Your Questions About Successful Trading System

Joseph asks…

anyone know of a good forex trading system something that really works -thanks?

John answers:

I know you’re not going to believe this but….. The only system that will work for you…. Is the system that you create.

Here’s a great book of interviews of successful traders;
Millionair Traders, by Lien and Schlossberg

Daniel asks…

Where can i get a reliable forex trading system?

A combination of forex indicators that is very reliable and gives at least reasonale trades

John answers:

Good stock day traders are happy with getting 50% of their trades correct. Forex traders can do less. What makes the average trader successful is how they practice risk control.

If you read books like Millionaire Traders you’d know that the only system that works for successful traders are the ones they developed for themselves. Trading isn’t a formula. It’s an art.

David asks…

Share Trading Mistakes?

I am a New Player to Share Trading Can Any one explain Me About the Trading mistakes What the Common People Does

John answers:

Hi Ankit,
This is sanjay, There Are lots Of Mistakes Done By Common People In Share market I will Explain you briefly about that Which I have studied from the site As follow

Trading Mistakes


Lack of Knowledge and No Plan

It amazes us that some people expect to trade the stock market successfully without any effort. Yet if they want to take up golf, for example, they will happily take some lessons or at least read a book before heading out onto the course.
The stock market is not the place for the ill informed. But learning what you need is straightforward – you just need someone to show you the way.
The opposite extreme of this is those traders who spend their life looking for the Holy Grail of trading! Been there, done that!
The truth is, there is no Holy Grail. But the good news is that you don’t need it. Our trading system is highly successful, easy to learn and low risk.


Unrealistic Expectations

Many novice traders expect to make a gazillion dollars by next Thursday. Or they start to write out their resignation letter before they have even placed their first trade!
Now, don’t get us wrong. The stock market can be a great way to replace your current income and for creating wealth but it does require time. Not a lot, but some.
So don’t tell your boss where to put his job, just yet!
Other beginners think that trading can be 100% accurate all the time. Of course this is unrealistic. But the best thing is that with our methods you only need to get 50-60% of your trades “right” to be successful and highly profitable.


Listening to Others

When traders first start out they often feel like they know nothing and that everyone else has the answers. So they listen to all the news reports and so called “experts” and get totally confused.
And they take “tips” from their buddy, who got it from some cab driver…
We will show you how you can get to know everything you need to know and so never have to listen to anyone else, ever again!


Getting in the Way

By this we mean letting your ego or your emotions get in the way of doing what you know you need to do.
When you first start to trade it is very difficult to control your emotions. Fear and greed can be overwhelming. Lack of discipline; lack of patience and over confidence are just some of the other problems that we all face.
It is critical you understand how to control this side of trading. There is also one other key that almost no one seems to talk about. But more on this another time!


Poor Money Management

It never ceases to amaze us how many traders don’t understand the critical nature of money management and the related area of risk management.
This is a critical aspect of trading. If you don’t get this right you not only won’t be successful, you won’t survive!
Fortunately, it is not complex to address and the simple steps we can show you will ensure that you don’t “blow up” and that you get to keep your profits.


Only Trading Market in One Direction

Most new traders only learn how to trade a rising market. And very few traders know really good strategies for trading in a falling market.
If you don’t learn to trade “both” sides of the market, you are drastically limiting the number of trades you can take. And this limits the amount of money you can make.
We can show you a simple strategy that allows you to profit when stocks fall.



Most traders new to trading feel they have to be in the market all the time to make any real money. And they see trading opportunities when they’re not even there (we’ve been there too).
We can show you simple techniques that ensure you only “pull the trigger” when you should. And how trading less can actually make you more!

– Share Market Basics /

Susan asks…

I am aware of FOREX EA’s… What about Futures Trading Robots?


I have been doing a lot of research and there are dozens and dozens if not hundreds of EA’s for use on MT4, trading FOREX.

But I am unable to find anything on robots for Futures trading. While I look forward to manually trading Futures in the evenings, it would be nice to have something to catch a good trend during pit hours, while I am away at work.

Thanks for any tips or keywords that may assist in a Google search. ; )

John answers:

I haven’t also come across any automated futures trading system or what you are calling a futures robot. There are many futures contracts that you can trade. Maybe this has to do something with the nature of the futures market. You haven’t mentioned what type of futures contract you want to trade. Infact there are many dozens of futures contracts like stock index futures, crude oil futures, interest rate futures, commodity futures, currency futures and others. Futures markets are a lot different from forex. Futures market is a highly regulated market. You can find both price and volume in the futures market unlike forex where you only have the price action.

I came accross a swing trading strategy that works for forex, stocks and futures. This swing trading strategy takes not more than 10 minutes to trade each day. Many people think that automated trading is the solution or what you call the Holy Grail. Infact there is no holy grail. Successful traders are those who learn to trade manually first. Automated trading systems without knowning how to trade manually do not give good results as market conditions keep on changing and if you have the feel of how the market is changing you can change the setting of the automated trading system. You can only develop the feel of the market by manual trading. First practice and paper trade for one to two months. Only then trade live. Good Luck!

Richard asks…

Why trade Forex?

Hello. I have been studying for about 6 months the market of currency trading. Trying to tackle the learning curve and different analysis in this specific market. But I start to wonder when I read most articles and forum posts stating that only a few people profit yearly from this trading. If you do not profit, then why do you trade? It does not really make sense to me why someone would play/work such a volatile market not to make profit? Please someone enlighten me with their view on this. Thanks.

John answers:

Yes, forex market is not for everyone as well as stock, cfd or metal trading. Those markets are very volatile but in the same way are very profitable.

Main reasons that 95% traders fail are:
– they don’t keep money risk management rules,
– greedy,
– absence of patient while waiting good enter/exit point,
– poor knowledge of analysis,
– absence of trading system.

So traders who have trading system are patient, not greedy and keep strict money management rules always are successful. And of course there is no one trader in the world that had no loss. Actually the loss always exists but win/loss proportion should be not less than 7/3.

6 month it is very short term to make your own conclusions. 5 years ago I have lost my first deposit too as well as almost all traders in the world. But I don’t worry to say it while others conceal it.

I advice you to read and study those books:
Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager;
Technical Analysis by Jack D. Schwager;
Comprehensive Course on The Wave Principle by A.J. Frost and Robert Prechter;
Candlestick Charting Explained- Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Futures by Gregory L. Morris;
Trading Chaos – Applying Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Profit by Bill Williams;
New Trading Dimensions by Bill Williams

It helps you to create your own trading system and technique. Then start again practice on demo account. After your funds start gain on demo then you’ll be able to start with real account.

Everyone could slip and fall down and only the few ones could rise up and go ahead. Those ones are real Men.

Good luck!

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