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Charles asks…

HISTORY!!!!! PLEASE HELP please!!! i really need to pass this!!?

1. Which chinese dynasty ended the period of Disunion and reunified China?
A. the Tang
B. the Han
C. the Sui
D. the Song

2. What was one major achievement of the Sui dynasty?
A. Creation of the Silk Roads
B. Building of the Grand Canal
C. Creation of the Hanging Gardens
D. Completion of the Great Wall of China

3. Conquering lands in western central asia that once belonged to China contributed to what characteristic of the Tang dynasty?
A.The influence of Buddhism
B. A strong central government
C. The influence of Confucianism
D. Successful foreign trade and strong economy

4. What technological invention was perfected during the Tang dynasty?
A. Magnetic compass
B. Astrolabe
C. Watch
D. Plow

5. Which of the following Tang and Song inventions eventually spread and revolutionized printing?
A. Pagodas
B. Paper
C. The typewriter
D. Movable type

6. The expansion of trade during the Song dynasty eventually led to
A. the development of artificial waterways
B. the invention of a paper money system
C. a population explosion
D. a caste system

7. Which of the following was a characteristic of the government during the Song dynasty?
A. Viziers played an important role in the Song dynasty governments.
B. The government became a theocracy, based solely on religion
C. Scholar-officials, who passed a civil service exam, worked as part of the government.
D. Democracy became a part of government practices

8. Which of the following was a characteristic of Mongol society?
A. They were a peaceful people.
B. They were farmers who depended heavily on agriculture for their survival
C. They were skilled in mining
D. They were nomadic and moved from place to place

9. What was the Pax Mongolia?
A. Trade route between the Mongol empire and Rome
B. Period when the Mongol empire established peace and stability across Asia
C. Chinese alphabet for Mongol use
D. Title given to Kublai by the Chinese

10. Which countries had the greatest cultural influence on Japan?
A. Korea and China
B. Vietnam and Myanmar
C. India and China
D. Korea and India

Please help i really need to pass this! no websites, and please be nice everyone needs some help now and then.
I dont have a text book so i cant look for the answers.

John answers:

Yes, you have to review your class notes and if you can’t use websites, you should go to this place known as the library. Doing your homework is vital to your education.

Susan asks…

american government questions?

American government need help please?
American government questions please help?
A basic principle of democracy is creating policies that promote the public good
2 An approved government program cannot be enacted into law unless it receives needed funding from the appropriations committee
3 The English philosopher John Locke believed that

1 citizens make states by abandoning social contracts.
2 public policies are essential tools of dictatorships.
3 governments have a duty to protect citizens from foreign invaders.
4 a government has legitimacy because the people give it authority.

4 Which of the following is an “unalienable right” as described by Thomas Jefferson?
1 savings
2 education
3 slavery
4 liberty

5 Which of the following is NOT one of the categories of powers held by Congress?
1 expressed powers
2 approved powers
3 implied powers
4 special powers

6 Idealists believe that U.S. foreign policy should be associated with
1 defense of human rights.
2 elimination of despots, tyrants, and oligarchs.
3 profitable trade.
4 successful wars.

7 Which of the following is NOT a role handled by the federal court system?
1 interpreting laws
2 setting precedents
3 appointing congressional leaders
4 resolving disputes

8 Over which of the following cases does the U.S. Supreme Court NOT have jurisdiction?
1 diplomatic representatives from other nations
2 disputes between officials from foreign countries
3 disputes between a state and the federal government
4 disputes between two or more states

John answers:

True, false,4, liberty,3,1,3,1,….
How’d I do?

William asks…

What do you think of this essay?

It is about Horace Mann. The first paragraph was supposed to be about what he did, and the second was about how he changed my life.

Horace Mann, who lived from 1796 to 1859, was a great guy who did a lot of important stuff for the public education system. Just what exactly did he do? Well, for starters, he accepted the position of First Secretary of the State Board of Education in Massachusetts. He campaigned for education, established schools for teacher’s training, established school district libraries, and won financial backing for public education. He was crucial to the actual establishment of the first Normal Schools in Massachusetts. Horace Mann hoped that by bringing all children, of all classes together, they could have a common learning experience. This would also give an opportunity to the less fortunate to advance in the social scale and education would “equalize the conditions of men”.

