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John asks…

Can you help me with U.S history?

Question #2
To combat the effects of Communism around the world, President Truman developed the Truman Doctrine, which was designed to do what three things?
Create a series of national security departments in Washington.
Supply economic help to foreign countries that needed it.
Provide containment of Communism around the world.
Supply military assistance to Yugoslavia and Great Britain.
Build a series of American military bases around the world.
Help to create the United Nations as a show of American support.
Question #3

Months after Pearl Harbor, American bombers raided Tokyo. What did this famous raid accomplish?
It led to their capture by Japanese forces.
It gave the American people a psychological boost.
It forced Japan to reconsider war with the U.S.
It destroyed key military and industrial sites.
Question #4

Mein Kampf was a famous book written by Adolf Hitler while in prison. What does this title mean in English?
My Power
My Victory
My Destiny
My Struggle
Question #5

After World War II, which of the following countries became part of the Warsaw Pact?
Soviet Union
Question #6

The turning point of World War II’s European theatre occurred in 1941 with _____.
the Allied landing on D-Day
the Allied invasion of Sicily
Germany’s invasion of Russia
the creation of the atom bomb
Question #7

was upset by Harry Truman in the 1948 presidential election.
Question #8

What were three of the locations where famous wartime conferences took place between Allied leaders during World War II?
Question #9

During the Korean War, Communist forces were finally stopped from their initial invasion near the South Korean city of .
Question #10

During the early years of the twentieth century, Russia became the first European nation to lose a war to an Asian one. What nation did they lose to?
Question #11

As a colony chooses to become a sovereign nation, what are at least two things it needs to do to become successful?
It should form a solid economic system established on Capitalism.
It needs to have a written, formal constitution guiding the government.
It should establish concrete trade agreements with other countries.
It should break away from the home country as soon as possible.
Question #12

Winston Churchill’s famous Iron Curtain speech was referencing _____.
the political differences between Communism and Democracy.
the physical wall built separating Western and Eastern Europe.
a zone of Communist nations separating Russia from Western Europe.
the buildup of military forces in Europe following the end of World War II.
Question #13

Which of the following nations became part of the Axis Powers prior to the beginning of World War II?
Great Britain
Question #14

Which city below was blockaded by Communist forces in 1948?
Question #15

The Nuremburg Trials were convened after World War II to prosecute war criminals.
Question #16

After World War II, Harry Truman was instrumental in the creation of _____.
Saudi Arabia
Question #17

Looking back on the Truman years, which of the following things took place during his administration?
beginning of NATO
Bay of Pigs fiasco
Brown v. Board ruling
Manhattan Project
Russian Revolution
Marshall Plan
Question #18

What did America’s Lend-Lease program accomplish?
It provided military aid to countries in exchange for bases.
It allowed foreign military bases in exchange for aid.
It provided American troops to fight as mercenaries.
It provided military aid to nations of the Axis Powers only.
Question #19

Following World War I, the United States engaged in a foreign policy of .
Question #20

The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 was designed to _____.
protect American workers from abuse
lessen the power of labor unions
extend government regulation of business
provide political power for unions
Question #21

The two cities bombed with atomic weapons during World War II were:

John answers:

I am sorry but everything i see here can be researched online with your OWN time.

William asks…

Detroit goaltending future. what will it take for Detroit to trade for a top 10 goalie?

hopefully, LITY can help us by shedding some light on who is considered a top 10 goalie. I’m guessing the list contains names like Brodeur, Luongo, Nabakov,

but w/ Osgood getting older (and already shaky at times… looked decent last night), and a muddy backup picture, Detroit will likely have some goaltending challenges.

there is a school of thought that Detroit’s “system” helps its goaltenders by “funneling” shots that are “controlled” to the goaltender. (i.e. minimizing screens, minimizing traffic in front of the net thereby reducing the consequence of a rebound, minimizing scoring chances, etc.) however, w/ a lot of new names on the team, and some chemistry issues (although Babcock obviously has been successful at juggling before), it’s optimistic to automatically assume that “everything is okay”.

w/ all that being said (and sure, shoot holes in it), my bottom line is…

can Holland still use “bargain goaltending” to get Detroit deep into the playoffs. Osgood has enjoyed some of the most unique performance and “perfect storm” circumstances. good for him. i like the guy. he’s definitely made a lot of people scratch their heads, me included, as he’s exceeded expectations. But even if that continues, the Wings still have to answer the mail on their goaltending future. And if you’re giving up more rebounds, and opposing offenses can sustain pressure in the O-zone, that takes time away from the Wing’s offensive players to do their stuff (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc.) so this is a key point to me.

