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William asks…

Which stocks are the safest and best bet to invest in right now?

I have saved up $1000 specifically to trade in the market and I wanted to know what are some of the better looking stocks right now, anyone have any advise, please be specific as in company name not just “banking sector” or “insurance”, anybody successful in their stock decisions?

John answers:

Safe?? None appear all that safe at the moment. Everything that I previously thought was a bargain turned out otherwise by a wide margin. If you want to take gamble, and I do mean gamble, BBT might be worth a bet. Cramer seems to think so but he also though at one time that WB was a bargain at 53. He might be reconsidering that opinion currently. I haven’t heard. Perhaps a little safer but certainly not much in this market might be HCP-E. It is a preferred stock and has a dividend about 10%. S&P rates it as investment grade but they also rate AIG paper as investment grade.

Actually, if you want safe then you want to put your 1000 under your mattress for now then all you will have to worry about is the government generated inflation which unfortunately is going to be severe.

Lisa asks…

How can Jamaica recover from the FX of Edward Seaga’s damaging puppet leadership and restore Michael Manley’s?

legacy. A lot of us don’t know why what is talked about in the news is happening today. As always, the press gives a shallow snapshot and does not go in depth so we can get a clear view of what is happening in Jamaica. Here is a profile of Manley and Seaga, two Jamaican prime ministers and how the U.S. installed the White supremacist Seaga as a puppet Avatar in Jamaica.

Seaga, a notorious CIA agent who sold Jamaica to servitude of US interest was given a franchise by the CIA. As his reward, the chief Carribean CIA agent, Edward Seaga was given a free hand in ensuring his perpetual dominance over Jamaican politics in macrocosm and Tivoli gardens in microcosm. Seaga then built up Jim Brown and his Shower Posse, into the most feared gang on the Island of Jamaica. Jim Brown and Shower Posse took over the Habour Fronts of Kingston, and controlled the ingress and egress of all drugs and general shipment into the Island. With that assured source of fund, Jim Brown expanded into other businesses, bought land, and commercial properties. His gang was armed with the best, biggest and the most sophisticated weapons. His name was feared throughout the Island. But Jim Brown had a boss. He was the militia general of the Jamaican Labour Party. His boss was Mr. Seaga. Seaga made it clear in both Washington and Kingston that he would align Jamaica with the United States, break diplomatic relations with Cuba (which the Manley administration had actively promoted), and abolish the levy that Manley had placed on bauxite, which had angered the mainly US bauxite companies. He also said that the people did not need to be educated and pushed bush trades. He spoke often about Jamaica needing “a military solution.” The tenor of his speeches and activities in the United States led to his being censured by the Jamaican parliament in 1979. Seaga was one of the architects of the Caribbean Basin Initiative sponsored by Reagan. Seaga supported the collapse of the Marxist regime in Grenada and the subsequent US-led invasion of that island in October 1983. On the back of the Grenada invasion, Seaga called snap elections at the end of 1983, which Manley’s PNP boycotted. His party thus controlled all seats in parliament. In an unusual move, because the Jamaican constitution required that there be an opposition in the appointed Senate, Seaga appointed eight independent senators to form an official opposition.

Manley was a key player in establishing a national minimum wage, maternity leave with pay, the right of workers to join trade unions, the repeal of the Masters and Servants Act, the establishment of a National Housing Trust and the introduction of a bauxite levy, a land reform programme, a national literacy programme, and a Status of Children Act which ended discrimination against children born out of wedlock. He vigorously promoted education at all levels, cooperative development, worker participation, and national and community self-reliance.
Manley developed close friendships with several foreign leaders, foremost of whom were Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Olof Palme of Sweden, Pierre Trudeau of Canada and Fidel Castro of Cuba. With Cuba just 145 km (90 miles) north of Jamaica, he strengthened diplomatic relations between the two island nations, much to the dismay of United States policymakers. He was involved in the trade union movement, and became a negotiator for the National Workers Union. Manley’s successful trade union background helped him to maintain a close relationship with the country’s poor, black majority, and he was a dynamic, popular leader. Unlike his father, who had a reputation for being formal and businesslike, the younger Manley moved easily among people of all strata and made Parliament accessible to the people by abolishing the requirement for men to wear jackets and ties to its sittings. In this regard he started a fashion revolution, often preferring the Kariba suit which was a type of formal bush or safari jacket with trousers and worn without a shirt and tie. He was in the vanguard of world statesmen who applied international pressure to assist in the dismantling of apartheid and of minority rule in southern Africa. Manley seized and nationalized Jamaica’s largest businesses owned by oppressive oligarchs.

Scan both and tell me what you think

John answers:

As a 2nd Generation Jamaican, I found your question and details very interesting and informative and I now have a better idea of my fellow Jamaicans dislike for Seaga. I am sadly not up on Politics, but felt that I should let you know that this was a good question as was your Israeli – Palestine question that was deleted. We all know the power behind the deletion of that question, dam! Here in T.O. That same power are the only ones that were able to put a dent in the gay parade when some of the fruits crossed them. Atleast in the latter case it was used for good!

Donna asks…

Why don’t white guys stick together?

***This is for white guys only***

It seems every other group has banded together and helps their own out, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, ect. I mean don’t you get tired of less qualified blacks being accepted into college or promoted over you just cause of affirmative action? Don’t you get tired of the government spending more of your hard earned money on research for womens medical problems than mens medical problems? Don’t you get tired of women and minorities trying to make white male business owners who built their businesses from the ground up with their own money and hard work hire more minorities and women instead of other white males? I mean I don’t hear white guys whining that business built up by women and minorities aren’t hiring them.

