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Ken asks…

Would you participate is a social economicc structure such as this?

My personal belief is people should work for the betterment of one another, a system for the people by the people. A tribal mentality if you will; better described as democratic communism.

By eliminating internal markets and the notion of social-human value with the understanding that all life has value exceeding that of utility; and furthermore by emphasizing the value in ability and persistence, you can all but eliminate greed, pride, and prejudice. This is done in offering the same incentives to everyone who develops uncanny ability in any respective trade without regard to social status, creed, color, race, sex, sexual preference, or marital status on scheduled and random basis.

Furthermore democratic communism by no means eliminates the private sector, but instead eliminates the division between the government and private sector, with the exception of religion and or creed in there doctrine. Freedom in docttine leaves room for free speech and press, except, those with the intent to inflict malicious wounds regarding creed, color, race, age, sex or social status; such a social structure allows a metamorphosis to occur promoting the advancement of social enlightenment and production of ideas with insight.

Necessary goods and services should be distributed, with absolute equality, simply because a person’s contribution will ultimately allow others to do the same. We treat our children with such regard, why not our brothers and sisters?

Micromanagement in all parts is necessary, especially when financing prospective entrepreneurial endeavors. A system in which “grants” would be allotted to individuals or groups in a lottery as well as lists divided according to physical area and need. When a business is able to return the said “grant” the next individual or set of individuals would receive their grant(s). This places emphasis on the community to ensure the business is successful.

In such a social-economic system a political draft based solely on public input should be used to identify those who are best qualified for political positions. Then an election held in the democratic fashion would allow the people to select the person best suited for the position.

This system works internally as a communistic social economic structure but externally as a capitalistic market place.
@Houston, we have a problem

The incentives to excel are goods and services above what is necessary! You work hard you get promoted you get a bigger house more paid vacations, where you are not only paid for being absent but the trip would be paid for. Etc!
How did you come to that conclusion? The harder you work you get rewarded, incentives are allotted to those who show uncanny ability and persistence. This is not capitalistic! Essentially you work hard you get promoted. Necessary goods and services would be allotted with absolute equality, food, clothing, housing, school; college for those who partake in an intern work for tuition program, etc… this is communism. You work hard you get promoted, you don’t work you stay at base pay. There are people who want to be doctors because they can make a difference, people want to build houses. People who want to flip burgers! I know it sounds odd but I have meet them all.

John answers:

Right out of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

“Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”

But seriously, here’s some of many faults with your proposal:

Where’s the incentive to excel? If one gets paid whether they work or not simply because they have intrinsic value “exceeding that of utility”, why work? Or at least, why work hard. Why should I be a garbage collector when I can be a part time keyboard operator? (or is your government going to force me to be a garbage collector against my will?)

What of scarce or unique resources? There are five houses on the beach, and 100 people who want them. What then, a lottery? You don’t think there will be profiteering by the five, or added status for those who have this resource?

Who decides what’s important to a society? Would you have professional football players? How about professional broom ball players? I’m not joking. A free market system adjusts supply to demand. How would a socialist system, whose priorities are purely defined by some government bureaucrat, possibly substitute for this?

Those grants your talking about – what if the venture fails. Most business ventures do. Especially ones that have CEOs that have no incentive for profit, since they receive none. How is this grant replaced for the next “equally worthy” recipient?

There’s more (many more), but I’m tired and going to bed. The nice one I earned with my skills and hard work.

Re: Additional details – Your added details are contrary to your original statement “Necessary goods and services should be distributed, with absolute equality”. Your added detail now paints an internal capitalist economic structure.

Nancy asks…

Is this a correct .xml site map for google? Will this site map which was generated automatically work?

Here is what I have:

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John answers:

Looks reasonable , if those are the links you want googled!

Charles asks…

If elected, How much harm can he really do?