*** Whether you agree or not, what players would Detroit have to give up to land a top 10 goalie? Doesn’t have to be this year, (maybe near the trade deadline), but what about this offseason? Next year? Etc?
ULAM, good points. i don’t disagree that intelligent F/A signings might be a better way to go. good points.

i’m just trying to explore /expose the other alternative to see if it’s even worth considering.
goaltending issues? sure, dead horse. but WHO realistically would they have to give up, if Detroit wanted a top 10 goalie. it’s easy to say it’s an issue. i’m not making outlandish statements. i’m providing context. if the goaltending is the issue, then…


would the wings have to trade (give away) in order to bring in a top 10 goalie? support w/ reasoning, please.

thanks for taking the time to add detail. let’s assume that it involves a trade. what would Holland have to be prepared to part w/ in order to trade for any of these (whether top 10, 20, or 30)? because i guess what i’m getting at, is that it would be… not “insignificant”. therefore, i think we all are basically pointing to that Holland’s viable options pretty much center around Free Agency. and i agree… we missed the boat on Emery… and a few others.


thanks to everyone who is answering this. the heart of my question is… (disregarding the F/A issues), if the wings TRADE, who would they have to give up, at a minimum. any goalie worth their job has gotta cost something. can the wings afford to take that out of their hide.
Bob, you’re right. here’s the link…;_ylt=Aq9rGWHxiyQ_4ISZk3XQCCHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090407033254AAS78Ii
thanks Cdnfan. that’s what i was thinking too. almost exactly. you at least have to give up a Franzen or similar. and frankly, there isn’t a “similar”. #40 and 13 would be too high profile.

John answers:

Bargain goaltending can work, they have proven it time and time again. That said it looks like the end of Osgood is near and there doesn’t seem to be much in the system.

Drafting in this area seems to have been especially weak. While other teams have been finding good young goalies in the Draft, the Wings have not. Columbus looks like the hit a Homer with Mason, Nashville has found some good ones in Rinne and the other Mason before that who is in St Louis now (he reminds me of Osgood for some reason) The Ducks found Hillier and before that Bryzgalov.

Anyway forget the draft for now as there is no short term solution there. The Cap makes going out to acquire a top 10 goalie a bit of a problem, you have to find at least 5 or 6 M of cap room and that means Franzen or Rafalski. Rafalski may be an option.

Much of Det’s recent success has been on reclamation projects from other teams scrap heaps, think Dan Cleary. They need to find the Dan Cleary of goaltending. They sort of did it in Conklin but were unwilling to meet his salary demand of over a million.

A guy still out there is Manny Fernandez, without work he probably could be had cheap on a one year deal but still they would have to move someone to make cap room. There is always some kid surplanting a number one out there who will become available, much like Leclaire was made available to Ottawa.

There is no quick early season solution, unless it is Fernadez but as the season progresses some guys will become available.

I do think goaltending as been ignored for too long in Det, both at the amateur scouting level and the pro level. It was okay they could afford to do so but now the lack of attention, especially in drafting may force them into a tough decision as you say.

EDIT: I guess cost in a trade depends on the goalie you are getting. A true top tier guy will cost a top tier forward, maybe a Franzen and a pick or prospect. The Leclaire trade to Ottawa wa relatively cheap but he was injured at the time. Colombus got vermette, Ottawa got leclaire and a 2nd round pick. Not a representative deal in that colombus was buying Vermette at the deadline.

