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Donna asks…

Why Has The Federal Reserve Not Been Abolished Since It’s A Private Bank?

PR Specialists/Publicists working for the Banking Families; monitor sites and post erroneous information to confuse citizens, but the Federal “Reserve” is a Private Bank with a governing board “chosen” by Presidents who receive significant campaign contributions. The Federal Reserve actually has shareholders.


By the way people, the latest Banking crisis is NOT REAL. It’s just a scam to screw the little shareholders out of their stock and STEAL Tax Dollars (437$Billion) a Day From The Voiceless Masses. The fall of those banks was intentional. You can’t honesty tell me those dandy investment bankers were idiots. This was no accident. Why were these institutions bankrupted and then bought out after the stockholders lost everything or simply bought outright for pennies, by some of the same institutions that own the Fed? WaMu, Bear Sterns, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch & Co.,Countrywide Financial Corp. are just a few of these companies that were “purchased”. In addition, with flat or declining wages in America and Inflation at 10%, you actually lose buying power (or money, depending on how look at it) when the bank only gives you 2.5%-5.0% from cash in your account, your still losing 5.0% of your assets(if you’re lucky).Then they lend your money right back to you on credit cards for 12%-18%. Loan sharks take less. Conspiracy is a term used to discredit individuals with factual information. I don’t believe in aliens or black helicopters. But these people are stealing from YOU: FACT. The “experts” who deny it are obviously serving your best interest. They have “advised” this economy exceptionally well don’t you think? How much is your house worth? If you buy a 200K house for 30years fixed, It actually costs you around 600K. And people wonder why they are poor? The Only Way To Get Rich, Is To Stay Away From Debt. You can rent a house, or you can “RENT” FROM THE BANK FOR MUCH MORE. Rent from a bank and they will let you paint that little fence and make improvements because they know after you lose your job of 10yrs, you lose that house. Did they really lose money? No, They already got their 200K back (mainly “Interest the first 15yrs on a mortgage”). Then they take your house. Pay cash for everything you can. Use the money you don’t need for bills and start a business, that way your capital is working for you.
On top of that the Politicians-Financed By Bankers, decide to absorb-socialize-take custody, whatever you want to call it, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with a combined 5.4 trillion in outstanding mortgage debt. What that means to you is this: You GET stuck with a whopping 5.4 Trillion in debt, plus the (700$ Billion-Bail-Out). Plus $437.53 Billion a day to keep financial companies afloat. These Banks/Insurance Companies lobbied for the removal of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act just in time.

John answers:

It’s all about TPTB at the top. Just follow the money, and you’ll learn why the Fed. Reserve has never been abolished…it’s disgusting!

William asks…

POLL: Which tax would you prefer?

TLDR Version: Read the choices but not the descriptions nor which answer i picked.

So with all of our federal budget problems. Taxes have came up a lot. So here are some of the more popular suggestions Pick one and if you wish why you picked that one This is about the tax side only not budget cuts and other stuff. Your choices:

A) Consumer tax – we already pay this in the form of a sales tax. You pay tax on what you spend not what you earn. PROs: Everyone that spends money pays the tax. CONs: Poor and middle clases spend most of their money while the rich invest most of theirs. On top of this rich people dont always buy in the US.

B) Tariffs – Pre WWI revenue source. PROs: No one pays income tax. CONs: Based on imports, while it makes US goods more competitive at home it makes other countries want to place a tariff on imports of US goods.

C) Fair or Flat Tax- Everyone pays the same amount regardless of income amount. If you make $500 you pay 10%( for example) and if you make $5,000,000 you pay 10%. PROs: Everyone pays, no loopholes, no one gets out of paying their share. CONs: Everyone pays. If you make $10,000(, which is below poverty level, you still have to pay 10% income tax even though you dont make enough to live on. If you make $1,000,000 you pay 10% and still net $900,000. Which is still more than a person would make their entire working life at poverty level. Not really a fair tax.

D) The current tax system with or without modifications of your discretion – The system we use now but overhauled how you see fit. PROs: Varies( according to what changes you make if any) but over all people that can afford to pay more do pay more. People that cant afford to put food on the table pay little or no taxes. CONs: Varies depending on how you modify it. People who make more pay more.

E) Other- Some other type of revenue stream for the government such as bake sales, car washes and raffles!


So which tax do you prefer?


My Choice:

D) Current system modified- People who earn more should pay a higher percentage of the taxes for two reasons: 1) They can afford to pay higher taxes than lower incomes and it still not affect their quality of life. At some point you have enough money to by everything you need to live. I live, for example, off what a $250k earner makes in one month…for an entire year. B) Higher Earners dictate wages of low earners. Higher earners pay low wages to people and then make very high wages. I can name dozens of jobs , from experience, in which the “boss” made a lot of money while the workers, the ones who make the boss money barely make enough to buy dinner and gas for the day. So if rich people have a problem paying a majority of the taxes in America…. pay your help more and they will bare more of the tax burden. That is a common sense fix. Also most rich people dont make their money off salary. Exxon CEO who made $21 mil last year was only paid a $2 mil salary. Most of the rest was stock options. SO you could tax him at 99% on his income and he would still retain 90% of his earnings for the year.

