Your Questions About Successful Trading Stories

John asks…

What is your opinion of this new Professional Wrestling Promotion?

Former Hollywood executive Jeff Katz’s new start-up wrestling promotion has officially signed with Image Entertainment to distribute a weekly TV series through online media, such as Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes, before disturbing on home video.

The start-up promotion, Wrestling Revolution Project, is currently casting for a 22-wrestler roster. Production on the 13-week series will begin in October in Los Angeles.

News of Katz’s new project was picked up by leading trade publication Variety, which focused on Katz being disgruntled with WWE’s current product and the 52-week-structured schedule without a natural beginning, middle, and end to storylines.

“The actual storytelling and production structure of wrestling today doesn’t lend itself to telling complete stories,” Katz told Variety. “People who are willing to sample (“WR”) will get something that, at the very minimum, that will have a complete storyline, like a comic book.”

Katz is classifying the “WR” project as more of an independent film than TV show, with the distribution method taking advantage of newer online/digital outlets.

“I’ll never compete with WWE in terms of their cash reserves, their history or scale,” Katz said. “The only way I can do this is by doing something that’s creatively different.”

Katz said he believes he can reach a hardcore wrestling audience that will support a smart, weekly series. He said his goal, at the very least, is to present a show that’s different than what’s currently on television.

“I’m not claiming I won’t screw it up, but at the minimum it does offer something different from what we get 90 percent of the time on television.”

BQ-1: Do you think it will be successful?

John answers:

He’s got the right mindset: don’t try to compete with the WWE at the WWE’s game; offer something different. AND, don’t try to appeal to WWE fans at the expense of pro wrestling fans. The WWE isn’t pro wrestling, it’s (according to Vince himself) “action soap opera”. Most pro wrestling fans do watch the WWE (if only occasionally), but most “action soap opera” fans don’t watch pro wrestling (everything else); that’s easily proven by the amounts of viewers each company gets.

BQ: It can be. But just being different doesn’t guarantee success. Wrestling Society X was certainly different from the WWE. XPW was about as different from the WWE as you can get. What killed them was their godawful production and cheesy storylines/angles.

But ROH, Chikara, NWA Hollywood, CZW, etc have survived and succeeded for quite a few years. None of them resemble the WWE in any way, and their production values are nowhere near the WWE’s. But each offers something the WWE doesn’t and that’s more important to pro wrestling fans than bright lights and pyro-filled music. ROH has the highest-quality wrestling in North America, bar none. Chikara is like a…live action comic book with lots of humor. NWA Hollywood is old school “rasslin”. CZW is the “ECW” of today. If Wrestling Revolution can find (or create) their own niche as those promotions have, they can succeed, too.

Mr Katz’s idea of going “viral” to advertise and market his new promotion is a sound one. More and more people are carrying smart phones and devices like the iPad that are connected to the internet and make it VERY easy for impulse buyers to feed their impulses. I think a lot of wrestling fans will be willing to give WR a try if it means just a simple download that they can watch anywhere they want. If the price is comparable to iTunes and Netflix, or better yet, free, so much the better. Give away a few matches to sell a DVD.

Of course, this IS pro wrestling, so it really comes down to WHO. He won’t need WWE “superstars” to satisfy pro wrestling fans, but he can’t just hire a bunch of scrubs. Hopefully, a few of the more well-known indy wrestlers will be interested in giving this thing a go. Colt Cabana, The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Low Ki, maybe Jack Evans, guys like that. They will surely get pro wrestling fans’ attention.

I hope this thing succeeds. The more alternatives to the WWE we have, the better.

Helen asks…

Is the description ‘STRONG BLACK WOMAN’ used too much?

Here’s my thoughts on the topic. Personally the majority of the time I hate it when a black woman describes herself as a strong black woman. Now do not mistake me as a person who does not think that strong black women exist because they do- I just think that a lot of the people who tag themselves as this are usually not worthy of the moniker. Personally (although this sounds biased), I think the only strong black woman in my life RIGHT NOW is my mother and heres a few reasons why:

(1) She came to the western world with my father before I was born and despite not fully knowing the language and not being particularly skilled in a trade, still managed to study and make a career for herself.

(2) She helped raise FIVE kids and STILL again managed to have a successfull and lucrative career, owning several properties in her newly adopted country.

(3) All five kids (myself included) could be considered success stories. None have criminal records, underaged pregnancies, all finished school and majority went to university, and all have or are embarking on successful careers of their own.

(4) She always had time for ALL of us. Even when sh*t hits the fan, the two people I can REALLY trust are my parents, even if we disagree from time to time.

