Your Questions About Successful Trading Companies

Lisa asks…

Has anyone been successful in dealing with Metabofuel 1000?

This company (Metabofuel 1000, Savoy 6, Revenue Works, Oralbrite……..)continues to illegally take money from thousands of peoples’ accounts. I have tried calling the numbers given to me by my bank and have talked to someone only once to no avail. I have continued to call, leave messages, and emails since the first of March. They do not even have the courtesy to respond. They do not answer emails or return phone calls. I have filled out paperwork in regards to these charges at my bank. I have written to the Utah BBB, Utah State Bar Association, Utah Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, US Justice Department, and encourage everyone to file a complaint at There are also good suggestions about how to go about getting your money back.

John answers:

I have had no luck either. I have not lost any weight (I actually gained) and have only lost money. I plan to dispute the charges with my credit card first since I have not been able to get anywhere via phone calls. I will contact the next.

Lizzie asks…

Considering opening an Event Specialist Company… what are your thoughts?

I would plan events for individuals and companies. Examples…
Promotions, golf tournaments, home shows, product demos, fairs / festivals and trade shows, business meetings, lunches, banquets, conventions etc… The sky is the limit except I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do weddings. My thought is that many businesses do not have the budget or approval to hire a full time employee to handle these events or simply do not have the time and even don’t want to be bothered with it. I have tremendous experience in this area and have organized successful events in all the catagories above. What are your thoughts and ideas? Any suggestions for names? I have already thought of ” The Main Event,” but that seems too common to me.

John answers:

Associations may be a good avenue to explore. These organizations will address many of the thoughts, questions and concerns you’ll inevitably have as well as many you haven’t anticipated yet. See the source box for some relevant links.

Research, research, research – this cannot be stressed enough. Read as much as you can about the industry. Here are some book titles that are relevant:

* How to Start a Home-Based Event Planning Business by Jill Moran
* Start Your Own Event Planning Business: Your Step by Step Guide to Success by Krista Turner
* The Essential Event Planning Kit by Godfrey Harris
* Start & Run an Event-Planning Business by Cindy Lemaire

I also posted links to some free articles in the source box.

Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

Linda asks…

I believe that Teikoku commodities does not existhow can I determine this. I believe I have been duped ?

I have ben duped to send $8100 to enter into a futures trad, the trade was successful but now I find the telephone numbers given are false, they are not listed in the Tokyo directory and I am unable to trace them in company registries. can you please help me

John answers:

According to the Tokyo Futures Trading Board, Teikoku Commodities is a legitimate and licensed company.

You just have to type in ‘Teikoku’ at this website and press ‘enter’.

And you can find Teikoku Commodities contact information here:

Donald asks…

Does free trade encourage pollution as corporations build factories and plants in countries?

Select a multinational corporation that has been successful in forming partnerships with workers and the host communities. Conduct research on the company through websites you have learned of through the Library, the Internet, and your reading to create a 2-3 page company newsletter article in which you do the following:

Discuss the corporation’s business activities in a foreign host country.
Discuss the comparative advantages for the firm to operate in the host country.
What were the environmental issues facing the firm, host community, and/or workers?
How was the issue resolved?
How did the resolution affect the short and long run costs of the firm?
What are the lessons to be learned that can be applied to your position at Acme Motors in Nuevo Laredo?

John answers:

How about the Milliken company? They make textiles. A big part of the textile business is dying. This is an aqueous process that was historically very labor intensive. Industrialization bought mechanization and eliminated much of the labor, but the waste streams remained the same. It can be very costly to treat the waste stream from a dyeing plant, well more expensive than just dumping these aqueous wastes out the storm drains and into the river behind the plant.

In places like India it is not uncommon for the drinking water stream to be black at breakfast and red at lunch, and purple for dinner. Mum, mum good. Of course dumping like that ahs been illegal in the United States since 1970. Since that time textile companies have moved to the countries with the least stringent pollution laws to minimize their operating costs, and maximize their profits. NOW THAT! Is a partnership!


I won’t write all 3 pages for your term paper, but that aught to give you a start.

Helen asks…

Real estate 1031 tax deferred exchange help needed. UT property to VA/MD to DC?

I have a 3,000 sq ft single family house in northern UT and recently read about a part of DC (where I now live) being bought and developed by a very successful company. I’d like to 1031 my UT property for some commercial property near the future site of this company’s development, but am not sure how. Would it be possible for me to trade my UT property for say a VA or MD property and then trade the MD or VA property for commercial property near the site?

John answers:

In a 1031 Exchange you can purchase any real estate, anywhere in the US, as long as the real estate is not property you already own nor one that you will immediately inhabit as your primary residence. In 1991, the IRS finally made it clear that you can exchange any real estate investment property for another real estate investment property. So, a single family house can be exchange for a commercial property, vacant land or another single family house. The crux is to be certain to purchase real property which will be used as investment property not a primary residence. The UT property, has it ever been your primary residence? If you lived in the UT property any 2 years of the last 5 years and have not sold another primary residence within the last 2 years you may be able to sell the property and use the primary residence exemption code IRC 121. This code allows you to keep the proceeds of your home sale and not pay tax as long as your gains do not exceed $250,000 for a single person or $500,000 for a married couple.
If you decide that the 1031 Exchange is the way you would like to proceed, please call me and we can talk about your specific transaction and needs. I specialize in 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges and provide sellers/taxpayers with the Intermediary services they need to complete a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. I would be happy to discuss your situation with you at no cost to you for my consultation. You can reach me at 866-988-1031. Take care, Brigitte

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