I’m just sick of all these white guys with white guilt who aren’t proud about their race because of what their forefathers did in the past. Well guess what guys get over, you should not be sorry at all, its not like white men were the only ones committing crimes. In fact we were on the receiving end of many crimes as well. Do you know the Mongolians invaded Europe from the east and slaughtered thousands of whites before any white countries ever attacked an Asian one. Do you know that Arabs did the same and also had white slaves in the past. Black Africans did the same thing as well, backs owned white slaves before ever entered the slave trade. There are countless other incidence as well, and guess its not like they suddenly stopped cause they had this epiphany. White males actually had to fight their way out of these circumstance, while on the flip side when we committed crimes we actually stopped on our own accord because we decided it wasn’t morally right.

Do you think they cared about what they did to white people? Not a chance, nor should they IMO. Thats why we need to get over the guilt and be proud cause the reality is that its everyone in the world versus white males. All these feminist groups, NAACP, LA RAZA, are after us, make no mistake about it. When the say there needs to be more diversity in politics and the business world that really means “less white men and more women and minorities”. And really isn’t that a real kick in the ass? While we white males build up successful companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Coca Cola, and others we than get told we have to hire different kinds of people. Even if you don’t want to hire them or they aren’t qualified you are forced to hire them. Can you imagine the outcry if this happened to a company founded by women or minorities, we wouldn’t hear the end of it.Look at the the most successful and prosperous nations in the world, most of them are white and built by white men. Of course this November America voted in a black president even though he was severely under qualified and basically went into no details on how to sole the important issues. Of course a white male gets the boot after creating the most powerful and prosperous nation of all time, so they can put in a black person in charge. Now let me ask you where would you rather live, Europe or Africa? US or Haiti? Has there ever been a black president or leader that hasn’t been a disaster? I mean look at the state of Africa, its the poorest continent on the planet. Look at Haiti, its the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and cause what its the only country in the western hemisphere that is lead by a black president and has a population thats majority black.

I mean no white man can find this fair, and guess who voted the moron in? It was non-white males. Thats why we need to stick together, cause they may have the numbers advantage but we have the intellectual advantage. Remember we invented computers, the internet, cars, planes, landed a man on the moon, built a station in space, build the greatest civilizations, found cures for several diseases, ect. We’re only about 5% of the words population yet we done 10 times more than everyone else combined. If it wasn’t for the white mans mind everyone on earth would still be living like cave men.

So if you’re a white man who’s a powerful business man, politician, or hold some form of power, I hope you look after your fellow white man and help him. Remember we’re in this together and can only count on each other.

John answers:

Every time we do it’s labeled as racist. We’ve got to get over that word and start working together to promote our interests. If the other races can do it we can too.

John asks…

Taxes: Short & Long term Stock Sales?

I am begining to look at my taxes for 2010.

I have printed out all the copmpanies that I have sold out of in 2010.

Some companies were positons from 2008 and 2009.

Some of the longer positions, were heavy losses. For example, I sold out of the final 1,300 shares I owned in WaMu (wamuq current symbol). The losses totaled over $4,300 and mostly stemmed prior to the thrifts failure and government take over in 2008. How does this structure different from stocks that I puchased (for example sake) in 3/10/2010 and sold on 3/14/2010?

I “dumped” many stocks this year and took whatever was left and have been trying to rebuild my portfoilio and my finacial standings. Fortunatley I have made many successful trades, but with selling out of many of my *near* worthless positions, I am still in the red.

Can somebody explain how this works? I will be going to my accountant in February and have my taxes done professionally as I always do, however I try to get an idea before hand of what I am going to expect. I never experienced a “2008” before and I held much of the worthless stocks until this year.

thanks in advance.

***Oh, I am more worried about federal – however, I reside in NY if anybody can help there.

John answers:

If you didn’t report your losses in previous years, you will first need to amend those returns. If the losses were $3,000 or less, that amount will be deducted from your income in that year reducing your taxes . If the amount was greater than $3,000, $3,000 will be deducted from your income in that year and the remainder will be carried forward to allow deductions of up to $3,000 per year in future years or to offset short or long term capital gains.

If all of the stocks were sold this year and it doesn’t offset all your gains, up to $3,000 of the losses can be used to deduct from your income and the remainder will be carried forward.

Susan asks…

Have you seen this evidence of Bush privatising Iraqi companies the enhance American corporate greed?

I asked a similar question but it was deleted. It was not considered a question, of all things.
•Paul Krugman,Privatization in Iraq is out of control NYT, May 5, 2004. “Much has been written about the damage done by foreign policy ideologues who ignored the realities of Iraq, imagining that they could use the country to prove the truth of their military and political doctrines. Less has been said about how dreams of making Iraq a showpiece for free trade, supply-side tax policy and privatization […] undermined the chances for a successful transition to democracy. A number of people, including Jay Garner, the first U.S. administrator of Iraq, think that the Bush administration shunned early elections, which might have given legitimacy to a transitional government, so it could impose economic policies that no elected Iraqi government would have approved. Indeed, over the past year the Coalition Provisional Authority has slashed tariffs, flattened taxes and thrown Iraqi industry….
•wide open to foreign investors – reinforcing the sense of many Iraqis that the United States came as occupiers, not liberators.”

John answers:

I would expect nothing less of the Bush administration.Money is the great God of America.Are there really still some Americans left who think this was an honourable war?

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