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Linda asks…

early in world war I, US public opinion against germany?

a. was increased by successful publicity by the british
b. was already almost universal in the US
c. made it almost impossible for any US company to risk trading with germany
d. was so irrelevant that the british ignored american public opinion on germany

John answers:

I’d very much go with a. The British Embassy was very effective in stirring up anti-german feelings. Those feelings were by no means universal, many companies did and many more wanted to trade with germany and the british were acutely concerned with american public opinion.

Maria asks…

I’m going to take over a 3 years old Auto Mechanic,Auto Collision & Trade company. I seriously need Advices?

Hi all, I really need advice how to run this business well. I in general know abit of everything how to maintain the business, but that’s about it. I feel like i need to know alot more to make this a successful business. Here are some of my questions:
1) I need to know all the licenses i need for a Mechanic shop+Body shop+ buy & sell cars. Would anyone please list from top to bottom all the legal things i need (from licenses to insurance ?)
2) I really need to know how tax work for a business like this. A break down of all the business tax, income tax for my business & myself, pay roll,tax return. Because i know that knowing how tax work would save my business alot of money
3) How much is a license mechanic usually cost ?how much should i offer (weekly pay ? hourly pay )? intership and such ? in case i need to change my mechanic( inadequate mechanic or they don’t listen…).
4) How should i plan out my garage such as shelving ? inventory ? office ? lock up expensive tools ?
5) How/ Where should i advertise to get more customers ? How should i make sure customers are satisfied and keep coming back and refer more customers ?
6) I’m planning to do the mechanic license so at least i can do extra business after hour or just in case. Should i get into car repair first ?or body work ? or any other advice ?
****Any other advices to make things better ? I want this to be my lifelong business and want to be successful with this and willing to work 24/7 toward it. So please help me out, give me advice, point me to the right directions. Thanks alot and this would literally change my life.
NOTE: I live and the business locate in Toronto Ontario Canada.

John answers:

1 you need a competent business attorney to advise you here.Laws may vary locally and by province. #2 you need an accountant. You are right on the money about the tax thing. He should also look at the books for this business and give you a run down on where the business is at financially #3 go around to various shops and ask to speak to the owners and tell them you are just starting out and ask for advice.#4 be sure the shop owns any tools that you absolutely cannot be without. This way if a mechanic quits you are not caught short when they take their tools with them. Organize things so that with a quick glance you can see if anything is missing/not put away. Other wise take Ted Turners advice-Early to bed early to rise work like hell and advertise advertise advertise. Good luck and do not go cheap on insurance coverage. No one ever said I wish I had had less insurance.

Betty asks…

Single East Coaster thinking about moving to California…Bay Area…Suggestions?

I’m a single, 30yo guy, looking to start over in the Bay Area in Southern California. I am thinking Santa Cruz, but am open to suggestions. Moving to SoCal has been something I have wanted to do ever since visiting colleges there 14 years ago. I am a chef by trade and have a struggling but successful catering company here in the Philly area, but I want to make a clean break. I don’t want to cook for a living anymore.

I love nightlife and parties, and 420, but don’t want to live in any high-crime or drug-infested area. I could see myself working retail at a beach/surf shop or doing something in the tourism industry for a bit, and going back for my masters in Environmental/Oceanographic Science in a few years.

So, with all that said…Can anyone recommend an area on the coast that addresses my love of activity, laid back and healthy/happy/young people, need for frugality in rent and living expenses, and might have job offerings like I am looking for?

I am looking to move there in December.

John answers:

Before you make this move consider that northern California (where the bay area is) is one of the three most expensive areas in the U.S. To live in. Your cost of living will increase by at least 50% more than it is in Pennsylvania. California is one of the most regulated and highly taxed states.

Due to the recession California has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Jobs are practically non existent. You would have extreme difficulty finding work of any kind. The “barely above minimum wage” retail jobs you talk about wouldn’t even come close to providing you with enough income to survive. You would need to plan on living with 2-3 roommates.

Note also that for the past four years in a row more people have been moving OUT of California than have moved in. Actually living here in California is totally different than what you see portrayed on silly television programs.

Daniel asks…

How has HBC impacted Canadians?

I’m doing a project and need some answers:
1) How has Hudson’s Bay Company impacted Canadians?
2) Why is it a significant part of Canadian history?
3) How did it affect Canadians back then?
4) What encouraged Prince Rupert and King Charles to agree to the fur-trade business?
5) How has it managed to stay successful for almost 400 years?

If you have any answers for any of the questions, it would really help me!!! If you can just label the answer by the question number. Thanks!!

John answers:

When you write your bibliography, I highly doubt whomever you are writing this report for will accept “yahoo answers community” as a legitimate resource

Steven asks…

World history help? 10 POINTS?

Please don’t tell me to do my own work, these are the only questions I have gotten stuck on. This is yahoo answers, not yahoo lectures. Thanks in advance to the awesome people who answer!

8. Which leader instituted changes in Argentina to improve the lives of workers, including a minimum wage and an eight-hour workday?
(Points : 1)
Augusto Pinochet

Juan Perón

Juscelino Kubitchek

Fidel Castro

9. Which leader stepped down after holding and losing a plebiscite asking the Chilean people whether they wanted him to continue in power?
(Points : 1)
Juan Perón

Juscelino Kubitchek

Augusto Pinochet

Alan Garcia

10. What action did the United States take when Castro’s government seized the property of U.S. companies?
(Points : 1)
formed an alliance between the two countries in hopes that the property would be returned to the U.S. companies

instituted an embargo of Cuba, forbidding Americans to trade with the country

threatened to attack Cuba if Castro did not return the property to the U.S. companies

established trade agreements with the Cuban government

11. Which Central American nation has the most successful and longest-lived democracy in Latin America?
(Points : 1)
Costa Rica


El Salvador


12. Which international organization helped Latin American nations become more democratic by sending observers to member states to see that elections were conducted fairly?
(Points : 1)
International Monetary Fund

Pan American Health Organization

World Health Organization

Organization of American States

13. Which Latin American country was part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States and Canada?
(Points : 1)



El Salvador

14. Which remains one of the biggest problems facing Latin America?
(Points : 1)
illegal drug trade



lack of exports

15. In the 1960s and 1970s, some Catholic priests and nuns in Latin America practiced the belief that Christians should work on behalf of the poor and oppressed. What is this belief called?
(Points : 1)

liberation theology



John answers:

8. Juan Peron

9. Pinochet

10. Institutued a trade embargo

11. Costa Rica ( I think)

12. OAS

13. Mexico

14. Illegal drug trade

15 liberation theology

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