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Richard asks…

reforms during the mexican revolution??? (REVISE MY ANSWER)?

…were they successful or did they failed

I put that it was successful because under the rule of Juarez, a national education system separate from that which was run by the Catholic Church was established. He also promoted trade with foreign countries, the opening of new roads, the building of railroads, and the establishment of a telegraph service. He had left his country with a legacy of relative peace, progress and reform.

Under the rule od Diaz railroads were expanded, banks were built, the currency stabilized, and foerign invest,ment grew.

Eventually the Mexican Constituiton was established and new ruler Obregon helped the country enter a period of stability.

John answers:

The Juarez reforms known as Fueros and Leyes Lerdo were successful due to the fact that they ended many of the abuses and powers that the church and the army had since the independence. Also starting foreign trade and commerce as well as railroads like you said and even though Mexico was peaceful it didn’t last long after Porfirio Diaz attempted a revolt but failed and then a few years later when Sebastian Tejada was president he initiated another revolt that was successful. Diaz opened up Mexico’s natural resources to foreign nations specially the United States and got the nation much wealthier however it all came at a high price as the lower classes suffered and lived through a horrible time period almost similar to slavery. During the Revolution of 1910 Francisco Madero initiated many reforms only to see most of the thwarted by the conservatives and then was betrayed and assassinated by General Victoriano Huerta. Then in 1917 Venustiano Carranza wrote and established the constitution that is still in power and that constitution initiated reforms for land distribution and labor issues. Then in the1930’s president Lazaro Cardenas executed maybe the biggest reform of all by nationalizing Mexico’s resources specifically petroleum, gold, silver, and all land was not to be owned b foreigners any longer.
Hope that helped!

Chris asks…

Would you compare CM Punk’s current state to Maven’s rise and fall in WWE?

Read and compare:

In 2004, Maven experienced the biggest push in his career, even gaining a victory over then-Evolution member Batista. Maven then took part in a Survivor Series Elimination Match at Survivor Series 2004, teaming with Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho to face Triple H, Batista, Gene Snitsky, and Edge for the power to control Raw for one month. Maven was the first to control Raw, booking himself in a World Heavyweight Championship match against Triple H, who tried to get out of it by offering Maven a place in Evolution. He declined, but despite interference from Jericho, Benoit, and Orton, Triple H retained the title due to interference from Snitsky and Ric Flair. Maven turned into a villain two weeks later by turning on Eugene, assaulting him as revenge for his elimination in a Battle Royal on Raw. During this time, he entered an unofficial alliance with Simon Dean, serving as a successful user of the Dean character’s “Simon System” line of nutritional products. The team was split when Dean was traded to SmackDown!, and Maven was subsequently released by WWE on July 5, 2005. WWE cited decreased revenue and a lack of enthusiasm with respect to Maven’s in-ring ability as the cause of his release.

CM Punk
At the end of the pay-per-view Extreme Rules, Punk cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and defeated Jeff Hardy, whom had won the championship only one minute earlier from Edge, to win the World Heavyweight Championship for a second time. On the August 28 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Punk concluded his program with Hardy and achieved his booked goal of excising him from the WWE, defeating Hardy in a steel cage match wherein the loser agreed to leave the company. At Breaking Point Punk defeated The Undertaker in a submission match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Undertaker originally won the match with his Hell’s Gate submission hold. SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long re-started the match after stating that the ban that former General Manager Vickie Guerrero had placed on the move was still in effect. Punk would win the match with his Anaconda vise when referee Scott Armstrong called for the bell despite Undertaker never submitting (reminiscent to the Montreal Screwjob, which took place in the same venue in 1997). The feud between the two continued and at the Hell in a Cell PPV, Punk lost the World Heavyweight Championship to The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. On the November 6 edition of SmackDown, Punk was defeated by R-Truth due to a fast count from referee Scott Armstrong, leading to a feud between the two. On November 13, Punk defeated R-Truth due to an illegal pin. On the November 27 edition of SmackDown, Punk introduced Luke Gallows (formerly known as Festus) as his new follower.

