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Thomas asks…

is an online trading certificate from india eligible to tade in other foreign stock markets?

i am an african currently living in india.. i want to take an online stock trading course but i have doubts if i can use the certificate to trade in other stock markets in africa or is it just useful in India only?? help pls

John answers:

1)Learn the ropes- Devote 20 minutes a day to learning about the stock market. Read FREE online guides and try not be roped into expensive tutorials or trading robots. You will already be in the hole, and that is not the end goal!

2)Set up an online brokers account- I use Scottrade, but there are several other firms that offer the same type of services. Most charge about $7 a transaction, and utilize local stock brokers to guide you along the process of trading.

3)Focus on one market- the Dow Jones sees a lot of action, and the learning curve is fast and furious. It also changes throughout the day, and one stands to make a substantial amount of money in time to have breakfast on the table. In addition, trading penny stocks is a great way to buy stocks cheap. Watch them return by the end of the trading day. I have a friend who has made $2,500 this month by spending $500 in penny stocks- not a bad return. If planned correctly, day trading can become a successful and lucrative home business.

George asks…

I was made redundant on Friday without warning, is this legal?

I was called into a meeting on Friday and 5 minutes later i was without a job with no warning whatsoever!

I was under the impression that if a company was planning on making redundancies they would have to announce this before putting anything into action?

I’m concerned that they have used ‘Redundancy’ as a cover up for just getting rid of me!

John answers:

Your employer has a statutory obligation to consult with a recognised Trade Union when there is a prospect of redundancies. Where there is no recognised Union the employer must make provision for the election of a workers representative who will then act as the representative for the purposes of the statutory consultation.

If this did not happen then you should apply to an Employment Tribunal for a protective award on he grounds of ‘A failure to Consult under Para 188 of the Trade Union Labour Relations Act 1992’

The level of compensation in the event of a successful ET is between 30 & 90 days pay.

Mandy asks…

I have failed at my career and my marriage is on the rocks. How do I get my life together?

I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I’m honest and try to work hard. Yes, I can be lazy and none focused. But who is perfect.

I have tried to be successful. But I am not. I have failed in my career.

My marriage is pathetic. There is no love, no sex and no respect.

How do fix this?

John answers:

Get a game plan. Start a new career, go back to school- alot of state’s will pay for your education, even trade education. Fill out a and go to your county’s department of labor website for satellite office locations- they have grants for “dislocated” workers up to $5000 for training in various fields. Go to, put in your city and leave keywords blank- look for a job.
As far as the marriage, maybe you need a bottle of wine, take-out and a good romantic movie- maybe something a little freaky to get things hot. Next day share your plans and work together setting 3-6-9-12 month goals. Marriage is teamwork and has to be ran like a business. If there is really no hope, please set them free and you can start rebuilding your lives.

Chris asks…

What were the Negative effects of Alexander the great?

I am trying to write an essay about the possible negative effects. Any guidence would be appreciated, I am leaning toward the known world, was there effects on the world economy, trade, religion, cultures? advances in technology? or was his death and/or campaign only more damaging to Greece itself?

John answers:

He was usually brave and generous, but could be cruel and ruthless when politics demanded. The theory has been advanced that he was actually an alcoholic having, for example, killed his friend Clitus in a drunken fury. He later regretted this act deeply. As a statesman and ruler he had grandiose plans; according to many modern historians he cherished a scheme for uniting the East and the West in a world empire, a new and enlightened “world brotherhood of all men.” He trained thousands of Persian youths in Macedonian tactics and enrolled them in his army. He himself adopted Persian manners and married Eastern wives, namely, Roxana (died about 311 bc), daughter of Oxyartes of Sogdiana, and Barsine (or Stateira; died about 323 bc), the elder daughter of Darius; and he encouraged and bribed his officers to take Persian wives. Shortly before he died, Alexander ordered the Greek cities to worship him as a god. Although he probably gave the order for political reasons, he was, in his own view and that of his contemporaries, of divine birth. The order was largely nullified by his death shortly after he issued it.

In the spring of 331 Alexander made a pilgrimage to the great temple and oracle of Amon-Ra, Egyptian god of the sun, whom the Greeks identified with Zeus. The earlier Egyptian pharaohs were believed to be sons of Amon-Ra; and Alexander, the new ruler of Egypt, wanted the god to acknowledge him as his son. The pilgrimage apparently was successful, and it may have confirmed in him a belief in his own divine origin.
In order to complete his conquest of the remnants of the Persian Empire, which had once included part of western India, Alexander crossed the Indus River in 326 bc, and invaded the Punjab as far as the river Hyphasis (modern Be?s); at this point the Macedonians rebelled and refused to go farther. He then constructed a fleet and passed down the Indus, conquering its peoples in a campaign of horrible slaughter. The fleet reached the river’s mouth in September 325 bc, and Alexander sent it under the command of Nearchus, a Cretan, to explore the Persian Gulf. After leading a small expedition along the coast, Alexander returned overland across the desert to Media. Shortages of food and water caused severe losses and hardship among his troops. Alexander spent about a year organizing his dominions and completing a survey of the Persian Gulf in preparation for further conquests. He arrived in Babylon in the spring of 323 bc. In June he contracted a fever and died. He left his empire, in his own words, “to the strongest”; this ambiguous testament resulted in dire conflicts for half a century.

Sandra asks…

What are some of the main reasons that North won the Civil War?

-What advantages did the north have?
-What was the military plan used by the north and was it successful?

Any additional info is appreciated

John answers:

Advantages of the Union

-Banking, Factories and ships.
-More railroads to move supplies, men and equipment.
-Larger Navy.
-Experienced government.
-Larger population; 22 million to 9 million.

Union Disadvantages
– They had no “cause”
-Northerners were not in complete agreement over the abolition of slavery.
-Lost most of their good military officers to the South.

Advantages of the Confederacy

-Trading Relationships with Europe.
-Best Military officers (Robert E. Lee)
-Long coastline made blockade difficult.
-They were convinced they were right.
They were fighting for their lives and on their own soil. “The Cause” – Southern way of life
-British and French leaders sympathized with them due to economic reasons.

Confederate Disadvantages
-Their smaller Navy left them at a disadvantage due to the Union blockade.
-Their long coastline, while a benefit in sneaking in supplies was also a detriment in trying to defend it.
– Southern slaves, a large part of the population, were clearly no help.
-Little industry and factory production.

Clearly the North had a distinct advantage in its ability to produce soldiers and supplies. The the South counted on the North not having the stomach to stay in the war. They counted on the Union eventually giving up and allowing them to secede. What they failed to take into account was the resolve of Lincoln. It is said the longer the war went on, the better the Norths’ chances of winning.

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