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Donna asks…

my mum & dad dont love eath other?

im 16 years old, 17 this April, male, hindu (indian), have a mum & dad.

Before i was born my dad was married to another woman had a son. They divorced some time later, & he married my mum & soon i was born. My dad speaks english & gujarati fluently, my mum only speaks gujarati but knows alot of english words. I speak english fluently though im not good at talking in gujarati, (I mix english with gujarati togather when i talk to my mum). All my life, i heard my mum & dad arguing non stop at each other, & cant remember a single moment where they were happy with each other. They argue with each other in gujarati, & even though i dont understand most of what they are saying (i only understand simple sentances), its not heard to know when they are arguing from the loud voices & from the fact that my dad swears in english (& my mum can understand). Im not surprised that they dont love each other, my mum & dad only talk normally when my dad wants food or wants something done. My dad, is probably the only person keeping the family together, he is the main source of income, (works nights as a security guard at the weekend & still ends up getting more than £30,000 somehow), his the one that knows how to pay bills & everything. His overweight & smokes alot (Since he is 53, i keep on getting a feeling he could die at any minute). Having debts, he often borrows money from the bank. He scams people, like trading a dodgy nokia phone for another that is real, or since i dont get EMA, he found some way for me to get £30 a week, by saying him & mum are separated or something, & got my mum child benefit somehow. He recently went to the Philippines by himself & his work mate. After he got back, he suddenly started contacting this girl he met over there, (Emailing & talking on the phone late at night or when no ones around (Though i can hear him from my room & he acts like a completely different person to her). After my dad left for work i saw my mum read his emails. A couple of days later, both of them had a big argument over my dads lost phone (he thinks she stole it so that he couldnt talk to that girl anymore), though, he can easily get her number back if he emails her. Though he talks to her alot i dont think they are cheating, though he plans on going back to the pPhilippinessome day. His not a bad person, his managed to buy me (almost) everything i have ever wanted, he always acts nice to me. My mum doesnt really have good qualifications, (she is mainly a house wife), last time she worked was in some day care service where she has a sseverelylow income (I dont think its enough to even support one person let alone a family). my mum mainly spends time making food, watching TV, & taking care of her mum who lives in a old persons home 5 minutes away. I dont know why they are married, i dont think they have anything in common, & sometimes i think the only reason they are not divorced is because of me. I dont really talk to my parents on a personal level. I dont have that many friends at school, i mainly just stay home everyday, watching tv, or doing my school work. I dont currently have a job. My dad wants me to have a successful career to do with ICT, so that i can help him manage his debts & have a good life. Though im not sure if im going to have a career in ICT. All i want is basically have friends, try & get girlfriend, get a good job later on in life, & maybe even have a happy marriage wwith somei love & care about, starting a new life, away from my parents though this is almost impossible as i have almost zero social skills & always spend time at home. I have been hearing my parent argue more recently (& alot louder), i get the feeling they are going to divorce soon. I know they love each other, i know they may have happier lives without each other, but do i always cry when i think about it. i know my dad can support himself, i dont know if my mum can support herself, she knows how to pay bills but is the job thin that worries me. I think one of the main reasons why everyone isnt happy is because of money problems. Which might be because of me. I like having great things but it ends up making my dad spend lots of money. If i didnt like buying things all the time, would my parents be happier? Is it bad to want my parents to stay together even though they probably dont want to.

i know people may comment “see a Therapist” or something but the thing is i know they are expensive, i know my dad would disapprove of it, i have saved up money for my future, & though i think i can afford it, i think it should be for my future because of i think things will be getting worse from here on.

Would my parents, as people really be happier off, i were not born, if i hadnt been born, my parents wouldnt have stayed together for so long, & would just divorce right after getting married because their would be no reason for them to stay together

John answers:

Wow, some people are so rude with the comments.
Anyway, listen, you seem like a very intelligent young man. I want you to know that. But you have to understand one thing, you should never blame yourself for something that you had nothing to do with, such as deciding your birth. Just think about it, that’s just your mind creating more conclusions and coming to abrupt, unnecessary decisions. For a lot of people on here, it’s easier said than done. Do you know what I mean; People on here will be like, ‘go see a therapist’, or, ‘just live your life, whatever who cares, blah blah blah’. But they have to realize, this is another human being’s LIFE we’re talking about here. Your story is not fictional, its true! Even though this is the internet and its all words, one has to realize that somewhere, in the world wherever you are, you are actually living this kind of life. I wish I could help more, but obviously we don’t know each other and it’s not like I can tell you this in person.
But, what my point is, is that I completely understand when you say how you don’t know if your mom can support herself. It’s just you worrying about her. I think maybe you should try and talk to them more on a personal level. Don’t think its a negative thing. I think your parents really need to know exactly how you feel. And I’m sure they love you, so they should really respect the decision, and everything that you say to them. Sit them down and think to yourself, this is YOUR LIFE in stake. I don’t know how comfortable you are with them, but you just have to get close to them, and if you cannot tell both, try telling one of them. And if you really are worried, don’t have them spend that much money on you. Materialistic things are not needed in life, and they just create problems.
Have you ever thought about this, this is something I have come to a conclusion and I really want you to think about it: I’d rather be poor, starving and have a loving family, then being rich and having all the things that I want and not being happy with my family…? Have you thought about that?
I think that it’s okay that you are thinking all these things because you are a human being and it’s in your nature. Don’t listen to people that say negative things to you. But my overall advice is, you should not blame yourself for anything, you should try, TRY, to be more honest with your parents and tell them exactly what you are thinking and why you are thinking it, and just think that you will benefit from all this and even if nothing works out in your favor, at least you tried.