John answers:

You can’t compare Maven to CM Punk. Maven was a Tough Enough winner in the
WWE thats all he had to his credit and they paired him up with another jobber in
Simon Dean who was in my opinion a great wrestler in the old ECW days when he
wrestled under the name Nova, Super Nova and Hollywood Nova in ECW and when
they brought him to the WWE he was just a comedy act I couldnt believe that he
had been reduced to that. On the other hand, CM Punk is well rounded wrestler he
has been wrestling for a long time and has more experience in the wrestling industry
CM Punk was in Ring of Honor and he was the Heavyweight Champion for that ROH
organization. And he has wrestled in TNA Wrestling. When they signed CM Punk to
WWE he went thru the OVW training session and he worked his way up the ranks
by defeating the other wrestlers in the ECW roster. I saw him defeat The Hardcore
Icon Justin Incredible a few times on ECW. CM Punk was ECW World Heavyweight
Champion when he defeated John Morrison and he was the WWE World Heavyweight
Champion on RAW and Smackdown. I liked CM Punk’s gimmick being a straight edge
superstar and he won his matches and didn’t bother anybody now he’s taking this too
far with this straight edge gimmick who’s he to tell people how to live their lives if people
want to go out to bars and have a few beers thats fine just dont drink and drive and have
a designated driver to help you out. I have lost a lot of respect for CM Punk. CM punk he
cant beat The Undertaker theres no way he can do that the only one who can beat the
undertaker is Batista just like John Cena cant beat Batista Batista already beat John
Cena. I think that either Batista or CM Punk will win this years 2010 Royal Rumble they
were saying that Edge might return and be the number 30 surprise entry its too soon for
a return Edge’s injury takes at least 10 months to heal he will be back at Wrestlemania 26.

Mary asks…

What political party am I?

1. I support extending equal rights to gay and lesbians.
2. I support a woman’s right to choose an abortion in accordance to Roe v. Wade (first trimester). I am opposed to late term abortions.
3. I support providing thorough sexual education in high schools (teaching about contraception).
4. I support a strong separation of church and state.
5. I support the war in Afghanistan which was based on tactical necessity but not the War in Iraq which was based off faulty intelligence.
6. I support allowing the free market to determine prices.
7. I support free trade and oppose almost all subsidies because they cause economic deadweight loss.
8. I support curbing the power of unions. The market should decide the wage.
9. I support a progressive tax system and tax increases on the wealthy coupled with spending cuts to reduce the deficit.
10. I believe America should a land of equal opportunity, not equal wealth. Therefore, I support urban renewal, food stamps, and other successful welfare programs. I strongly support a good public education system (no vouchers). I believe Social Security and Medicare require VERRRY deep cuts to remain solvent.
11. I believe in financial regulations like Dodd-Frank to watch over Wall Street irresponsibility and prevent another crisis due to “too big to fail”.
12. I believe in gun rights but support measures like background checks.
13. I believe in capitalism as the best economic structure,
14. I believe in allowing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and support a guest workers program for others. I support the DREAM Act.
15. I do not support affirmative action.
16. I do not support the death penalty, only because I am uncomfortable with the fact that innocent people die inevitably and I don’t trust the gov with life and death decisions.
17. I do believe in the large body of scientific evidence that proves global climate change and support measures to reduce our CO2 emissions.
18. I believe clean energy is a MAJOR priority of the future.
19. I support nuclear power as a viable source.
20. I oppose offshore drilling after seeing the horrific impact of an offshore oil spill.
21. I support using diplomacy and mutual respect with other nations, rather than pre-emptive attack. I support supra-national organizations like the UN to prevent humanitarian crises like the Holocaust.
22. I support the protesters of the Arab Spring.
23. I believe that Keynesian economics is an acceptable course of action during a recession but do support measure to prevent a runaway deficit. I would be comfortable with a balanced budget amendment.
24. I support the teaching of the Big Bang and evolution in classes, consistent with scientific evidence.
25. I believe in theistic evolution.
26. I oppose government provided healthcare but support subsidies to make life-saving care more affordable.
To make it clear, I do not support just full amnesty for illegal immigrants. However, I think we should extend the LEGAL H1 visa to attract smart young professionals from countries like India and China.
P.S. This wasn’t an invitation to attack my views. Just trying to understand where I fall on the political spectrum
P.S. This wasn’t an invitation to attack my views. Just trying to understand where I fall on the political spectrum

John answers:

During a recession we need to spend more; other times, less. If you care about reducing spending, vote Democratic.

