Your Questions About Successful Trading Forex

Ken asks…

Bored with life. I’m too successful.?

I’m extremely bored with my life. Too lazy to learn something in school.

Went to Uni 4 times and each time a different Uni and program I just got bored and told the profs off and left. Mind you I have major ADHD and have been clinically diagnosed since the age of 4. Could never stick to one thing longer than a few days.

Can’t hold a job longer than 6 months and have told all my supervisors and bosses to eff themselves as I don’t like being told what to do.

I just worked a shitload of part time jobs for 16 months and invested in some penny stocks made a decent chunk of change then took that money (around 16k) from my Scotttrade and E-trade accounts and put it into several off-shore European Forex brokers and scalped and swing traded the EUR/JPY, CAD/JPY, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, and GBP/CHF for a few months now i have a boatload of money i don’t know what to do with.

i’m 24 years old and i have more money than most people have earned with 15 years salary at a profession..

wtf do i do with my time.?

John answers:

Travel the world! Nothing better than traveling!

Michael asks…

Why are most people so PESSIMISTIC?

The negativity is all around us and it is contagious. Do people just NEED to be negative in order to feel better about themselves?

Whenever I go to seminars there is ALWAYS somebody there who wants to then give their own little mini-seminar on the break or in the restroom telling you why the seminar presenters are all full of crap and why what they are selling just will not work.

Usually these are people who you can tell are not very successful in life. Do they perhaps need to be downers in order to feel better about their own failures in life? I really want to know what others think because I have my own views on this. I’ve attended seminars and presentations by some of the most well known and undeniably successful entrepreneurs in their industry (real estate; Forex investing; Stock Trading; eCommerce Marketing; mail-order; etc.) and these pessimists even say those things about them! I do feel so terribly sorry for the many who never learn that the way to learn how to acquire real wealth is from sitting at the feet of those who have acquired it (and not some professor who earns $79,000 a year IF he’s really good.)

Have you had this experience with pessimism -versus- optimism? Are YOU one of these people? If so then please explain WHY you always see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Has this pessimism worked for you?
Excuse me. I mis-typed. I meant to say WHY do you see the glass as half empty? Or …why do you focus more on the negative rather than the positive in a thing. This is the pessimists trademark.

John answers:

Okay, first, let’s clear something up. Pessimists are the one’s who see the glass half empty. Optimist’s see it as half full.

Second, a lot of times, people who give seminars are con men. I went to one about how to trade in options, selling put’s and call’s, the whole nine yards. How if you traded in options, it was virtually impossible to lose. And this guy was going to teach us for the low, low price of $30,000.00, for a 6 week course. There was one guy in the audience who asked, wouldn’t it be better to take that 30 thousand dollars and get an undergraduate degree at an accredited college? The speaker notified his goons to shut that guy down.

During our lunch break, I happened to see this person and invited him to lunch with me. But one of the goons had followed the renegade and tried to prevent him from having lunch with me. He claimed that the renegade was “disrupting” HIS customers (me, I suppose). I told Andrew, (the goon) that it was okay, I WANTED to have lunch with him. So he backed down.

I didn’t get into the program. I was just curious about it.

However, there ARE people who are pathologically skeptical. I once mentioned in passing, to some dickwad I used to work with that I knew someone who won a bronze medal in the Olympics, many years ago. This clown goes “unh unh!” As in “no you don’t”. Excuse me? He doesn’t know jack shiit about me and he’s suddenly telling me I can’t know anyone who won an olympic medal, because…because why?…because HE doesn’t know anybody himself?

Laura asks…

Could I be successful at trading FOREX?

I just opened an account yesterday on investopedia for a forex trading game (where you get $100k and practice trading).

Anyway, I was just getting used to it, and in about 1 day I have made $300. (I’m not going to share how I did it)

But anyway, is the simulator on Investopedia similar to what it would look like on a FOREX trading site? If it is similar, I think i could do well.

John answers:

You have test your self at a demo account
then open micro account then mini and finally standard account

Mark asks…

Has Anyone Actually Met a Successful stock or forex trading?

i see many people fail in forex and stocks one of my cousin said 95% fail in this field is this real i am trading stock from 3 months but every time i win they will be double loose

John answers:

I was an exchange member and know successful traders.
I have managed brokerage firms, including floor traders, specialist, market makers (options & equities),
in house NASDAQ market makers, and fixed income traders. All of whom were successful, if they weren’t good, they were not employed.

Traders are very disciplines, the NEVER trade on emotions, they follow their written policy & procedures for successful trading. They know before they get into a position when and where they’re going to get out.

Professional traders are always studying the markets and th products traded in those markets. The average person is not willing to work as hard as a professional trader. Most amateures think that a little bit of knowledge will make them successful – this will never happen

Ruth asks…

I would like to learn FOREX trading as a teenager?

Hi, Im 16 years old and living through the last couple of years ive realized no job is safe, and that i want to be successful and live a long, healthy, and great life without having to worry about financial problems. Ive been reading about forex and practice trading on a mt4 platform but i was just wondering if anyone had any books or programs to recommend, thank you

John answers:

Forex is a very risky business if you don’t know what you are doing and it takes years to learn and become good at it..

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