Should we vote for the best chance?
Your average American gets an idea for a product (or service). He (she) draws up a business plan and finds investors or secures a bank loan to start a business. The business buys property and hires builders. They contract for equipment and machinery to be made. They hire employees to make their product or line of products, and they sell them to retailers. The retailers hire people to price, display, and sell the products or services. The idea spreads throughout the system creating jobs and chances for many.

If they are able to sell their product at a competitive price and the consumers find use and value in their product, they may succeed. If not, they must cut costs or fail. That’s what happens in a Free Market system. If you work and are good at what you do, you have a chance.

This is a simple example of how (now don’t choke on the term) Trickle Down Economics works. You can apply this model to Grannies Bakery on the corner, IBM, GM, or Starbucks. To deny this process is to deny the indisputable.

It starts with an idea, and it ends with a chance for jobs and success. It’s a chance to take one idea, make an improvement on it, and start a business of your own. That’s why McDonalds is not the only one out there selling hamburgers! That is the American Dream! A chance!

Competition makes products better and less expensive. Competition makes services more responsive and less expensive.

Does Trickle Down mean if companies are successful and make more money, that soon my job flipping burgers is suddenly going to start paying me 75k a year? No. It means businesses will expand and give others a chance for a job. It will also give everyone more chances for advancement. If your skill level, motivation, or lack of education relegates you to flipping, maybe that should encourage you to learn to do more and be the best you can be at your job.

The Free Enterprise Capitalist system simply gives everyone willing to participate the best chance to live comfortably and succeed.

What about those executives making 10 million a year? Do I think that is right? No. But what do you think he (she) is doing with all that money? Stuffing the mattress? Bank savings accounts? The mattress pays nothing, and the bank only pays a few points of interest per year. They are way too greedy for that. What they do is buy. They buy goods, services, and invest in stocks from their company and others! That creates more chances for all of us.

I do not think the Free Enterprise System should be allowed to run wild. Everything needs rules to keep it on course. Interest groups play an important part in the system. Saving Trees, Dolphin free tuna, and the Global Warming groups all need to play a part to keep greed from trampling the innocent. However, we have, in many areas, allowed these groups to stop progress instead of guide it. We have all paid for it.

We have also paid for government intervention and paid dearly. NAFTA and our government’s refusal to insist that trading partners remove their tariffs on our products have made them too expensive for other nations to import and buy. But no one is talking about that now, are they?

Obama says we should “Stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship our jobs overseas”. Like it or not, we are competing in a global economy. To stay competitive, companies must lower their costs. Unfortunately, that means finding less expensive work forces, less restrictive controls, and lower tax rates. Giving tax breaks does not cause companies to ship jobs overseas; it is encouragement to keep them here!

Bad tax policy also spreads throughout the system. It causes lay offs, closings, slows production, and stifles investing.

If the Government is hostile to business, all will lose some and some will lose all. That will increase our dependency on those in our government that created the problem in the first place. Does that sound like anyone is looking out for you?

We don’t need that kind of “change.” We need a CHANCE!

John answers:


Donald asks…

Both the Byzantine and Muslim empires were successful due in part to:?

A. The feudal and manorial systems
B. trade and commerce
C. lack of interest in religion

John answers:

B. Trade and commerce..

The feudal manorial system was British.

Honestly what do they teach children in schools these days?

John asks…

Nintendo DS Wi-Fi help? (Pokemon Diamond)?

I have a nintendo DS lite, and have been trying to go on the WI-FI thing.
The global trading system (GTS) works fine, but when I try to battle, things don’t work too well.

When people try to battle me (Via friend code) I get a message saying they want to play with me, but the message just stays there for awhile, then it goes away and I have to re-connect with Wi-fi.
All the while, it says I have full bars.

I have had ONE successful battle, but all the rest DO NOT work! 🙁

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.
(I have a belkin N wireless router)

John answers:

Yeah it happens to me once in a while it may just became your router I heard linksys is way better then belkin

Or it may be the other person internet connect

Or you guys may just be in different countries

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