Your Questions About Successful Trading System

Ken asks…

Phoenix Suns theory: The best move they can make?

I’ve had this idea for a little while, I really dont think the Suns re-doing their entire roster is a good idea at all, definitely if they claim they want Steve Nash to retire there and he wants a championship, and Shaq going away is probably the better of the team’s decisions since last year.

My idea is, instead of trading away Amare Stoudemire, Jason Richardson, and or Leandro Barbosa as they’ve thrown out there, keep them there. Then, sign Shawn Marion/Von Wafer/Eddie House/re-sign Grant Hill.

Now I know this seems like much but with the shedding of Shaq’s contract, the potential retirement of Ben Wallace, and the 500,000 cash considerations, I see this as a possibility, definitely seeing as how I believe Eddie House and Von Wafer can probably be signed cheap. Plus these are the exact type of players who would thrive off of playing freely in a energetic, liberating style of play that Gentry would give them.

My reasons? It was shown in the first 3/4’s of last season how awkward and uncomfortable it was for all of the Suns players to play in Terry Porter & Steve Kerr’s system, many forget that was the initial reason for their underachievement last year (even if they won 48 games lol), but it was the hiring of Alvin Gentry as head coach and two (or three) high powered first performances under his up-tempo style that re-newed hope for the Suns’ season, until they lost their best player coincedentally.

A completely healthy team along with the aquisition of a streaky, but extremely helpful and skilled 3PT gunner who can come off the bench in Eddie House, a dynamic, athletic player who can come off the bench at the PG or SG in Von Wafer, an athletically gifted player and proven successful player in the Suns’ up-tempo style in Shawn Marion (who’ll get more touches with Diaw & Bell gone and Nash naturally taking fewer shots now), and another proven player in the Suns’ system in Grant Hill, all under Alvin Gentry, would not only ensue regular season success for them, but would give them a legitimate chance at postseason success and ensure Steve Nash staying in Phoenix to further the chase for a championship.

If Shawn Marion were to come back, his second tenure would be better one for him, he’d most likely get more touches that he wanted.
To the second answerer, I think Marion would get more touches with Nash taking a lot less shots (last year) he could be the second option, and after a year in Toronto & Miami to come back down to earth from his overrated Phoenix days, he’d probably settle for even less, and House, a chance at a championship allures all, and a revamped Suns team like this would look like a championship ready one, and Boston has shown no intention to resign him either. And no I saw Stoudemire at he 4 and Marion at the 3, they could either sign a pretty well rounded center like Gortat, trade for one like Kurt Thomas, or develop one like Stromile Swift and/or Robin Lopez to cope at the 5.
I dont see this happening from someone like Kerr, just saying it’d be a good idea for them, definitely when you take into consideration how depleted the Western Conference was last year, alot of teams they couldnt beat in the past would be vulnerable now, plus a good defensive coordinator could do them some good this offseason.

John answers:

Suns are just giving lip services on their future plan.

Shaq-to-Cavs is an obvious cost-cutting move, and it seems Suns will follow the steps of Clippers. They have been shopping Leandro Barbosa, Jason Richardson and Amare Stoudemire; should Steve Nash reiterates his desire to leave, he could be traded ahead of the above three. At the end of the day, you could hear something like Suns trade Nash to Lakers for the expiring contracts of Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher, Luke Walton and two future 1st round picks.

Once Suns waived Big Ben, they would try to make themselves a leading runner for top tier free agents, yet only whose who are purely greedy for money will join such a frustrating franchise – and I would say even Matrix will be reluctant to return because Suns will never play him a big cheque.

Paul asks…

History HELP. please.?