Now I’m not saying you have to accomplish all these thing to be a strong woman but I think this is a good example of the type of behaviour which would be classified as such. Furthermore, I look at the US and UK back in the 1960s and 1950s and it seems that it was filled with these type of black women who are infinitely more stronger than the black women today, simply by what they contributed to their societies. The men seem like a joke in comparison to men back then also, but at least they don’t go about saying ‘I’m a strong black man’! (or not as readily anyway lol). So what do you think? I’d be particularly interested in hearing from the ladies because this is probably more aimed at them.

John answers:

I don’t think it’s used too much. To deal with all that black women today deal with, I think it’s safe to say that they do have to be strong. Some people say they’re not beautiful or not as beautiful as other races. People say they all have attitudes and much worse and on top of that, black men leave their women to take care of their kids alone more than any other race and they manage.

I’m dating a black girl for the first time and she’s beautiful and smart but when she told me about her experiences with black men, it was unimaginable. She’s a very sweet girl and they seemed to take advantage of that and I believe that’s why so many of them have this strong exterior because they have to be as not to be taken advantage of.

Any race of women can be strong but there are some things that other groups of people may never experience that the other will.

Mary asks…

I need help with my story….What should i change?

is it interesting………too boring….too detailed….not flowing?

“My lady, your father has just returned from Egypt and has requested that you attend a private meeting later this afternoon.” Nubia could feel the refreshing sun-warmed water caress her soft skin. A contented sigh escaped her lips.

“Yes. Thank you Omorose.” Nubia watched as the fragile frame of her hand-maiden and most trusted companion exited her royal chambers. Why would her father possibly want to see her? He rarely requested for her to be in his presence. She sighed again and studied her reflection. The dark eyes staring back at her reflected an abyss of sadness.

She closed her eyes despairingly. Troubled thoughts filled her mind. Nubia should not go on like this. The hostilities were darkening the souls of her people. She wondered if her father’s journey had proven successful. She could only hope that her father and the Pharaoh of Egypt finally agreed on a way to resolve the feud that savagely engulfed the two lands for the past Dynasty.

Later that day Nubia went to see her father. Since the death of her mother they had drifted away from each other, so much so, that their relationship consisted of nothing more than formal greetings and awkward looks.

Every step she took echoed throughout the great hall. She serenely observed the majestic carvings and paintings displayed on each wall as she walked past them. In time, she could see in plain view the palace curtains that separated the hall from her fathers abode. Nubia ran her fingers along the finely woven linen hanging from the beautifully painted ceilings. Golden statues of the great god Anon- Ra marvelously decorated with highly polished lapis lazuli stood erected over forty feet in the air. Palace wonders she called them, and that they were.

As she parted the curtains to make her way through she heard someone call her name from inside. For the first time in months she stood face to face with her father, “Nubia, my beautiful daughter, how nice of you to grace my presence in such timely accord.” She quickly bowed to show her respect and regained her previous posture. “Father” she said softly. The Pharaoh smiled and turned making his way to his throne at the centre of his chamber. Nubia strolled behind slowly. She watched as her father made his way up the set of stairs and seated himself like a god on his golden throne.

The floor was decorated with imported turquoise and silks from Asia were strung across the ceiling. There were pillars of ivory overlaid with beautifully shaped lapis lazuli stones, and golden statues of the god Bes, protector of the Pharaoh, stood in every corner.

“I have great news for you my princess concerning Egypt” the Pharaoh said in a melodious voice. “What is it Pharaoh, have you been successful? Has Egypt’s Pharaoh agreed to the treaty?” Nubia held her breath awaiting her father’s response. “Yes he has.” Nubia gazed wide eyed at her father. Did peace finally come to Nubia?

“However, the terms of our agreement have been met with certain demands.” Nubia was confused.”We have already given them favor in our trading practices. What else could they want? Could their hearts be filled with that much greed?”

He seemed a bit uneasy as he shifted his weight on his throne before continuing. “I fear that if sometime in the future we are unable to meet their demands the war will resume.” The Pharaoh carefully glided down the gentle decline of steps and towards his daughter.
Tenderly resting his hand her, he continued, “My darling, my soul will always be with Nubia” Nubia raised her head slowly looking deeply into her father’s tired eyes.

The Pharaoh’s face grew stern. He seemed a bit uneasy as he shifted his weight from foot to foot.
“I fear that if sometime in the future we are unable to meet their demands, the war will resume. Therefore, I have made some demands of my own.”

