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James asks…

Spurs to sign Michael Jordan in response to recent blockbuster trades ?


In attempts to keep with the trades of such established veterans like Shaq to Phoenix and now Jason Kidd to Dallas, the San Antonio Spurs have made to ensure another NBA title.

Tomorrow morning it will be announced the Spurs will welcome Michael Jordan to their team.

“In order to be successful in this business you have to be willing to take chances,” San Antonio GM RC Bufford said via conference call, “You can’t be complacent. We saw all these other teams in the West overpaying for over the hill talent with star caliber name and we made the decision to not be left out.”

Bufford’s decision is not unprecedented. While conventional thinkers tend to look at the value of a player based upon their present ability to performer, the mindset of NBA leadership is one to focus solely on the historical performances and accomplishments when making a personnel decision.

“It is always a great day when you can acquire one of the greatest players in the game.” Said Greg Popovich, “But to land the absolute greatest….man, now you got something.”

Though the greatest player in the game comes with a price and San Antonio will be sending All Star guard combination Manu Ginobilli and injured Tony Parker and two future first round picks to Charlotte. Because the Bobcats are under the cap, there is no need to match dollar for dollar.

Jordan, who is the 3rd all-time leading scorer in NBA history, has a pedigree that is unmatched in the sport. Though he hasn’t played since the 2002-03 season, but according to Bufford the rust he has built up since then should be easy to shake off.

“Not a concern. Our doctors have checked him out and he is fine. Sure it will take some time, but we couldn’t risk waiting out of fear some other team would make the move for him.”

And the Spurs did have legitimate concerns. After the signing of Kidd, rumors began to circulate that Portland reached out to Bill Walton for one last “Hoo-Ray”, while the Utah Jazz apparently began the process to exhume the body of Hall of Famer Georg Mikan.

“You can never overvalue a good veteran,” commented a gleeful Tim Duncan. The often stoic PF showed some rare emotions over the news. In fact, most reporters learned that he has dimples thanks to the glowing smile he put on after this announcement.

So the question now to coach Popavich is ‘Do you stop here?’

“Absolutely not. Have you seen the ratings for TNT’s NBA pregame show? Add that to the decline of sales for T-Mobile and Charles Barkley has to see the writing on the wall. John Paxson doesn’t look like he has too many plans this spring either. So we are always open for a move that will improve this team.”

In a related story Isaiah Thomas announced that he just signed to be the point guard for the NY at a 10 year, $27M contract or as he put it “The best deal of the century!”

“If someone asks you for an apology, punch him/her in the face…That person will respect you more”

John answers:

Jordan is old and slow now. He ain’t 25 no more, unless he wanna get humilated by Kobe 4 times a year, I think he’ll stay retired.

Joseph asks…

Why is the general public so uninformed when it comes to “Sex Offenders”?

I don’t understand why people AUTOMATICALLY assume when they hear “sex offender” that the person is a predator or violent towards kids? Ive been reading through other sex offender questions and i am amazed how uninformed/quick to judge people are. I am a “registered sex offender” and it wasn’t rape or predatory, we were high school b/f-g/f. But with the ways the laws are setup in certain states i was deemed a sex offender when her dad turned me in due to age difference (2 years) i am now 28 years old, happily married to a very successful woman, i have a degree in skilled trades, but cannot find work, and we live a nice normal life. But there is this stigma that ALL SEX OFFENDERS are perverts, its insane. Studies show that a very high majority of “sex offenders” fall under what i did, which is labeled “romeo & juliet” so why is everyone so quick to judge? Or make comments like ive read on here such as “i don’t want you living in my neighborhood” or “you should just kill yourselves, cause your worthless” or the one that throws me for a loop “once a predator, always a predator” without ever meeting me or talking with me how are you to pass judgment on me that i am a predator? All i did is have consensual sex in high school, like a huge majority of you have that are reading this right now. So are we to label anyone who has sex in high school sex offenders? People should sit back and take a minute to ask the person what the story is that caused the SO stigma to be put on you, before you pass judgment and try to deem that person a pervert. Yes i agree, there are people out there who the sex offender list was made for, but all the people like me that had sex in high school shouldn’t be placed on that list, it just causes a smoke screen and confuses the general public as to who is the criminal and who is the high school type of guy. Then in turn the general public just deems everyone on there a danger to society, which isn’t true or fair to me or my family. I just ask that people take the time if a sex offender moves into your neck of the woods, do a little bit of research and see what his offense was before you cry wolf and get the neighborhood in an uproar over what could be a guy like me, 28 years old who is still paying for one mistake he made in high school and who is no threat to anyone, been 9 years since this happened and i’ve never been in trouble for anything since. Thank you for taking the time to read this….

