Your Questions About Top 10 Money Making Stocks

George asks…

What are your top 10 favorite books on stock investing?

I’m trying to take the rich dad’s advice on studying how to get rich. I’d like to read books that get straight to the point rather then beat around the bush. Books that are going to make me money.

John answers:

How To Buy Stocks
Straight Talk About Stock Investing
Guide To The Markets
How Charts Can Help You In The Stock Market
Day Trading Stocks
The Day Trader’s Survival Guide
All About Exchange-Traded Funds
Real Money-Sane Investing In An Insane World
Stock Picking
How To Make Money In Stocks

Robert asks…

What stocks should i buy?

i am doing a project for business class where you need a good financial profile. its all fake we are not using real money.
so if some one could tell me the top 10 stocks i should get to make my profile gain money and i such i would greatly appreciate it=D USA market only
(i need to do good to pass my class and get credit so please and thank you)

John answers:

First let me say I agree whole heartily with Michael G. That being said, I believe you can find value in the short term by investing in good companies whose stock price doesn’t reflect their intrinsic value. The stock will go up eventually and if you can find psychological effects that help people see the value you can trade short term.

I am in investing in Boise, Inc. (BZ). The company has plenty of capital moving forward. They are making cost cutting measures, utilizing windmills for electricity, obtaining grants to create an aquifer to utilize cold water from the Columbia River. They are closing down unprofitable plants. The company needs to get their stock price up in the next few months to avoid delisting from the NYSE. If the company fell apart and had to close down it has a liquidation value of over $2.00 a share. I believe the will have stellar results when they release quarterly earnings in first few days of February. I believe the stock will be over $1.00 in the next couple of months. Once it reaches a $1.00 a share you will probably want to start looking at hedging your bet.

Mary asks…

Make good money as a 16 year old?

I would like to know more ways i can make money as a 16 year old. My car is old and in need of repairs; my front tires were bare and dry-rotted, and I skidded across a water puddle on the way home from school into a curb at about 10 miles an hour. This bent my lower control arm on one side, and knocked my wheels out of alignment. I’m getting a good deal, but this will still cost me about $200 when its all finished..and that’s before I buy new tires. Right now I am still coasting off of money I had from the mini-business I ran at my old private school.(I sold soda and made $10 profit per day..$20 during football season, all with no outside work) I DO have a job, but its a 45 minute drive and I only get 4-5 hours per week on Saturday at $8.00 an hour. There are other things I need money for besides repairing this, because unlike many kids around here, my parents don’t shovel me cash, gas, and brand new cars/iPhones…. I am intelligent(top 10% of school, top 1% of state) and pretty good with computers. I built my own, if that says anything. At the moment, I have about $1,000 in my bank account, but I haven’t paid for my car repairs yet because it is still in the shop.

What I am getting at is, I am looking for more ways to make extra money(no I am not going to take people their groceries/walk their dogs/sell lemonade for 5 cents on the side of the road) but I am open to ideas, given that they are low risk. Stocks aren’t even completely out of the question but then again, I’m trying to stay low risk and not lose money. Any advice appreciated. I’m looking for thoughtful, creative, and potentially successful ideas; not someone who is going to tell me to sell weed or become a hooker.
Evanrs44: Yes, the car IS very light. It is a 1990 Miata(2 seater convertible). Game testing sounds interesting…I’ll look into that. Especially for that kind of money! I’d sit in a 90 degree pitch black basement with 20 Koreans that don’t speak English and test the worst games they could throw at me for a quarter of that. Deathblade: i already have a savings account. I do NOT get allowance, and I am looking for something a little different than walking dogs..I don’t even like dogs. I had $2000 previously(few months ago) but I had to spend it on repairs, gas, and a stop sign ticket(i rolled it California style. slowly….cops get really bored i guess) So i would hope to have more than $3000 by the time i am 26..

John answers:

Well bud, definitely do NOT do online surveys. Probably the easiest way to make REAL GOOD money at your age, from what you’ve stated, is to start your own “geek squad”. Repair computers with viruses and new fans and such. But only charge around 70+ depending on the condition of the computer. Unlike Geek Squad where they charge around 150+ for a ill computer.

Post flyers around the neighborhood, rich neighborhoods, and use craigslist, and most of all, start a website. You can earn good money bud, trust me.

Daniel asks…

What stocks would be good to invest in over the next 30 days?

In my financial management class we are playing the Virtual Stock Market game. It is for a 300 point homework grade and the top 10 ppl in the class get bonus points, too. Can you please help me out with what companies to invest my money in? Here are the rules…

Rules of the Game

•Beginning Date: October 19, 2007
•Ending Date: November 26, 2007
•You have $100,000 to invest
•You must transact in round lots (100 shares)
•You must purchase companies listed only on the NYSE or NASDAQ
•You must purchase only common shares.
•You must select no more than 20 companies and no less than 5 companies
•You are required to make at least 2 trades.
•You must spend at least $95,000!
•The lowest price you can pay for stock is $2 per share.
•There is a $29,95 charge for each transaction
•You may borrow up to $100,000 but the interest is 6%/

John answers:

Between 5 and 20, and for 30 days.

200 shares of NY (about 16k)
200 shares of IOO (almost 17k)
as much as you can of SPY and FXI (like max out your margin),
then flesh out what you need with something like 100 shares of something like WW (about 4-7k of whatever) to make the 5th stock.

Good luck.

Paul asks…

Making a PC games list… and checking it twice?

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. 😉

I was recently gifted with aroundabouts 60 euros, a generous present. I also very recently bought a new Radeon HD4870, a very nice graphics card. This fits, I thought, I’ll try out new graphics.

I’m going to create a list of games both affordable and highly enjoyable with a simple Fun divided by Money equation.

For example, I can purchase a 17E Fallout 3 from “” (one of the few sites I’ll be limiting my purchases to, due to my geographic location), this is a game that I’ve been looking to try out for a few months, it’s made the top 10 of 2008 and it’s bang on budget.

That would be nº1 on my list. If I keep this up, I can purchase aroundabouts 2-4 games. During the next few days I’ll make up a list of other great and on budget. The mentality of buying last year’s/early this year’s games doesn’t particularly bother me, as you might’ve guessed.

I don’t have Crysis or any other major games as, up to this point, I’ve had the virtually impotent inbuilt graphics chip. Basically, I’m stocking up on all the fun I’ve missed because of a crappy GPU.

Ooo… Red Faction: Guerrilla could also be on the list. You get the idea.

I thought it couldn’t hurt to post this and see if any good recommendations come in.

John answers:

Team Fortress 2 – –
Left 4 Dead –
Left 4 Dead 2 –
Combat Arms (Free) –
Battlefield Heroes (Free) –
Quake Live (Free) –
Borderlands – –

(Games at the top of the list have the most value)

Definitely get Team Fortress 2, it’s a 100% must buy! You should also download the free games, as they are high quality games considering that they are free.


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