taken everything will fall into place.

Good luck!

William asks…

What do I need to get into Stanford/Berkeley?

Personally, I want to be a master pizza chef, but my parents are adamant in telling me to go to a good college first, and find a career that makes good money. I sort of agree with them, because I pretty much need some high paying job, I’m kind of interested in Finance (currency trading, stock market), being a lawyer, or maybe being a teacher/person that gives back to community in his free time.

I’m a sophomore with a 4.0 GPA last year (some freshmen can take honors courses)

Last year I took PE, Lit/writing, Algebra 2/Trignometry, Drama, Principles of Business, Biology, and Spanish 1.

I played on the varsity tennis team as #3 singles, but our school is a middle division school, so no actual ranked players in California play there except my friend, 117 in the state and me, like 600 =[.

I have been singing since 1st grade, so 9 years of music, but I have no idea how colleges verify this. Do they test you or just accept whatever you say?

I also do Speech and Debate, the only member serious about it in my school, but not an officer of the team because previous graduating seniors thought a sophomore should not be president. In that this year I will probably be one of the top 64 in speech, and working hard in Lincoln Douglas Debate =[.

I don’t really have many community service hours at all. This year so far like 10 =P. Im probably giong to have 100ish by the end of the year.

The classes I’m taking this year are

Spanish 3
World Literature
World History
Pre Calculus Honors (but we are actually learning calculus)
Chemistry Honors

so 4.333333 GPA this year if I get an A in math. Is it true that I pretty much will never get into Stanford with a B?

Next year i plan to take

AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
American Literature Honors
AP US History

Spanish 4 Honors

Possibly Journalism, and probably not AP Comp Sci.

So that year will be 5.0 IF I get an A in all classes =3

Senior year will be

AP lit, AP world history/Euro, AP Stats, AP Spanish, and probably at a college.

My mom also went to Stanford and keeps rubbing it in my face XP so I think that helps too.

Is this enough to get into Stanford/Berkeley? Also, what SAT scores do I need, (including SAT 2s)?

Thanks for reading and for your future answers =]

John answers:

Phew. I actually read that whole thing!

1) I go to Stanford and I got plenty of Bs in high school, and once I even got a C (in AP physics), so it is TOTALLY false that you can’t come here if you get one B (or more!) I actually know someone who had a really low GPA in HS and goes here. GPA is not at ALL everything.

2) You are just a sophomore! It’s totally unexpected for you to be the president of your speech club. Colleges like Stanford like to see *commitment.* The fact that you are really committed to speech will be great, and if you can become president in your junior or senior year, or just achieve any sort of leadership position in the club, even better!

3) Similarly, your dedication to singing is FANTASTIC. Play that up in your essays when it comes time for them. Stanford actually does have a creative arts option, where you apply early and you submit a CD or something of your work, and then they interview you. However, I didn’t do this so I don’t know too much about it. You can probably find more info on our admission Website. At any rate, they pretty much will believe that you have been singing forever. I discussed that I have been doing synchro since I was 9 and it seemed to have worked for me! Again, it’s all about the dedication and commitment.

4) I was Captain of my unranked (and actually really terrible) tennis team, and I even wrote an essay about my experiences on the team. Obviously, this activity won’t get you extra points with the athletic dept. Or anything of the sort, but it is another activity in your resume, and your commitment to it will do you a lot of good. Plus I personally think Stanford likes athletic students, and showing that you are not just a dorky speech kid, but actually someone with athletic abilities, will help you seem more well-rounded to the people reading your app.

5) I’m glad to see you are taking a million AP classes. Sadly, but truly, Stanford loves to see those AP classes come in when they are available to you.

6) Legacy (Parents/Sibling goes/went to Stanford) is mattering less and less these days. They often describe it as: “If we had two applicants that were exactly the same (which never happens), we would choose the one with legacy over the one without.” So it sort of helps, I guess, but not really…

7) The most important part of a Stanford application is your essay portion. You need to kick ass and STAND OUT on those essays. Don’t play it safe. Be quirky, be kooky, and be memorable (at least in one).

Mark asks…

Why do stores have to borrow to stock their shelves?