My Modifications:

* Two more tax brackets: 42.5% for $750k -$2.5 mil earners and 50% for $2.5 mil and more earners

* Everyone pays tax on at least 25% of their income . You can not deduct yourself to $0 anymore. The lowest you can deduct to is 25% of your gross.

* Corporations pay tax on at least 50% of their US income. US income is income derived from a person inside the US or its territories at the time of purchase.

* Closure and simplification of tax credits, and tax breaks. The list of possible deductions and credits for both people and corps needs cut in 1/2 at least. Though i wouldnt get rid of all the deductions and credits.

John answers:

The US already has the highest corp. Tax rate in the world…..lower the corp tax rate , but close all of the loopholes…

Sandra asks…

NY 529 College Savings Plan for my son, pLease Help !?

Hi, I am investing with the NY 529 College Savings Plan for my 6 year old son. I need some advise from some Financial Adviser on how to split up the percentages on where i want to invest my money in.

INVESTMENT OPTIONS (invest a total of 100%)

How much Percentage should i invest on the following:


this is going to be managed and invested by Vanguard.

Some other info i have to work with is:

THe Average Annual Total Return Since Inception, for the:

Agressive growth is 10.97%….for One year is 5.58%
Growth Stock Index is 8.21%….for one year is 4.75%
Mid-Cap Stock Index is 18.22%…for one year is 13.56%
Small Cap Stock Index is 15.45%….for one year is 7.11%
Value Stock Index is 14.09%….for one year is 6.70%

Please advise on how i should split it up to make 100%. Should i invest in the top 3, 4 or all 5, and what percentages?

John answers:

Since you have a roughly 12 year investment horizon, you can put 100% in equity funds comfortably, but remember that as your son gets older, you should re-balance into more conservative funds like fixed income (bonds) and cash (money markets). All of your options right now are equity only. Check your allocation every year or two.

Also, there are age-based options that may come in handy because you don’t need to re-balance your portfolio as your son gets older. The funds will do it automatically based on his age. I believe Vanguard has these types of funds available in its 529.

Aggressive growth, Growth and Value will all be large cap concentrated, so remember that it isn’t truly diversifying away from the large US stocks. So, I would think:
30% Value
15% Aggressive Growth
20% Growth
(65% large cap concentration)
20% mid-cap
15% small-cap

Joseph asks…

can someone summarized this for me? help me understand this… in 3 to 5 lines?

To understand the significance of wealth compared to income in determining class location, imagine two college graduates, graduating in the same year, from the same college, with the same grade point average. Imagine further that upon graduation, both gets jobs with the same salary in the same organization. Yet, in one case parents paid all the student’s college expenses and gave her a car upon graduation. The other student worked while in school and graduated with substantial debt from student loans. This student’s family has no money with which to help support the new worker. Who is better off? Same salary, same credentials, but wealth (even if modest) matter. It gives one person an advantage-one that will be played out many times over as the young worker buys a home, finances her own children’s education, and possibly inherits additional assets.

Where is all the wealth? The wealthiest 1 percent own 33 percent of all net worth; the bottom 80 percent control only 16 percent. The top 1 percent also own almost half of all stock; the bottom 80 percent own only 6 percent of total stock holdings. Moreover, there has been an increase in the concentration of wealth since the 1980s. As just one example, John D. Rockefeller is typically heralded as one of the wealthiest men in U.S. history. But comparing Rockefeller with Bill Gates, in the value of today’s dollars, Gates has already surpassed Rockefeller’s riches.

In contrast to the vast amount of wealth and income controlled by elites, a very large proportion of Americas have hardly any financial assets once debt is subtracted. Nearly one-third have net worth of less than $10,000-hardly enough to handle a major emergency. Another 18 percent have zero or negative net worth-usually because their debt exceeds their assets, and levels of debt and bankruptcy for U.S. households are now at an all-time high. The American dream of owning a home, a new car, taking annual vacations, and sending one’s children to good schools-not to mention saving for a comfortable retirement-is increasingly unattainable by many. When you see the amount of income of income and wealth controlled by a small segment of the population, a sobering picture of class inequality emerges. Wealth allows you to accumulate assets over generations. Thus, it is cumulative-giving advantages to subsequent generations that they might not have had on their own.

