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Steven asks…

please help with these history questions ASAP?

1) William Bradford and his followers belonged to which religious group?

Church of England

2)To whom did William Penn present a plan to colonize land in America?

King Charles
the Quakers
the colonists
the Native Americans

3)William Bradford was one of the elected governors for which group of colonies?

New England

4)How was Anne Hutchinson different from other colonial women?

She spoke her mind and challenged authority.
She refused to use slaves, even for housekeeping.
She preferred learning skilled trades to housekeeping.
She believed women should be ministers just like men.

5) Which of the following offers the best definition of the phrase “headright system“?

Settlers were given land and, in return, were expected to farm and build on it.
Settlers were given money if they agreed to sell a portion of their crops to Britain.
Settlers were given land on which to build schools and other community buildings.
Settlers were given money in exchange for taking certain sailing vessels to the New World.

6)Which of the following explains the purpose of the headright system in British colonies?

It encouraged settlers to come to the New World.
It helped establish a series of large, religious communities.
It created a system of government upon arrival to the New World.
It allowed women and slaves to be able to own land in the New World.

7)Which of the following describes a common feature of both Spanish and French colonists?

Both tried to spread Catholicism in the New World.
Both were equally dominant powers in the New World
Both were successful in fur trading and fishing in Quebec.
Both set up colonies in Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

8)Which characteristic below is common to both the Dutch and the French settlers?

gold mining
fur trading
tobacco farming
fabric manufacturing

9)Which of the following is the best explanation for the rise of slavery in the colonies?

the demand for New World crops in Europe
the need for permanent settlements in the New World
the practice of using slaves to qualify for free land
the rapid growth of the ship-building industry

10)What motivated New World colonies to trade goods with each other?

The colonies used the same money system.
They did not want to trade with other countries.
There were not enough people in Europe to trade with.
Different colonies produced different crops and products.

John answers:

Research this on the internet try more sites to confirm it and try learning site as they are more realiable

George asks…

where can i sell my forex trading system? its been very successful.?

John answers:

Hi there,

Before you can sell this system, you will need to have a track record first…

You must think of “how to teach your customer via ebook, video and etc…

Selling a product are difficult… You might be a trader but not an marketer.

The Best way is, find a forex marketer to Joint Venture.

By the way you can sell your system on clickbank, 2checkout, click2sell and etc…

Sharon asks…

Share market Training Wrokshop in Bangalore?

Stock Market Training Workshop – Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis Training Program & Coaching.

Learn the Art of Making Profits in Both “Rising as well as Falling Market”.

Our Training course are designed so that anyone can understand the Technical Analysis from Basics & he can improve his trading by predicting the prices, pick up High potential stocks on his own, Learn to analyze the Charts & use other techniques to invest in Stock Market & have profitable trading.

Contents of Trading Course:

1. Introduction to Stock Market & Technical Analysis
2. The Core of Chart Analysis& Different types of Charts
3. Candle Stick Analysis for analyzing successful trade easily
4. Study of Moving Averages& different types of Moving Averages
5. Trend Lines, how to draw them, validity& trend channels
6. Study of Chart Patterns, continuation & reversal pattern
7. Gap Analysis & their Types
8. Technical Indicators& study of different types of Indicators
9. Pivot Point Analysis& Fibonacci Ratios
10. Technical Theories – different types like Dow Theory etc…
11. Day Trading & Swing Trading
12. Trading Systems
13. Money Management
14. Important Rules of Trading in Stock Market

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John answers:

What is the question?

Helen asks…

Please tell me if this is a good position paper and what % i would get?

Topic : To what extent is the justice system fair and equitable for youth?

In the world today, crime committed by young offenders is constantly on the rise. The young offenders who commits crime must be dealt with. YCJA(Youth Criminal Justice Act) is fair because; YCJA separates the young offenders from the society, the young offenders must pay the consequences of their actions, and the recent poll shows that crime rate has decreased since YCJA was created. The justice system that we have is fair and equitable for all youth, and should not change.
Before YCJA existed Canada was at an extreme high crime rate, with very little being done to punish the offenders. YCJA is a successful system for young offenders. Before YCJA even existed, the punishments were not fair for the young offenders. The government should spend their money to decrease the crime rate even lower, and to help the young offenders who are addicted to drugs. To change the rate of crime committed by the young offenders; government should improve programs to help the young offenders to prevent them ending up in jevenile detention the second time or worse; improve the schools to teach the students from right to wrong; more teachers to prevent drug trade and vandalism. There is a chance to knock down the crime rate committed by young offenders if the suggestions are actually done.

John answers:

Ill give you a A- or 91% cuz of punctuation.other than that this essay is really good.I envy u!lol

Lisa asks…

Why are people lying about the costs of the energy bill that just passed the House?

The Non-Partisan CBO says 175 dollars more per year in 2020 and EPA at 80 dollars to 110 a year and the costs will be offset by tax rebates and credits. 175 dollars a year is about 50 cents a day. A cap and trade system was put in place in 1990 Clean Air ACt to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions which was successful and was signed by President George H.W. Bush. Investing in clean energy, having more energy efficient buildings and green jobs and reducing CO2 emissions.
Steve that was to reduce sulfur dioxide, now we are trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
no CBO is non-partisan
the bill was negotiated for months, I think people had time to consider the bill. It is not perfect but a step in the right direction, even some liberals oppose it such as COngressman Dennis Kucinich because he feels it isn’t strong enough.
As I have said rebates and credits will offset the price increases, and jobs won’t be lost new green jobs will be created because of the bill.
Steelers Girl- UNemployment won’t reach 15%. Even with eight years of the worst economic policies since the Great Depression we are only at 9.4%. THere were cyclical depressions before the Great one and only recessions after that. A huge reason for a bad econmoy is peak oil and the high cost of crude oil so we need to get off o fossil fuels.
Dr.M- stock market just means rich people are getting even richer, it doesn’t represent the entire economy. The Bush administration had: Record federal deficits, record trade deficit, very low job growth, worst financial crisis since the Depression, deregulation, a housing sector in freefall, high bankruptcy rates, high inflation (as high as 1.60 to the Euro), declining wages while the cost of everything rose and he vetoed SCHIp for children’s health care.

John answers:

Because that is what the right does, to protet their beloved pollution.

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