Like I said, this is the internet and its hard to help people very personally but I tried my best. I hope everything works out for you and I wish you the best!

Linda asks…

Is My Made up Country any good?

I decided to make up a country when i was bored so tell me how did i do?

Country Name:Polrusskia
Size: Longness- Through the caspian sea to the indian borders
Flatness- Through china borders to Iran borders
President:Markovsky Paroshka
National anthem:
Polrusskia appeared in 2276 BC where 95,412 people went near the caspian sea and formed 12 tribes but Polrusskia was called the Batakarawans. In 2154 BC the 12 tribes united together and formed a country called Polrusskia in the rule of King Pidarast.King Pidarast started to expand the lands and formed a huge empire that would become rich with gold and amber.But the bad thing was noone knew where was located only the factions that lived near it.

Dark ages: 0 AD – 900 AD
Polrusskia in the dark age was famous for its defending spots for example “The hills of God” This hill had a huge fort which no country has ever succeeded to take it or destroy before they could reach it they would be killed. The Hill was 415 m tall and the main soldiers were archers in that fort.In the dark ages Polrusskia was at war with China and later India. It lost huge amounts of land but still stayed strong.

Medieval Ages 1000-1600
Polrusskia in the medieval ages was at war alot but still would not give up no matter what. Polrusskia started to lose food supplies faster making more people leave the country. The taxes we’re high an that was another problem that the people started to leave Polrusskia. Polrusskia then prepared a plan called the “Schushen” Plan which was the plan to raid foreign lands and steal food. this plan was a little successful but still failled a little.After the raids Polrusskia became rich and more people started to come.

Imperial 1700-1900
Polrusskia in the imperial ages was in deep trouble because many countries attacked it. China,Russia,India and the Ottomen Empire. Polrusskia kept losing land but still fighting back. Nothing interesting happened in the Imperial ages only 1 battle which the Polrusskians flanked the Russians and the Ottomen and forcing them to retreat.

World War 1 1914-1918
Polrusskia wanted revenge so it formed its own union. Called the Soziechata union which was barely strong but the founder of the soziet union sayd if they join the Soziechata union army Electricity and water will be 95% cheaper which he lied but many people joined the army. So the first target was China(1914-1914). They used huge numbers of tanks and artillery and tried to kill the chinese. After battling for 8 months the Soziets gave up on occupying all of china and though 85% would be enough. The next target was India(1914-1915). India was really easy to occupy cause it barely fought back so it gave up really fast. The final target was the Ottoman empire(1915-1917)
The ottomen were the most hardest to beat so the President though up of spliting the ottomen in half will screw up their trading so they tried to do that and succeeded The ottoman empire was divided in to north and south but not for long. When the Russians wrote the treaty with Germany they wanted some land so they attacked the Soziets and gave the ottomen a chance.The Soziechata union collapsed and lasted till 1945 with only a few regions and did nothing in WW2

Modern Polrusskia: Today Polrusskia is rich and strong and allied with almost every country.

John answers:

It’s all kind of … Random. I was hoping to see something imaginative and different: instead you’ve just cobbled together bits of ordinaryhistory from Russia and Poland and other countries in the region. I’m afraid it doesn’t make a lot of sense. You throw in “facts” but they don’t link with what comes before or after. The very precise number of people who went to the Caspian – why so precise? Who were the Batakarawans? Just throwing names around doesn’t TELL us anything. Then “… This plan was a little successful but still failled a little.After the raids Polrusskia became rich and more people started to come.” This just doesn’t make any logical sense. “Failed a little”? Yet after it the country became rich – but you don’t EXPLAIN anything.
Sorry; it could be interesting if you gave it more thought, but at the moment, I’d say you’d been wasting your time.
And your spelling and grammar could do with some attention too …

Maria asks…

Forex Hedge Funds advice?


I am planning to partner with a friend to launch a Forex investment Offshore Hedge Fund.

I would like to read some books about previous successful FOREX Hedge Funds so I can get a better understanding of what our risks, limitations and expectations might be.