Popular legends, however, extol the possibility of anyone becoming rich in the United States. The well-to-do are admired not just for their style of life, but also for their supposed drive and diligence. The admiration for those who rise to the top makes it seem like anyone who is clever enough and works hard can become fabulously rich. Despite the prominence of rage-to-riches stories in American legend, most wealth in this society is inherited. A few individuals make their way into the elite class by virtue of their own success, but this is rare. The upper class is also overwhelmingly white and protestant. The wealthy also exercise tremendous political power by funding lobbyists, exerting their social and personal influence on other elites, and contributing heavily to political campaigns. Studies of elites also find that they tend to be politically quite conservative. They travel in exclusive social networks that tend to be open only to those in the upper class. They tend to intermarry, their children are likely to go to expensive schools, and they spend their leisure time in exclusive resorts.

John answers:

Very funny.

Even if we could explain this, no one wants to believe it.

Mary asks…

I just received?

ADD : 6F Finerose B/D, 315-3, Neong-Dong,
Kwangjin-Gu, Seoul, China.
tel. : +31 (0)31 638 69 06

Rep email :
Rep email :
Rep email :


Please permit me to write you irrespective of the fact we have not met
before. I got your contact through online networking hence I decided to
write you. We have a job opening for the position of a Payment

Would you like to work from your home and get paid weekly?

I would be very interested in offering you this part-time paying job in
which you could earn up to $4,000 a month in extra income.

The “Global Image Group Inc” is glad to greet you. The Global Image
(GIG) stock library is filled with almost 2 decades of very unique,
non-stock-looking images, as well as more traditional stock images that
repeatedly. We deal in sales of varieties of Images and have numerous
customers in the whole ofASIA, USA,CANADA AND EUROPE .

We are a new company with the main office in China and we work based on

Simplicity — Locate what you need quickly and easily
Efficiency — Images are double checked for relevance, quickly
in minimal time
Professionalism — Targeted, top quality images delivered to your desk

Due to the fast growing network of customers we are having difficulties
in meeting up with Payments receipt and balances. The Board of
executives now sat down to think of how best we can combat the problems
with the payments and we decided to recruite Trustworthy payment
Assistants to recieve payments and keep records.

Your primary task for now , as a representative of the company is to
coordinate payments from customers and help us with the payment
processing.You are not involved in any sales.
About 90 percent of our customers prefer to pay through Certified
or Money Orders drawn from the United States and direct wire transfers
to your bank account based on the amount involved. We have decided to
open this new contract -to-hire job position for solving this problem.

You will have to receive the money resources from our buyers and send
on system Transfer to China or to addressed place(s) within one day.
faster you work, the more money and resources to you receive and the
more earnings you will get.

We are offering 10% of each payment processed to our new Payment
Assistant from each carried out operation.
Transfer fees are also paid by us.


Work as our payment assistant in charge of collecting and processing
payments from the associates.

1. Receive payment from Clients(inform of money orders/checks).
2. Cash Payments at your Bank
3. Deduct 10%, which will be your percentage/pay on each payment
4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the
offices you will be contacted to send payment to.(balance will be
forwarded via Western Union Money Transfer).


18 years or older.
Responsible, Reliable and Trustworthy
Available to work a minimum 3-4 hours per week.
Able to check and respond to emails often.
Easy telephone access

It is very legal (article 15.3) Employment Opportunity Act.The company
lawyer checked all legal provisions concerning any domestic or
international law against businesses or deals of domestic monetary
Doing this business is 100% safe and legal. I would be glad if you
my proposal for an opportunity to make up 10% of each transaction

Reply as soon as possible if you are interested for more details to
representative email below an d will be glad to get back to you within
24hrs and also add your mailing address to our Regional database and
forward it to our customers for them to send payments.

If you are interested, Endeavour to send your reply to:- and your prompt response will be highly

* Full Name: ………………………………………………….
* Full Street Address(not P.O Box): ……………………………
* City: ………………………………………………………
* State: ……………………………………………………..
* Zip code: …………………………………………………..
* Contact Phone number(s)Home: ………………
* Contact Phone number(s)Cell:
* Email: ……………………………………………………..
* Age: ……………………………………………………….
* Present
* Bank Name (Only if you feel free giving it

Yours Sincerely,
John Reels
Staffing and Recruiting Dept
For Global Image Group IncC

Disclaimer – This message is intended only for the use of the person to
whom it is addressed and may contain information that is confidential
and privileged under applicable laws. If you are not the intended
recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, review,dissemination,
disclosure or copying of this message and the information it contains
prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please delete
this e-mail and discard all its contents immediately.You are also
notified that any view, opinion,conclusion and other information in
message that do not relate to the official business of Global Image
Inc or its Group of Companies shall be understood as neither given nor
endorsed by Global Image Group Inc or any of the companies within the

What does this mean?? How can someone get your email?? is this some type of fraud?? please help

John answers:

SCAM – delete it!

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