I assume Datsyuk and Zetterberg are off limits. That really takes they younger top tier guys, Luongo, Fleury, ward etc out of play. A mid level guy will cost a Franzen type. Rafalski could be an option in a Rafalski for a goalie and D man back type deal.

Halak is an interesting option, he has shown flashes of brilliance in Mtl and is still cheap. He becomes an RFA next year. Montreal needs a puck moving d-man and probably would make a multiplayer deal to get that d man.

Who else is out there, if Diepietro were to get healthy one would think Biron or Rolloson would be available cheap.

Filppula could get you a goalie in a Vermette/Leclaire type deal. Kronwaal is a desireable asset, not sure many would lant Stuart and his contract at this point.

George asks…

Of what civilization is the U. S. a part?

Of what civilization is the U. S. a part?
What was the purpose of Columbus’s voyage?
What two factors motivated the Spanish conquest?
What was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordisellas?
What group of native peoples did Cortes conquer?
How did John Smith save Jamestowne?
What were the primary differences in the French, English and Spanish colonization?
For what purpose was Maryland founded?
For what purpose was Georgia founded?
How did Georgia differ from other southern colonies?
Identify four characteristics of mercantilism.
How did the status of slaves change over time?
What was the relationship in Mass. between the state and the church?
Why did the Pilgrims insist that everyone sign the Mayflower Compact ?
Why did the southern colonies establish a plantation system?
What two colonies were established by Quakers?
What was the most cosmopolitan city in the colonies?
In what trades did the New England colonies engage?
What type of empire did the French establish in America?
What has been an enduring aspect of Puritan settlement? (Still around today)
Identify the three types of English colonies.
Mecklenburg county was settled by what group?
More Puritans went to Barbados; more Africans went to South America than North
What was the first successful plantation crop?
What crop saved the South Carolina settlers?
What was the English policy toward the colonies during much of the 1700s?
How did the policy of Salutary Neglect affect relations between Eng. and the colonies?
What was the significance of King Philip’s War?
What rights did John Locke claim were equal in all men?
What brought about the Great Awakening?
What effects did the Great Awakening have in the colonies?
How did the French and Indian War affect colonists attitudes toward Great Brit?
How did the French and Indian War affect Great Brit. attitude toward the colonies?
Why was the Declaratory Act passed?
What was the colonists reaction to the Stamp Act and why? What actions did they take?
How did the colonists and British attitudes toward representation in Parliament differ?
What actions did the British take in response to the Boston Tea Party?

John answers:

There are historians on this site. Some of us are hobbyists. Others have undergraduate degrees in history and maybe even another related discipline. There are those of us who have post-graduate degrees and even PhD’s.
We appreciate questions separated as we are not all specialists in ‘history in general’. Please re-submit your questions into a series of such one at a time.
Elsewise you will not receive any serious response(s).

Sandy asks…

history please can anyone help please?

1. In the 1980s and 1990s, Latin America generally
A. experienced a period of brutal repression.
B. became more democratic.
C. became extremely prosperous.
D. suffered from hyperinflation.

2. Which of the following choices best describes how the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank influenced democracy in Latin America?
A. They funded the purchase of weapons for rebel groups that were fighting for freedom in their countries.
B. They demanded that Latin American countries adopt democratic reforms as a condition for receiving loans.
C. They funded the creation of the Organizations of American States, which was a pro-democracy group that peacefully protested in favor of democratic reforms.
D. They proposed economic reforms for many Latin American countries that eventually led those nations to begin adopting democratic reforms.

3. The election of Felipe Calderón as president of Mexico in 2006 was significant because
A. it ended 71 years of one-party rule.
B. his election was characterized by fraud.
C. it affirmed Mexico’s commitment to democracy.
D. he was the country’s first socialist president.

4. Latin American market reforms in the 1990s were generally successful in
A. Cuba.
B. Brazil.
C. Argentina.
D. Venezuela.

7. The election of Vicente Fox as president of Mexico was significant because
A. it ended 71 years of one-party rule.
B. his election was characterized by fraud.
C. he was Mexico’s first socialist president.
D. he never took office.

