Your Questions About Successful Trading Plans

Steven asks…

What is the best way to trade games for money (details inside)?

Hi guys,
I am in desperate need for cash. I just found out that my favourite artist has concert tickets going on sale tomorrow. The only problem is that I recently pre-ordered the Sims 3 so my parents won’t by happy if I ask them for £50 to buy a ticket after spending £45 on The Sims 3.

My question is, can my Sims 2 collection of all EPs and SPs plus a couple of my Sims 1 EPs fetch £50. I don’t want to use eBay because PayPal charges money which was a shock I found out the hard way! Preferably, I’d like to go to GAME, Gamestation or somewhere else unless eBay can by my money directly into my bank account instead of PayPal.

Failing that, does GAME sell The Sims 3 Collector’s Edition off the shelf. I had an idea to return the pre-ordered game to GAME, trade in my games for store credit then buy the game with the credit and the money will be back in my bank account so I can buy the concert tickets. Will that work?

Which plan is most likely to be successful?

John answers:

Have you tried Cash Converters?

Just go in there, and they’ll exchange the games for money.

Lizzie asks…

I married a girl I never liked?

one day I was rejected by a girl who I met with my best friend at that time, we met her and her friend in a holiday and we spend wonderful time, at first I felt attracted to this girl and he was more into her friend but as days goes by I returned to my quiet nature and serious character while he is a laughing talkative person they both were attracted to him, they both left to their home country and after a while the girl I liked told us she is coming to visit us and it happened that I had the place where we can stay (my parents invited my friend and her ) and my father gave me his car and my uncle chalet, I guess he knew I am not successful in relationships so he tried to make her visit a chance for me.
It turned out she actually came to bond more with my friend, while we hang out they laugh, whisper while I was almost ignored, I even was driving for them while they chat closely and not even try to put me in their conversation. Until a night he told me they decided to be a GF & BF. I was very angry and argued with them, she said I am sorry but I didn’t show her my feelings to her. I asked them to leave me alone and he has to find out a place for them to stay away from me. they were angry because I told them to leave my house, I broke up with both of them and after a couple of years he contacted me after their relationship ended. But I refused I feel he is unfaithful friend, he knew I liked her but yet approached her and I still don’t talk to him he few times tried to call but I decided not to, my parents after that convinced me to engage to their friends daughter who I never attracted to but they knew she likes me, I wasn’t graduated yet and by the time I discovered that my mother was planning this marriage as a trade-off for a business she did with her parents that wasn’t successful and my father only reason is he want to see grandsons because he was old and my elder sister was addicted to losers who want to play only, while my elder sister advice to me marry the girl she likes you not the one you like. I tried to withdraw but with continuous pressure from family I married her. even while we were engaged I was seeing call girls as they are the only females accept me at least temporarily. I dont consider myself very ugly and was athletic and doing well in study but I can’t hold conversations and talking always seriously with no sense of humor, may be I dont dress right too and I think little unsocial, while I was young my parents were not rich and I always felt I have to plan my life better financially and emotionally better than my parents who had terrible marriage full of fights and low wealth. I finally graduated and with my parents little savings I married this girl, but still dont like her, I became a very angry person towards my always fighting parents and loser sister, I always remember their lies specially my mother threatening me of kill If I leave this girl while engagement and my father advice that all girls are the same in “darkness”. during honeymoon I was checking out other girls and now after 4 years marriage I still and even slept with escorts many times after marriage which is disgusting but I feel every time I do it that it’s my right to be with a girl I am attracted to even it was fake. On the other hand I was working very hard even in two jobs, low salary jobs but I was a key player in the two companies until I found a multinational company job and traveled abroad which I hoped to turn my life better. It did financially but nothing emotionally and what makes thing worse my work place is completely unsocial with colleagues from Europe who are very unfriendly and treat you on career prospective as lower class and other from the country where I live now are seeing themselves too rich to have friend from poor country like me. I feel like I was hired for the very low priority jobs or they want to put more people from the region to please the local government here. I just go to work to get a salary that I wouldn’t get back home country, my work used to be the only place I feel I am useful now I feel useless. I feel I am living to bring money for my children and that’s it. I don’t enjoy my wife company which by the time I found how much we are different, I hate my parents and sister and I spend 8 hours at work just counting hours and barring my boss who technically give me silly tasks (he even frankly said I should handle the small jobs) but in formal appraisals he right perfect about me.
I have two beautiful kids which are the only reason who keeps me in this life with their mother and hateful job. I don’t want to destroy their life and the savings I do for them. I have to intention to corrupt their life like my parents did for me.I am sick of going out with guys, I want to be with a woman I truly love and enjoy her company. My wife is not attractive, religious, doesn’t know how to dress but it seems we fit each other, she is a good perso
Thanks “had enough” but the good thing I liked in her disappeared when we got married, I thought she is clever but found out a spoiled girl who just want to sit at home doing nothing. She even didn’t take any birth control because it can make her feel more pain during period until she got pregnant, she wanted to abort but I refused as I felt it’s completely wrong.