What are the top Hedge Funds trading Forex? Besides Soros, which I would call more like a Macro Fund vs our investment techniques that are going to be short-term.


John answers:

Most forex funds are quite small. Many who start forex funds also keep their “day jobs.” Whatever the size, one real advantage to starting a fund is that the fund manager can legally accept compensation for his services. This compensation may provide a good supplement to the manager’s other income or it may allow him to manage the fund on a full-time basis.

The compensation for a fund manager usually consists of a management fee and a performance allocation, which is a share of the profits. A management fee of 1% and a performance allocation (or performance fee) of 20% is well within global industry standards. Of course, the fund manager also receives the profits on the money he himself has invested in the fund.

Paul asks…

Editor for college assignment section of my business plan?

I have not been to school in over 20 years, I am suppose to have college skill writing, I am not sure exactly what that is but would like your advice if you can look over my current business plan assignment – This portion of the business plan is for the Managment and staff section, any advice would be appriciated, also not sure if I put a accountant that I may hire under this section along with the facilites or employees to fabricatiate my draperies. I appriciate any constructive criticism…. Here is what I have so far

ReJeana_________, the owner found her sales talent at a very young age and has never stopped since. She has proven to be responsible, inner motivated and successful in achieving high sales with customer dedication. She brings along with her an established name as a Decorator Consultant in the window decorating field, and customer base from 10 years at Jcpenney Custom Decorating. She will be responsible for all managerial functions within the organization. Since ReJeana is the only decorator on staff at this time she will do in home service appointments 50% of the time for the sales aspect and the other 50% will be all the administrative functions, these requirements will entail approximately 30-40 hours a week. ReJeana brings with her over 20 years of combined work experience in direct customer sales, office administration, customer relations, financing, marketing, managing, and experience with vendors and outside commodities. 10 years in all facets of the technical window decorating field achieving high sales standards yearly (See attached resume appendix X). She plans on sharing her business venture with her family.

Jack________– Marketing, Receiving & Installation. Jack will assist part-time in these responsibilities which include all aspects of advertising from creating occasional teams to hand out door to door flyers, mailing new home owners, and establishing business relations to related markets in home improvement, and participation at local home & trade shows. In addition to this he will assist the contract installer and learn the installation trade in order to take this position fully at a future date unspecified. Jack has over 20 years direct person to person sales and advertising experience as well as being mechanically inclined.

Janell Daugther of owner will be part-time trained customer service representative & clerical clerk. Owner’s goal is to give Janell the opportunity to be a decorator consultant in future of the establishment if she chooses. Janell will be responsible for maintaining files, taking calls and scheduling appointment and learning all facets of the business in and out.

John answers:

ReJeanna Smith, the owner of ReJean’s Home Fashions, realized her interest in home decorating at an early age and has combined that with a talent for marketing to make a successful career. Building upon her 10 years experience at JCPenney Custom Decorating, she brings an established name as a Window Decorator to this new venture. She will use her experience, talent, inner drive, and established customer base to launch ReJean’s Home Fashions. Ms. Smith’s experience spans over 20 years of work in direct customer sales, office administration, customer relations, financing, marketing, purchasing and management. Ms. Smith’s current vision for her company is for her to spend 50% of her time handling in-home service appointments where her knowledge of the technical aspects of window decorating (See attached Resume, Appendix X). And her personal vision for each project will come into play. She expects the other 50% of her time to be dedicated to the administrative tasks necessary in running such a business.

Jack Jones – Marketing, Receiving & Installation. Mr. Jones has agreed to work part-time, until a full-time position becomes available. He has 20 years of direct sales experience and his plans for the launching of ReJean’s Home Fashions include distribution of flyers, mailings to new home owners, relationships with related markets in the home improvement field and participating at local home and trade shows. He plans to assist the contract installer with the intent of taking over as the primary installer once he has achieved the required proficiency.

Janelle Smith will be trained as a part-time customer service representative and clerical assistant. ReJean’s Smith’s goal is to give Janelle the opportunity to learn the business from the bottom up, to gain skills as a decorative consultant and to ultimately take over day to day operations. At this time, Janelle will be responsible for maintaining files, taking calls, and scheduling appointments.


Mandy asks…

Please help us fight them!!!!?

The time has come, Anonymous.

The US Government is currently debating and revising a bill which would give them an “internet killswitch.” This power would be granted to them in something they are calling the “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.” Their justification for creating this is that it would be used to protect intellectual property, and to protect the US against cyber-warfare attacks. In reality, it simply allows the US Government to shut down any websites it wishes too, without disclosing their names to the public, effectively allowing them to censor the internet without any consent from the people.

Back in February, Anonymous lauched an assault on the Australian Government’s internet censorship plans, dubbed Operation Titstorm. The attacks were successful, and raised awareness of the bill, causing it to be revised and changed. Now, America is trying to do the same thing Australia did. We must not allow this to happen.
Chat of which you can protest:

John answers:


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