John answers:

That is awful for what happen to you=(.Only ignorant ple would believe that consensual sex between teenagers is a crime.You should not be listed as a sex offender.I hope something bad happens to her dad .Your ex girlfriend’s dad is delusional by thinking that his daughter can’t be responsible for having sex.I heard of stories like your story on the news and even my family thinks it is dumb that these guys got arrested for a sex crime. I don’t assume that every sex offender is really a sex offender.Laws should be change.Did your neighborhood go against you?

Maria asks…

Navy Tricks of the trade??? Need advice on getting out…?

I wana know in detail what are the best and smartest ways to get out. What kind of things should I be doing now??? in detail… What is going to make me successful. I’m only going to work until a business I create makes me enough money and I am using the GI-Bill.

what are smart ways to buy a house
just cool usefull advice
tell me your story about everything.
I’m doing 4 years.

John answers:

Serve your time well and get an Honorable Discharge on your DD-214.

Contact the VA about getting a VA home loan. No down payment and they take care of everything. $8500 tax credit expires in 2 months!

I also highly recommend staying in the Navy until you have 20 years, so you get a retirement check for the rest of your life. It sounds like an eternity from now, but trust me you will regret it if you don’t take advantage of this.

Lizzie asks…

British Columbia and its carbon tax?

What are your thoughts on British Columbia’s carbon tax and initial report of it being economically successful?
“Perhaps even more significantly, for the average taxpayer, the carbon tax shift has been an economic boon. During 2008 and 2009, the tax raised $846 million. However, the province tied the carbon tax to reductions in personal and corporate income taxes, as well as tax credits to offset impacts on low-income individuals. The total value of these offsetting cuts was nearly $1.1 billion over those two years, meaning a net tax reduction for B.C. taxpayers of about $230 million.”

Since cap and trade seems to be in the scrap heap should governments be looking at BC as an example to be followed?
In your fist link there was a link from the Toronto Star. It doesn’t look like you read it?
The above comment is for Muzz

John answers:

I definitely hope the rest of the world takes notice.

Muzz, maybe you can provide sources. Housing sales since the Olympics have skyrocketed. Big industry was exempt from the carbon tax because a cap and trade system was used instead.


Which you seem to state in your post in a round about way.

The biggest polluters will have to spend more money to offset those emissions. Anyone with any sense would realize that an increased cost would be bad for business. It would drive up prices, make alternatives more appealing and drive business away from their products. In order to stay competitive they’re going to need to emit less. The carbon tax is also integrated into the cap and trade system. Overall emissions will be reduced. That is exactly what cap and trade is for.

The carbon tax is also revenue neutral. Every cent gained from the tax is returned to consumers.


Chris asks…

Awsome movie idea? what do you think?

Don’t let your personal believes or lack of, sway your judgement.(this story would take place in an alternate existence). Ok the main characters would be the angel Michale and the angel Lucifer. The story would begin with lucifer rising from hell somehow and begining his rien of destruction. The angel michael sees this and comes down from heaven to put an end to his rien, but when michael comes to earth he expereinces for the first time, free will and is overwelmed by it. Now that michael can do whatever he wants, he does and forgets all about lucifer and God for that matter. Lucifer witnesses this and is disgusted by the weakness of heaven’s greatest soldier, and soon relizes how stupid michael is being and how stupid he has been. So lucifer approaches michael and questions him, but soon relizes that michael is actually happy being evil. (Suddenly we have this complete role reversal of heavens hero and hells fallen angel).( and to the viewers surprise Lucifer becomes extremely successful at his new role as heavens hero and michael is not very successful as the new devil).(and incredibly lucifer actually successfully cast all evil including michael into hell where he seals them for 1000 years in an amazing fight to end all fights). So would you watch this, it would of course have stunning special effects(michael would start off with something I like to call the “aurora of God” which is a pure white light that constantly explodes from him. And lucifer starts off with something similar that is a black anti-light that flows from him instead of rapidly expanding white light. But by the end, lucifer and michaels auroras are traded due to they’re changes in point of view and they’re actions. The moral being that the greatest of goods can be brought down not by the evil that exist elsewhere but by the evil that exist inside them and being evil is always a frame of mind that can be changed, but only by yourself. So what do you think or what would you change?

John answers:

Book not movie. Too hard for a movie

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