Your Questions About Successful Trading Plans

Chris asks…

What rules/restrictions do I need to look out for when doing light day trading?

I want to open a Scottrade account w/ the minimum $500 and try some light day trading. I just want to see if I can make some successful trades and grow the money. I can afford to lose the money if that happens. I only plan on doing it when I have free time. I understand the risks involved when people get in over their heads, but I am simply wondering about any rules & regulations that I might not be aware of. Anyone with experience or knowledge involving the SEC, IRS, Scottrade, etc. would be very helpful.

John answers:

Scottrade is actually not the best broker to day trade with; They route all their traffic through a single market maker (Knight, if memory serves). Their platform is also just not up to snuff. I have a Scottrade account and use it only for swing and long term trading in my IRA. Its more suited to investing or longer term trading time horizons.

If you really want to day trade, I’d suggest opening an account at TD Ameritrade or Interactive Brokers (I have accounts at both). They both have solid trading platforms and also have simulators you can trade with live market data before you go live with real money. Interactive Brokers offers per share commission rates (rather than per trade), which are generally preferred if you’re day trading.

In terms of rules/restrictions, in order to day trade stocks, you generally need a margin account with a minimum balance of $25K. But you can daytrade futures and Forex at many firms with only $500, but those are highly leveraged instruments (>50:1) so be careful!

Daniel asks…

Can the guy successfully start his own hedge fund?

I know someone who’s been day trading for over 20 years now and they’ve been oddly successful at it. It’s very rare from what i’ve seen to have such wild success. He started from almost nothing and has made a good fortune for himself and family. He’s been a day trader since he was in college. He’s an investor and a trader and he now plans on starting his own hedge fund. He can prove to prospective clients that he knows how to manage money and make money grow, but is it difficult to start your own hedge fund?

John answers:

I doubt it. There are many obstacles to overcome.

1) Are the returns audited by a reputable third party?

2) Does the idea scale to higher capacity? There are *many* investment ideas that work well with $thousands, but cannot be successfully implemented with $millions or $billions.

A strong track record on a modest investment is not sufficient as a sales pitch.

3) Would the returns be worthwhile net of hedge fund fees?

4) Does he have enough contacts (industry and investors) to raise funds?

5) Prime brokerage relationship? Custodian?

6) Does he know how to manage an investment firm?

A few years ago, your friend might have been a candidate for a hedge fund incubator. Now, that option is pretty much unavailable. It is a much tougher environment to do a startup.

Mandy asks…

Successful communities around angels?

Hey there
First off Ill state that I have a 90g bowfront tank with a fluval 404 filter, since there’s always people that ask.

I was just wondering what communities people have/had centered around angels.

I want to get a handful of various species, but I want to keep my yoyo(3) and kuhli(6) loaches, garra gotyla(2), glass catfish(5), Spotted highfin (3.5″) and albino bristlenose plecos (3″), Upside down catfish (3).

I used to have Gouramis as my centerpiece fish, but have sold them in search of something new.

Other than the risk of the yoyos nipping the angel fins, would this set up work? I’m planning on selling/trading my spotted pleco for something else.

In addition to angels, what other centerpiece fish would do well in this community?
By the way, the tank is heavily planted, lots of healthy vegetation and plant tunnels, aswell as rock caves and decoration hideouts.

John answers:

I don’t see why you’d want so many bottom feeders.. Yoyo loaches should be in groups of 5, so should kuhli loaches, plus the upside-down catfish in a group of at least 3.. Seems you’ve got too much going at the bottom. I’d remove at least one group.
Spotted HighFin pleco? Those can get 18″.. Not suitable for your tank.
Why so many algae eaters? The bristlenose should be enough.
Anyway, you could get German blue rams or Apistogramma cichlids to go with the angels. Or you could even have those as the centre piece fish.

Donna asks…

I want to start a trading business, but i have a lot of anxieties and doubt. Help!!!?

I plan on using technical analysis (maybe fundamental as well) and I am currently learning more about it, but I am afraid I won’t be able to handle it. I have a strategy to help me guide my trades and I have an idea of how much I want to make trading annually. I want someone to assure me I can do this and I also want to know how taxes work with investing, especially if you have more than one brokerage account. Is this stuff difficult, or is it worth it? Is anyone out there a successful trader who can tell me the benefits of the job and if you can meet any significant financial goals with trading?

John answers:

Http:// this could be a start and u answered one of my questions i need to ask u something email me

George asks…

Can a country that wants to stone a woman to death for alleged adultery “globalise its products” ?

Mon, Aug 9 05:40 PM (ANI): President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has revealed that Iran has survived for 31 years without any economic ties to the West because of its successful anti- sanction plans.
Hitting back against recent sanctions imposed on Tehran by Washington last week, Ahmadinejad described it is a good opportunity for his country.
“Iran has come under increasing pressure from a fourth round of UN sanctions for its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment and resume negotiations on its nuclear program and even tougher measures imposed by the United States, the European Union, and Canada targeting the country’s foreign trade, banking, and energy sectors,” Xinhua quoted him’ as saying.
“We will use the opportunity of sanctions to expand our domestic products, and globalize Iranian products. And, now that America has opened its way and removed the obstacles to hit us, we will hit them back from the same path, in such a way that they will be discarded,” he added.
He further said his government has announced other decisions to counter the sanctions. (ANI)

John answers:

Hi Faith, I can’t see how they’d be able too to be honest.

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