Your Questions About Successful Trading System

Charles asks…

anybody have successful in trading forex here?what type of system u use?

John answers:

Want information on the ins and out sof the forex. You need to check out this website They have e-learning programs that have all you need to know about the forex and investing. This cis called webucation. If you need more info contact opportunity4more at 1-866-244-3181. I have the whole Program at home and I can tell you it is well worth the money you spend. The information provided in this personal Development and Welath Creation Program package is priceless. I saved thousands onmy real estate investments. The Power of forex is on whole Program of its own within the series. Amazing stuff. I highly reccommend this Personal evelopment & Wealth Creation e-learning Program.

John asks…

successful stock trading systems?

John answers:

I took the following paragraph from the article on Forex and Stock Market Behavior, published in This website also contains reference to one stock and two forex trading programs that have worked for me.

A viable system for trading the markets, while based on a solid mathematical foundation, has to be dynamic enough to take into account the possibility of any of the unforeseen events. It should be designed to incorporate the latest possible information, and the support system should be flexible and continuous. There should be a provision to correct a wrong move before it becomes too expensive.

James asks…

Does copying someone else’s trading system improve your chances of success?

I think indepenent, discretionary traders who just follow their own system are barking up the wrong tree. Say you know someone that runs a hedge fund or you know a trader with a great track record. You’re bound to find someone much better than you. Isn’t it better to just replicate whatever they’re doing instead of trying to come up with trading ideas yourself? Assume you want to be 100% mechanical, that is, there is no discretion involved at all. You learn a method, you set up parameters to generate a signal and you have precise targets, all established already through backtesting by the system creator. You already know the probabilities of your trading setups’ possible outcomes. Other than just being comfortable with the actual risk, the idea that you should find a system that suits your personality seems sort of meaningless to me if you’re just going to be totally mechanical. Isn’t this a much better way to become a successful trader? Why not just copy?

John answers:

No , unless your system is no system and things are not working. Some use a dart, others pick a stock and do all types of research, still others just follow along with everybody els. Surprisingly enough your rate of success will be………..

Michael asks…

why was cap and trade successful in reducing acid rain 50%?

An early example of an emission trading system has been the SO2 trading system under the framework of the Acid Rain Program of the 1990 Clean Air Act in the U.S. Under the program, which is essentially a cap-and-trade emissions trading system, SO2 emissions were reduced by 50% from 1980 levels by 2007.

John answers:

Cap and trade is a sensible market-based approach to reducing pollution. It was successful because it is understandable and it is fair.

Jenny asks…

Is there an online trading account system that allows 12 year old’s to trade?

I recently tried to get a zecco account for online trading but they wouldn’t allow me because I am 12….is their any Online trading accounts that will let a 12 year old trade? Trust me I am very smart in the stock market…I have already traded with a broker and I had been very successful but I don’t need a broker anymore and am ready to trade by myself. My parents are all for me investing on my own but I can’t seem to find any online trading accounts that will let me trade!! Help!!

John answers:

You parents will have to be the holder of the account.

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