And how exactly did Horace Mann impact society today? Just think about what the education system would be like without him! Teachers would have very little training, there would be kids sitting at home, not going to school at all, and people would give little thought to the finances required for a proper school to work. The kids who didn’t go to school would remain ignorant about simple things such as mathematics and reading for the rest of their lives, and would let many opportunities pass, instead of making an effort to grab them and make their dreams a reality. People who ended up becoming important inventors, scientists and doctors could have lived their lives without giving it a second though. Teachers wouldn’t be as trained as they are now, and would not be able to teach the material required for kids to get into good universities, or land successful jobs. People would need to find other ways of making money, and this could possibly result in the crime rate rising, from things like smuggling and illegal trading. All in all, even though school does get frustrating sometimes, I am very thankful that Horace Mann stood up for education, and made the system what it is today.

John answers:

You have a problem from the very beginning..”did a lot of important stuff” instead say he did many important things..or he supported the education system in many different ways…
Get a parent to read over your essay and point out all these things..your content is good..your wording is not so good…i know writing papers can be not putting you down..i have the same problems.

Joseph asks…

can some one double check my american government ?

1 Which of the following is NOT a role handled by the federal court system?
1 interpreting laws
2 setting precedents
3 appointing congressional leaders ,,{this is the one i think it is}
4 resolving disputes

2 Idealists believe that U.S. foreign policy should be associated with
1 defense of human rights. {i picked this one}
2 elimination of despots, tyrants, and oligarchs.
3 profitable trade.
4 successful wars

3 Which of the following powers does the President hold?
1 making treaties
2 appointing officials
3 lobbying
4 all of the above {this is the one i picked}

4 Which of the following is NOT one of the roles of the President in U.S. government?
1 Commander in Chief
2 constitutionality coordinator {this is the one i picked}
3 party leader
4 chief of state

5 Which of the following is NOT a key role of Congress?
1 provide services to constituents {this is the one i picked}
2 enact laws
3 determine constitutionality of laws
4 oversee government agencies

John answers:

The first 3 questions are correct.

The fourth should be (3). The party leader. An example of this is President Obama is not the Democratic National Party Leader. Also, if they are talking about the party leaders in Congress, they are talking about Senators and Congressmen, not the President.

The fifth should be (3). The Judicial Branch determines the constitutionality of laws.

Betty asks…

Are the Spanish and French jealous of the Brits and Dutch…because our Empires were far more successful?

The Spanish and French Empires were ruled by Kings with Absolute authority, they were not liberal and most of their income went to the Royal Family.
Where as the Britain and the Netherlands were democratic countries before they even established an Empire. Dutch banking systems, alongside Britains liberal approach to the Empire…led to Globalisation and free trade

If you look at South America, take Mexico for example… and then Look at the USA and Canada, there is a reason why the USA and Canada have larger economies and are far powerful. Look at India, a rising superpower, without the British building the infrastructure there… India wouldn’t have a chance.
Obviously there are many former British countries such as Zimbabwe that are poor, but these problems occurred after the Brits left when civil wars broke out and dictators took over.

I am not excusing some of the terrible things that happened in the Empire, but mostly it was a democratic and liberal (liberal for it’s time). As well as a financial powerhouse, the first true global superpower. Historians all agree that Britain shaped the modern world… what has Spain or France ever done? except invade Morocco and fail miserably.
Rhiassa, I am a liberal… I definitely don’t live in the past, but I am a history geek and I like to know why things are the way they are today… just wondering what the Spaniards and French think of our successful Empires over their failing ones.
KD you are wrong, the British empire was very different to the other Empires… as explained in the additional details.

John answers:

Jealous of the British? Maybe

Of the Dutch? LOL, ya right.

India was rich before the British and other Europeans stole the goods from there. The Spanish had heavy influence in South and Latin America while the French had heavy influence in the Midwest part of the US and in Canada.

Also, the US became powerful after we kicked the British out. Jealous of the British? Maybe, jealous of the Dutch? No, French and Spanish were far more powerful than the Dutch.

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