1. Which was a problem France faced in 1792?

Threats within the country

Pressure from Napoleon Bonaparte

War with the United States

The collapse of the Directory

2. What was the Continental System?

A ban on trade with England

Napoleon Bonaparte’s system of laws

A plan to defeat Russia

Napoleon Bonaparte’s plan for retreat

3. When was Louis XVI executed?

After the Republic was declared

When Napoleon Bonaparte took power

On Bastille Day

During the siege of Moscow

4. Who led the Committee of Public Safety?

Maximilien Robespierre

Louis XVI

Napoleon Bonaparte

The Popes

5. The Reign of Terror:

was a response to the instability in France.

was led by Napoleon Bonaparte.

was ended by the Committee on Public Safety.

was led by foreigners who invaded France.

6. How was Napoleon Bonaparte’s government similar to the government under the Committee of Public Safety?

They both had a strong leader.

They both had direct democracy.

They both had a weak central government.

They both sought to restore moderation.

7. The Directory, established in 1795, was:

successful in restoring moderation to France.

overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte.

a strong central government.

composed of three members.

8. Which led most directly to Napoleon Bonaparte’s downfall?

His refusal to restrict France’s borders

His establishment of Code Napoleon

His ending of the feudal system

His use of the Concordat of 1801

9. Which of the following was not one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s accomplishments?

Writing the Napoleonic Code

Establishing the Directory

The Concordat of 1801

Creating the Bank of France

10. The site of Napoleon Bonaparte’s final defeat was:





John answers:

1. Threats within the country.

2. A ban on trade with England.

3. After the Republic was declared.

4. Maximilien Robespierre.

5. Was a response for the instability of France.

6. They both had a strong leader.

7. Overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte.

8. His refusal to restrict France’s borders.

9. Establishing the Directory.

10. Waterloo.

Michael asks…

What would the middle-east be like today if Muhammad never rose to power?

Keep in mind that before Islam, Egyptian civilizations made many significant discoveries. Also, pagan tribes of the region, before Islam, bestowed substantially greater freedoms upon woman and even had woman leaders.

I believe the middle east might have been one of the most diverse, prosperous and advanced places in the world today if Islam never overtook its inhabitants. Being the earliest birth place of human civilization, and factoring in the massive achievements of the egyptians as a people, it only stands to reason that such a people would have been wildly successful.

Deviod the suffocation of Islam, lateral trade and cultural exchange would have been exponetially higher and technologies invented outside the middle east would have been intigrated immediately (as opposed to demonized) so that no lag would have occured. This of course assumes a relatively free system existing absent Islamic totalitarianism.
“Muslims invented arabic numerals” —

Wrong, those come entirely from the Hindus that were slaughtered by Muslims in the infamous “Arab Invasions of India”. GOOGLE IT.

“I heard Muslims gave us math” — Totally wrong. What we know as math, historically, comes almost entirely from Greeks, Egyptians, Hindus. Again, Islamic conquests overran all of these superior but more peaceful cultures and consequently attempted to take the credit for the innovation. GOOGLE IT.

John answers:

Complete ignorance of history.

If it weren’t for Islam .. There wouldn’t be any modern civilisation ..

Betty asks…

please help :/ history quiz?

1. Bacon’s Rebellion convinced many wealthy planters to __________.
A. allow all free men to vote
B. build new forts along the frontier
C. have land available in the backcountry
D. provide more jobs for tenant farmers

2. What economic theory promotes the idea that obtaining gold and silver is the key to a country’s wealth?
A. the gold system
B. mercantilism
C. macroeconomics
D. triangular trade

3. Whaling and fishing were the main industries of what area?
A. the South
B. the Middle Colonies
C. the West
D. New England

4. Triangular trade benefited the colonies in what way?
A. Some ports became major cities as a result.
B. The colonies were able to trade directly with England.
C. Farmers became rich because of increased trade.
D. The colonies worked together so that trade would benefit all equally.