John answers:

OKAY it’s great, but when your writing you need to make another paragraph when someone new is talking, like this,(I going to use my own characters as an example)
instead of going like this,
“Nava,what happened back?” Mia questioned,”What do you mean?” Nava replied, confused on what Mia meant.

It should be like this,
“Nava, what happened back there?” Mia questioned.
“What do you mean?” Nava replied, confused on what Mia meant.

Okay? But yeah, hats a really nice story.

David asks…

Who Has The Better Story?Ankiel or Hamilton?

Rick Ankiel

Ankiel began his career in the majors as a starting pitcher, posting a solid rookie season in 2000 with 11 wins, 7 losses, and 194 strikeouts, but during the playoffs that year, he suddenly found himself unable to throw strikes consistently. After a few years of struggling with injuries and command, he abandoned pitching in 2005 and began to work his way back up to the major leagues as an outfielder, finally succeeding in August 2007. He is the only active major leaguer to have played as a full-time major-league pitcher and position player, and one of only a handful in history.

Josh Hamilton

Hamilton played baseball growing up in North Carolina. He was the first overall pick in the 1999 Major League Baseball Draft by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.[1] He was considered a blue chip prospect until injuries and a drug addiction derailed his career in 2001. Prior to the 2007 season, Hamilton was selected by the Chicago Cubs (picking for the Cincinnati Reds) in the Rule 5 Draft.[2] He made his MLB debut in 2007 with the Reds, and had a successful rookie season. During the off-season he was traded to the Texas Rangers for Edinson Volquez.[3]

After his torrid start to the 2008 season, Hamilton was named to the American League All Star team. He also participated in the Home Run Derby, where he hit a record 28 home runs in the opening round, and finished with the second-most total home runs of any participant with 35.

I say Ankiel because he came back from being a pitcher and now he is an every day center fielder and a very good hitter.

But i do love Hamilton’s story because it says “you can quit addiction”
but i like Ankiel’s more.

John answers:

If were talking just Baseball its got to be Ankiel’s how many players can you name that’s ever done this.What 2-3,lets see Ruth, Musial, Ankiel is all I know of.but Hamilton’s story is a Tremendous life journey.

Michael asks…

September 11, 2001 official story believers, What do you think?

What is consistent between these two photos?

If you looked hard enough to see the little puffs of smoke that protrude from the buildings in both photos, then you have noticed the consistency. Take note the second picture is that of a controlled demolition.

Now what is inconsistent between these two photos?

If you looked hard enough you should of noticed that the world trade centre is sprawled above and out in all directions, and that the movement of the other building is mostly directed downwards as gravity pulls it to the ground. Note that the picture of the WTC is taken right after the collapse, but notice how in such a short time there seems to be absolute chaos even surrounding the upper level, chaos that cannot be caused through the simple force of gravity alone. Also note that the official story states the upper levels acted as a tamper to crush the remaining floors of the buildings, but how could this be so if the upper floors simply didn’t exist?

People might say that i am contradicting myself here because i have shown two demolition photos and two WTC photos, each with a consistency and an inconsistency. The point is, even if the WTC didn’t fall without the assistance of a rogue force, it should not have fallen the way it did. It seems to me that half of the buildings went up in smoke literally. Furthermore i will leave you with these facts and photos.

A steel building has NEVER collapsed from a structural fire.

Roughly the open air temperature of jet fuel is 287.5 °C

Roughly the melting point of steel is 1370 °C.

Thermite (Widely used ingredient in demolitions) was found in abundance by multiple investigators.

The defense force’s official story was they were training for a scenario involving the use of planes as weapons on the exact day of 911. This is supposedly why Norad out of hundreds of successful interceptions of planes flying off course, just so happened to miss these ones that day.

Only 1 reported death of a Jewish person out of hundreds that worked in the towers. As well as this most of the Jews mysteriously did not show up to work that day. What this shows, as do multiple other sources, is that there were fore warnings of an attack.

Make what you will of these photos, but numerous engineers, some with PH D’s have put their career’s on the line and spoken about this similarity with other thermite demolitions. One of these being Judy Wood.

So my question is to those who believe the official story, and to those who have read and understand the NIST report. I would like to know what you think about these photos and offer some possible explanations. thanks
hahah heres the first stupid question of the day, yes well i am a studying engineer, what i do not get though is your contempt

John answers:

The buildings were taken down with explosives and they fell in on themselves which should have been the path of most resistance but was turned into the path of least resistance due to thermate. Everyone heard the snap crackle pop., Never get frustrated with the people who cant understand it. I used to want to bash their brains in!

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