Your Questions About Successful Trading Forex

Lisa asks…

is forex trading a worthwhile pursuit? does the average man on the street make money from it??

i hear day trading is very hard to be successful at. how about forex trading????

John answers:

If you’re ready to work hard on it, and to learn everything you can about Forex, then you can start making good money on it. However Forex is s risky market, so if you don’t work hard on it, you won’t be able to make money consistently.

You can start learning by vising free websites like , ,

Carol asks…

Where can I find a list of the most successful Forex traders?

Does anyone know where I can get a list of the most successful Forex traders? I would like to see how much they have made and learn about how they trade.

John answers:

They all hang out on a web site called ” Forex Social” but the best of the best have limited contact with the general public, you should do a google search on the company ” Forex Ring Leader , they have been around for about 4 or 5 years and have the best trading track record with solid proof!

So if you have time Google these company , Jeff Parks , Forex Social , Forex RingLeader ,

Michael asks…

“Forex Trading Forex”?

Have you heard the news that Bob Iaccino joined forces with Vladimir Ribakov, now 2 Powerful and Proven traders are now Trading The Forex, with The Forex Signals.

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John answers:


Let’s face it……people in the Forex industry aren’t always honest. Heck… I know I’ve been duped a few times by silver-tongued charlatans…

…and I’m sure you have too.

And I always asked myself… How did they get past me? I mean… I consider myself a reasonably intelligent guy…

…but I still fell for their BS time and time again. But you know what?

I don’t have to worry about that happening every again… And soon… Neither will you.


Because trading veteran Bob Iaccino from CNN News has blown the lid off the subtle scams these modern-day snake-oil salesmen use to trap honest traders like you and me.

And I gotta tell you… Some of this stuff floored me.

Here’s The Link: You might have to copy and past it into the address bar.

On that page, you’ll see:

– Why Bob’s exposing the lies of the Forex gurus

– The three big red flags you MUST look for to avoid getting scammed

– How Bob’s students make a killing from the market

– And much more…

Plus… If you haven’t already… You’ll be able sign up for Bob’s killer free webinar coming later this week… As well as download his free custom-built Forex system.

There’s some killer content there… So check it out ASAP.

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Sally Forex xxx

Chris asks…

who can tell the best forex softwares in forex trading market?

How best can we celebrate New Year other than uplifting people financially and making them more financially dependable? This is what most people have failed to envisage that success without successor(s) is failure. We have decided to assist as many Traders as possible through this new year to be more successful and consistent with one of the best customize software in FOREX which we have been using profitably for over nineteen (19) months.

John answers:

For me there is no forex software is the best. What best is just ourselves and the way we are handling the market.

John asks…

Which books would you recommend for learning about FOREX trading? Or any other methods of learning?

Hello I have become interested in the Foreign Exchange Market and I would like to learn about it in more detail.

What ways of learning would you suggest? I personally think I would prefer books but I’m not too sure which ones exactly to pick.

What do you think about this one?

Any additional information is appreciated. Thanks a lot
Also I wanted to ask whether it is worth learning about FOREX and whether it is possible to eventually gather enough knowledge and experience as a single person to make profit or not? As essentially you’d be competing against professionals… thanks

John answers:

Agree with the second reviewer. Forex trading is basically a zero sum game and slightly negative in consideration of brokerage fee. Retail investors are likely speculators for short term gain. It is similar to the scenario of casino. Professional traders are also speculators but they are equipped with better inforamtion and tools for the market. Corporate traders use Forex for hedging purpose on their business to minimize risk in currency fluctuation. These three category of traders entered into a zero sum game.

From the tone of the question, it seems to learn the skills of a professional trader to compete in the market. If you treat it as a game with a small amount of dispensable income, it may be fun just like playing in a casino. Indeed it may be more interesting than casino gambling since there is stragtegy and competition in the game and less depending on pure luck. But it is not a good idea to think of forex trading as a stable source of profit although professional traders may be able to achieve such objective.

From the point of view of investment, stock investment (not trading) is a better game since in the long run (I mean decades if not years) stock market has an up trend. Temporary loss (may be years) would not hurt long term profit. For speculative trading, stock is more favorable to retail investors than forex since retail investor can hold on to wait for up trend. But again, speculative stock or forex trading should not be considered as a reliable source of profit.

Lastly, I think personal trait is also an important factor in the success of speculative trading besides learning the skills and pure luck.

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