I guess I’m naive, but I remember being very surprised upon hearing how the credit crunch affected retailers, who were having a hard time getting loans to buy merchandise. I guess I always thought it worked like this: You buy an item for $5, sell it for $10. $5 goes to buy a replacement item, the other half is profit. Simple. Obviously it’s not like that. But if you ~borrow~ $5 to buy your item, and have to pay back $6 with interest, your $10 sale only nets you $4, not even enough to buy another item, let alone any profit! I understand how a business would borrow money to get started, but borrowing every month makes no sense. I think it gets to the fundamental reason for the current economic crisis; our economy is based on Credit, not Money. It’s not really goods and services that are traded at the top levels, but Debt. Good for banks, bad for people. Or do I have it all wrong? 😉

John answers:

If it costs you a million dollars to keep a full store, you have to finance that merchandise somehow. Sometimes manufacturers will give retailers “terms” — meaning they don’t have to pay for 30-90 days — but it’s going to cost somebody something. Generally the cost of borrowing that million dollars is cheaper than raising that money in the equity markets.

Jenny asks…

How to make quick money on runescape?

Here are my top ten safe fast ideas on how to make quick money on runescape.list:
1: FLIPPING (thread) there are three places to purchase thread for non members. (A) clothing stor in varrock (b) rimmington carft shop (c) als kharid cfats shop) now you can buy 1000 thread at each store for 4k, take you 3k threadd and sell it in GE (valued at 11 coins) and get your money almost triple (12k to 33k) the store stock runs out so i recommend paying someone 6’k or 7k to by it for you ( or alot of people) this is the fastest way to make money, but hiring people takes practice.
2. TRICKING DOUBLERS: they say they will double, trade them 2k or watever your confertable with (they think its a test) accept, as soon as accepetes say “that was test”.and immediatly trade them again. They will think that you have more money for them and double your small amount. Do this once to a doubler. (This is very easy, sometiems they do take you money. (1/5) go to world one, wehere there is non_stop doublers
3 invest in GE ratees: this one takes time so just wait. At the GE website (just type in “GRand Exchange in google) look for price drops in the 180 day time period. And find one that has dropped alot, but just started to go back up. (Or llok in prices rises and find something that has gone down alot in 180 days) this is really easy but takes patience. Then go on runescape and purchase thousands of what you think the price will rise. And wait for it to go back up, then sell. (Do this all at the GE) this may take a month for the price to go up, but you can make some serious CASH
4 Buy and sell
5 different type of easy scamming
6 rune sets
7 air running
8 flipping
9 Coal and Yew
10 Whelth scam
Join the money making clan “cptude” for help and to make money making teams that set out to just amke money.

I will continue to update this.

John answers:

How nice of you to answer your own question.

Michael asks…

If you were Prime Minister how would you get money back into the economy and reduce the housing benefit bill?

This would be my top ten list for achieving the above…

1 A wages cap of 250k per year irrespective of the number of jobs or executive positions a person holds. For example an Mp could hold down an Mp’s position earning say 80k a year but he could also hold a job in the city earning no more than 170k a year. This cap applies to everyone in the country who is an employee it should also apply to tv celebrities and sports personalities.

2 A commissions cap to no more than 20% of what your total salary is. So on the above this would be a further 50k.

3. I would also cut the expenses bills of all politicians to the bare minimum Second class return rail ticket once per week and if need be B and B costs of no more than £50 per night for a maximum of 3 nights only. Average expenses bill here would be 10k to 12k per annum.

4. Mp’s who have a given role in government would have a central fund to cover legitimate department staff running costs none of which can be held by relatives or partners. In other words legitimate jobs.

5. Close the tax loophole that has allowed celebrities, bankers, politicians to stash away money and avoid tax in Britain.

6. Reclaim the tax from the loophole for the last 10 years and put it into the treasury.

7.Prosecute as criminals all those who have been caught fixing interest rates or laundrying money to members from corporate concerns. I e the bankers. Reclaim from their liquid assests or capital assests for monies owed to the treasury.

So far this lot must amount to somewhere close on 50 billion pounds of sterling. Astronomical isn’t it?