8. Even though the North American Free Trade Agreement was intended to remove barriers to trade, many Mexicans worried that
A. their population would decrease as a result of free immigration.
B. their political system would suffer if a second party were allowed to run as opposition candidates.
C. tourism would suffer from decreased competition.
D. increased competition from foreign imports would hurt their economy.


John answers:


Thomas asks…

2009 NBA Free Agents: Stay or Leave?

Will these players stay or will they leave. If you think they’ll leave where do you think they’ll end up.

-Hedo Turkoglu: Leaves going to either Portland, Detroit, or Toronto. His name is surrounded around Toronto.

-Andre Miller: Leaves. Maybe to Portland. He want’s alot of money. May not get it wherever he goes. Sixers drafted Jrue Holiday and have Lou Williams.

-Jason Kidd: Stays in Dallas. Especially with the money Cuban just offered him. (ESPN: Kidd had a meeting with NY. Cuban flew to NY to meet with Kidd before he could meet with NY and offered him about 3yrs, $9million per year.)

-Shawn Marion: Leaves unless Turkoglu signs with Toronto. He needs to be in an up tempo system like he was with Phoenix to be successful. Not worth alot of money anymore, could end up in NY on a mid-level contract ($5.6mil).

-Ben Gordon: Stays in Chicago or could end up in Detroit. Detroit has shown alot of interest in him. One of the two will happen. Detroit has $18-$20mil to spend in free agency.

-Lamar Odom/Trevor Ariza: Both will stay. Lakers will find a way for both to stay if they want to repeat as champions.

-Allen Iverson: Definately leaving. Not many options for him. Word is, GMs aren’t really interested in him anymore. Possible destination, Charlotte. They could use his scoring. Bobcats were one of the worst scoring teams in the NBA.

-Paul Milsap: Leaves. Is a restricted FA. Okur and Boozer didn’t opt out and he wants more money. Utah will have to match if another team over pays him. Could end up in Detroit, OKC, Memphis, Cleveland.

-Ron Artest: Stays. Yao Ming’s done.

-David Lee/Nate Robinson: Both could stay. NY doesn’t want to pay them alot because of the 2010 Free Agent Market. They’ll get less money if they stay. Robinson stays or ends up in Memphis or Minnesota since Rubio is having kiddy temper tantrums about a Low Market drafting him. Lee will end up in Memphis or Oklahoma City. Lee was offered 4yr/$32mil, he wanted 5yr/$50mil.

-Chris Anderson: Stays in Denver. Could end up back in New Orleans.

-Rasheed Wallace: Definately leaves. Pistons are rebuilding, they traded Billups. Will end up on a veteran team like San Antonio, Boston Orlando, Dallas, Cleveland. All could be interested.

-Mike Bibby: Leaves. Asking for a six-year deal at a big price tag which the Hawks won’t give him unless he settles for the mid-level contract. Crawford will start at the point if he leaves.

-Anderson Varejao: Stays. Comes off the bench while Cleveland signs a versatile big man so Shaq can own the paint. Will play better on the court w/ Big Z who can stretch out the “D”.

-Marcin Gortat: May Leave. Houston is interested since Yao’s non-healing injury. Will end up in Houston or OKC. Won’t demand alot of money.

-Charlie Villanueva: Definately leaves. Will end up in Cleveland or Detroit.

John answers:

-Hedo Turkoglu: Raptors
-Andre Miller: Mavs
-Jason Kidd: Knicks
-Shawn Marion: Warriors
-Ben Gordon: Pistons
-Lamar Odom: Lakers
-Trevor Ariza: Lakers
-Allen Iverson: Lakers
-Paul Milsap: Thunder
-Ron Artest: Heat
-David Lee: Knicks
-Nate Robinson: Suns
-Chris Anderson: Nuggets
-Rasheed Wallace: Spurs
-Mike Bibby: Blazers
-Anderson Varejao: Raptors
-Marcin Gortat: Rockets
-Charlie Villanueva: Pistons

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