Reagan increased our debt by $1.87 T
Bush I increased our debt by $1.48 T
Clinton increased our debt by $1.42 T
Bush II increased our debt by $6.11 T
Obama increased our debt by $1.65 T

National debt by U.S. Presidential terms


Donna asks…

Is this essay decent?

Okay, I am applying for advanced training in my trade, and I was wondering if my essay had spunk to it?

Attach a 250 word essay on your plans and how will being accepted into this program listed above will help you reach your long-term career goal?

Here’s what I wrote:

We make plans and dreams for the future all the time, whether or not they work out depends upon our determination, and perseverance.My plans for the future have taken months of thought, and debate with myself, to question and debate with oneself, I find it to be quite productive to come to a good decision.It’s basically weighing the pros and cons of whatever decisions you’re about to make, so I thought about everything I could that would not only make me become productive, but also become successful.

First, I decided what I wanted to be, something that not only would test me to my limits as a person, but test my intellect.I also wanted it to be something I would enjoy, I debated upon multitudes of careers, however my final decision was Psychology.As my final goal, I want to earn a Doctorate in psychology, now what I do in life there after, I’m not too sure of at the moment.I could find something to put that doctorate to use, such as something in the school system, or within a law enforcement agency, however I use it, I will decide upon that later in life when I have earned it.

Now, what is my plan in order to reach that goal?

To start, I came to Miami Job Corps Center to begin my training in a trade that I’m familiar with, Computer Tech, a trade involving the repair of computers, basic repair of printers and other various computer components.It deals with hardware and software repairs, both of which are important to maintain the quality of function for a computer to run properly and without error.
Next in my plan, I researched into advanced training, there are many options for me, but I have decided upon the System Administrator program, to quote Https:// the definition for System Administrator is as follows.

System Administrator (System Admin) – A Person responsible for running and maintaining the networked computers, peripherals, and the network itself. He or she, among other functions, (1) installs hardware and software, (2) issues log in names, (3) maintains security, (4) fixes bugs and crashes, and (5) monitors the network. In case of a single desktop computer, the user often acts as the System Admin.

I plan to go through with the training to the best of my ability, after wards I plan to continue onto college and possibly gain both a bachelors and masters within the Computer IT field. Then, once I have either of those, I would like to work my way through school, and to pay whatever financial aide I use for the computer IT degree. Then, I would like to get a job and pay my way through school in order to earn a doctorate in psychology.

I know I have a vast and moderately complicated path ahead of myself, but I feel that until I earn all that I have planned, I won’t feel accomplished in life to the best of my ability.This is how my long-term goals shall not only be established, but assisted by my going to advanced training.I feel that this is just the beginning of a long journey into life, and into my career, to find my own way in life, my own professionalism.I know I have the discipline, perseverance, and heart to see this plan through til the end, and to press forward past it and exceed my own expectations in life.

Through the dedication of my instructors, and their guidance, I feel accomplishment is inevitable in this program, I know that I can be a young professional, and accomplish greatness, if only given the chance to advance.One of my most favorite sayings “In life, if you don’t succeed, try and try again”.So, to conclude with my every fiber, I am a young professional, I may not have perfected my professionalism, but that is why I am here to learn.To become better, greater, and to be more than just a statistic, to be an example for the future youth of the world.


Is this essay decent, need more body to it, or what?
Can anyone give me advice?

My future pretty much depends on it, thank you to anyone who helps me that is actually helpful.Anyone who makes idiotic and/or hurtful comments, go to hell please.

John answers:

Wow, your essay is all over the place. Try to keep one idea in each paragraph and say what you have to say just once in each paragraph. Your essay makes it sound as though you have absolutely no clue what you want to do, which is ok, but the college wants you to sound like you have a better plan. The Techie courses do not fit with your ultimate goal unless it is a way to work and have enough money to attend the university. Make sure that your goal is clear. Even if you have no idea what you want to do with a degree in psychology, you should at least check out a few professions on the net and suggest a couple that you might be interested in. Good Luck!

Daniel asks…

How does an automated forex trading system work?

Might be nice if someone can simplify how it works. I am also looking for an automated forex trading system too.

John answers:

There is NO automated forex trading system that work, else everyone is rich. You have to learn it and master the necessary skill to be successful in forex trading.

Good luck.

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