5. What was grown in the South as the first successful cash crop?
A. rice
B. indigo
C. tobacco
D. corn

6. After the first American cities developed, wealthy merchants were in which position in the new social structure?
A. top
B. bottom
C. middle
D. social structure remained the same after cities developed

7. Which of the following was a social characteristic of colonial New England?
A. a plantation system
B. local governments resulting from town meetings
C. wealthy capitalist society
D. the rise of slavery

8. In which area of the colonies was education valued and early schools created?
A. Middle Colonies
B. all colonies
C. South
D. New England

9. Why did the use of slave labor increase in the South?
A. slaves worked harder than indentured servants
B. slaves could be used as collateral and help increase plantation size
C. the use of indentured servants increased
D. plantations became smaller in size

10. What type of system created a well-defined social class system?
A. mercantilist system
B. democratic system
C. puritanical system
D. plantation system

John answers:

just took this quiz and Aced it
we all need a lil help sometime right.

Joseph asks…

The ever exciting Trade Deadline is approaching, please post ideas for trades?

Here’s my suggestions:

Spurs send Richard Jefferson to the Magic for Mickael Pietrus and J.J. Redick.
-The Spurs get rid of a player who turned out to not fit in as well as expected, for one player in Pietrus who can start at the SF and bring a much greater impact on the defensive end as a stopper and greater 3PT shooting than Jefferson, and gain an SG with newfound toughness and defensive skill in Redick who can also shoot the 3 to start at the SG and rotate time with Finley when he gets back as a starter before Ginobili comes off the bench.

Rockets send Tracy McGrady to the Magic for Brandon Bass & Adonle Foyle.
-The Rockets get rid of a player they are shopping in McGrady, gain a very skilled PF that fits in well with Houston with his toughness, hustle, and vast array of skills to rotate time with Luis Scola and gain another tough C to add to their depth, the Magic lose a player they gave absolutely no playing time to, and gain another SG-SF with the potential to be an extremely valuable Manu Ginobili-esque player off the bench at little risk seeing as how his contract ends after this year.

Warriors send Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf, & Corey Maggette to the Hornets for David West & Peja Stojackovic.
-The Warriors gain a skilled, inside-outside All-Star PF in David West to make up for Randolph and Turiaf’s absence and another skilled 3PT shooter in Stojackovic while the Hornets gain a young, dynamic, and very skilled player in Randolph who complements CP3 well with his athleticism, gain a much needed skilled backup C in Turiaf who can play defense and shoot the mid-range as well with toughness, and gain a much needed SF in Maggette who’s playing style complements CP3 as well.

Pacers send T.J. Ford to the Bulls for Lindsey Hunter & Jerome James.
-The Pacers lose a PG they want to trade desperately for whatever reason and gain some depth, and the Bulls gain the backup PG that they really need in the current event of Jannero Pargo’s disappointing play.

Cavaliers send Zydrunas Illgauskas & Anthony Parker to the Knicks for Al Harrington.
-The Cavaliers finally get the stretch 4 that they couldn’t find over the summer that they really need to contend with the elites in the playoffs, and the Knicks get a player in Parker who’s similar to successful players like Raja Bell in D’Antoni’s system and a expiring contract for the summer of 010.

Blazers send Andre Miller to the Raptors for Hedo Turkoglu.
-The Blazers gain they player they originally were trying hard to get over the summer for his playmaking, low post, and scoring abilities. This’ll be a gamble on Toronto’s part, but the fact is that the Raps have been playing better without Calderon for a reason, and Miller, being a much different PG, may be the answer to making them much better at the PG.

Wizards send Caron Butler to the Hornets for Peja Stojackovic & Devin Brown.
-The Hornets get rid of a big contract in Peja and a subpar player in Brown, and gain skill at the SF that they desperately need.

What are your ideas?

John answers:

Mavericks get – Edward Najara
Nets get – Kris Humphries and Shawne Williams

Wizards trade Antawn Jamison to Jazz for Carlos Boozer.

Wizards trade Caron Butler to Heat for Quentin Richardson (and 2nd round pick)

Tracy McGrady to Knicks for Darko Milicic and Larry Hughes

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