8 Social housing costs could be reduced drastically by reintroducing fair rents regionally. This would stop landlords being able to charge what they like. Why should private landlords get away with making a vast profit from owning a property or properties? In recent years despite the poor housing market this has become a real scam. Buy a delapidated property do it up a bit and charge an exorbitant rent sometimes three times as much as a social housing rent if not more for a similar property held by the local council.

I mean how many other businesses have you heard of that can recouperate via rents a profit margin that is three times the figure you have spent in terms of expenses and labour other than buying the property itself and having the increase in monetary value to your assests. Would we or could we all afford to become property developers that would cause a problem wouldn’t it?.

9 All landlords should be on a regional register held by the local authority and the entries should be checked against Scotland Yards criminal records and also checked for official immigrant status and checked against the unemployment register and the housing benefits claim list. Also if someone has been making money from a property they own and they have been in reciept of housing benefit or unemployment, all assets should be removed and returned to council housing stock.

However, in relation to under occupancy tenants should have the right to choose whether to rent out their spare bedrooms or not, provided it does not equate to more than half the set rent for that property and on the understanding that you have the authorities permission to do so. I personally feel it is the right of choice here that is important. I personally wouldn’t want someone invading my rights to privacy and if I choose not too, I should not be penalised for having a spare bedroom.

10 Finally, one of the reasons why social housing costs are also high is due to the fact that repairs to property are normally done completely free. I personally think if you are working and earning over 15k – 20k a year you should not get repairs done entirely free. The councils property maintenance section should be allowed by law to establish reasonable charges for repairs that are none essential to the living standards or better homes policies etc.. I also feel that if a tenant removes a kitchen or a bathroom and places their own in they should be charged for removing the councils property fixtures out.

This I know is only the tip of the iceberg but what would you like to see happen?

John answers:

1. Cap bankers bonuses at 20% of wages. They don’t need millions of tax payers money and they don’t deserve it.

2. Cap public sector wages at £100,000. Too much money is wasted on management executives when they could easily settle for under half their current wages.

3. Ban sub-letting. It is destroying the market and giving no chances for people to get off benefits.

4. Only provide council housing to those (households) earning less than £14,000 per year. With the above point, there should be less people in council housing.

5. Sell ALL unused property cheaply after 5 years of disuse. All unused council houses and (unless they have plans) all privately owned buildings. A lot of potential is being wasted because of the anti-squaters law.

6. Make planning permission policies second to potential profit or renovation. This will give number 5 more potential.

7. Only provide child benefits to those (households or individuals) earning less than £18,000. And cap the benefit at 3 children. This will cut down the number of “football team” families so we aren’t paying £28,000 to single households.

8. Reduce Fuel tax by 20p in the litre. This will obviously stimulate business all over the country.

9. Abolish compulsory vehicle insurance. Like before stimulates business. And won’t have so many people abusing the insurance system.

10. Introduce fair rent policies, ie a cap relating to the property value. This will allow more people to move out of council housing.

11. Introduce manufacturing work to prisons to stimulate revenue from exports. Obvious free labour so that the prisons can pay for themselves and we’d have a reason to start giving people longer sentences.

12. Reduce taxes on manufacturing and export businesses. This is logical. We need to start exporting or we’re just going to keep the same amount of money just swirling around the economy.

13. Allow entrepreneurs to have a tax free year for their first year of business. It seems we are punishing people for making their own businesses and preventing/delaying them from expanding and employing other people who will pay taxes.

12. Privatise the banks. Either sell it in shares to third parties or demand that tax payers are reimbursed. Set them deadlines and threaten the seizure of both privately owned assets and business assets. We ensured they had jobs, kept their homes, no matter how ridiculously expensive. Its time they returned the favour.

13. Allow tax cuts for the first year that people come off benefits. Keeping someone down with council tax, income tax, road tax and making them pay taxes on the benefits they’ve claimed; it just makes more sense to give them a year to save up a bit so that they can pay taxes later.

14. Exploit green electricity by not taxing british companies who manufacture wind turbines, tidal wave technology or solar panels. Then export them.

15. Privatise public transport completely.

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