I have better salary now but can’t make enough savings with two children and her demands, I asked her to find herself a job but she just sit lazy until I seriously threatened her that I will leave her if she don’t and only that time she looked and found a job now I am trying to change her child attitude as a woman she always sit at home watching TV, not even taking care of her makeup or dress wearing pajama all time and ugly clothes when we go out. I fight with her for months until she slightly started to respond by showing her that I am looking at other girls.

I also thought she is outgoing person
but turns out only we go out alone, but when I ask her to regularly spend the weekend out with the children she just wake up very late and waste the time until no time to go out or she simply ask me to take the kid alone, even when we go out if I am not focused with the children, they can get lost which truly happened twice when I left the kids with her to do something else.

When I decided to go on with the marriage with my family pressure is I thought I am like my sister who only attracted to losers appearance and never looked at their characters but I feel now I am cheated that she is not the person I was told how clever and good personality she is and in addition of not attracting to her, I am not into super models. I was seeking fair pretty girls who I feel comfortable with.

John answers:

This is a tough situation. There is a saying that if you try to learn how to love someone by seeing the good in them, you can make it work. I’m here to tell you that if you think you’d be happier married to a woman you are only physically attracted to, you are wrong. If she treats you with love and respect and is a good mother and is a good person, you might have all that you need. You just don’t see it yet.!!

James asks…

Is Obamanomics Is a Recipe for another Great Depression w/ his tax and trade proposals?

The top 35% marginal income tax rate rises to 39.6%; adding the state income tax, the Medicare tax, the effect of the deduction phase-out and Mr. Obama’s new Social Security tax (of up to 12.4%) increases the total combined marginal tax rate on additional labor earnings (or small business income) from 44.6% to a whopping 62.8%. People respond to what they get to keep after tax, which the Obama plan reduces from 55.4 cents on the dollar to 37.2 cents — a reduction of one-third in the after-tax wage!
Mr. Obama has also opposed other important free-trade agreements, including those with Colombia, South Korea and Central America. He has spoken eloquently about America’s responsibility to help alleviate global poverty — even to the point of saying it would help defeat terrorism — but he has yet to endorse, let alone forcefully advocate, the single most potent policy for doing so: a successful completion of the Doha round of global trade liberalization.

John answers:

And THATS the good news,,,,we also will be having weekly 9/11’s and if you are white on top of that…well we are screwed.

Carol asks…

Help with Social Studies?

1. which group had the most influence on the ideas stated in the declaration of independence and the United States Constitution?

a. political leaders of spain and portugal
b. religious leaders of the medieval period
c. writers of the renaissance
d. philosophers of the enlightenment

2. most historians consider alexander hamilton to have been a successful secretary of the treasury because he

a. expanded trade with all nations
b. established a sound financial plan for the new nation
c. eliminated tariff’s between the states
d. opposed payments of previous federal government debts.

thanks for all your help
i appreciate it!!

John answers:

1. D 2.b

Chris asks…

I need help picking a trade within a trade school?

Alright so here’s the deal. My brother and i plan to open a business(A Corporation) eventually(That or buy one) that either sells virtual or physical products(Still unknown). The problem i’m having is finding a trade to major in that will effectively help the company function as a whole or make it more successful. As my bother as an Online Marketer, i want to know what Trades offered in a Trade School would be essential to this corporation’s survival. We are well connected to people who know very needed trades(Such as programming, accounting, graphic design, ect).

Please answer the first question without acknowledging the following. My expertise’s as proven in High School, were writing, as i excelled in almost all my writing classes, math (Including Consumer Math), and last but not least Government and Economics. Now with this in light answer the first question again.

John answers:

Your questions is ill defined. Your all over the place. Focus on one thing only. Accounting isn’t a trade! Its is a Profession requiring a 4 year degree, a trade is defined as a manual or technical skill. If you plan on going into the Writing or Accounting field, a HS diploma wont cut it. If you dont know what the business is going to sell, you are jumping the gun. You can sell writing skills online and even write for or sell writing copy and market it online or to online marketers. There is no such thing as an expertise coming out of High School, no one will take you seriously with no experience and a HS Diploma. Go to college first and then ask questions about what kind of business you should start before you piss away a lot of money, needlessly. If you like to write, put ad’s out to write for people, or a proofer (proofreaders).

I can’t tell you enough, doing your own thing, starting your own business and working for yourself is definitely the way to go, that’s where you are right on the money with your thinking. If you depend on others you are wasting your time. But build your own thing now for the future. Do it now before you have to do it later on.

Whatever you do, Math, Writing whatever, make sure you put 100% into your efforts and never give up.

I found some online opportunities that have been helping me through and they work great. I am also on my way to starting my own business. I now have 2 businesses going, not really making substantial money yet, but I am on the way and I can see it happening and I have faith that if I can put my all into it I will yield positive results!

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