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Laura asks…

UK companies that trade with China/India?

I’ve been trying to research which UK companies trade with China and India. I need to know what they sell, why are they selling to China and India and how successful they are.

I’ve been searching for hours, but I can simply find nothing. If somebody could possibly help me out, it’d be greatly appreciated.

John answers:

Most of the biggest UK companies trade with Chine and India and are listed in the TFSE100 index (
Select a company, go to their web sits and look for their annual report. You should get an idea of what the company is doing and an idea of the sale that come from overseas which may be broken down to China and India.
Try Unilever

Steven asks…

Options trading? I’m 18 years old with 4 years experience?

Will I be able to apply for options trading. I am going to the brokerage office to change my 1 year old Scottrade account from custodian to regular Individual and xfering money I earned on my dad’s TD Ameritrade account. I only have about $22,000 in assets. I am self employed through college with varying annual income.

Thing is I have 4 years experience and my dad has taught me everything about puts and calls. I have no credit but $6500 to deposit and about 60% of it is from successful calls with oil companies.

John answers:

Convert the assets in the custodian account to a single account in your name. Once the account is opened apply for an option account, the firm has a questionnaire. Based on the information you provided you should be approved for option trading.

I was a senior option principal and I would have approved you There are many people trading in option now that shouldn’t even have a brokerage account.

Go for ir, good luck and be very careful.

Lisa asks…

Where has all the money gone?

A year ago, we were still in an economic boom and places were trading normally, but since then, all we hear about is bad news and of companies going under and such. What I would like to know is where is all the money they had a year ago when they were still successful?

Nothing ever leaves the planet – so where is it all now?

John answers:

You’ve noticed it too ?

My question last week – Where is all the Gold? Http://;_ylt=AgnwjNwknc823bpL_WVwNH4hBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080916051312AAsXlvt

It comes from the banks – and goes to the banks. We actually only keep a bit of it for food – the rest of our salary goes on taxes – to government – to pay debts to the banks.

Inflation prevents us from keeping any – and Pensions although mandatory get raided or suffer losses – so end up pretty worthless anyway.

It’s all a big con game to keep the elite well fed.

Carol asks…

Conversation ice breakers!?

I just started a new business selling adult novelties and I have my first party next weekend. I’m looking for good ice breaker conversation starters that relate to the topic of “sex”! Like questions to ask when everything gets quiet and people are starting to act board! I’m not a pushy sales person or anything I just like to have a good time and be good company. I want my party to be fun! I want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. Dose anyone have any ideas or tricks of the trade with growing a successful company working with people. Any advice would be a great help!! Thanks!

John answers:

A good ice breaker! Install a pole and try pole dancing for your guest. Then ask do anyone want to try it. That will get you a lot of laughs, attention, and interest.
Pole dancing seem to be the new aerobics thing. This will get in pretty good shape.

Joseph asks…

how do you feel about energy?

The Democrats and Republicans have different views on how to proceed with new ideas on energy sources. The Democrats are trying to pass legislation that protects our country from relying so heavily on other countries for oil, by using a cap and trade method. This environmental policy would supposedly help stop as much pollution and other environmental risks, while encouraging economic growth through the use of other energy sources. Successful cap and trade programs have been performed in the United States before, including the Acid Rain Program, and the Clean Air Interstate Rule.
The Democrats vision uses positive economics, by establishing that if we do not “fall behind as other countries take the lead in creating clean-energy jobs and industries of the future,” we can take a stand and lead the world in a new area of the economy. They also believe that this new idea will help to build jobs, professional and blue collar as well, to help build “the foundation for lasting economic growth.”
Republicans approach to this issue is that they want the United States to be able to use any available resource in order to reach its fullest potential. They believe that we should continue to work towards building clean air technology, but that nuclear power and wind and solar power are just bets on making our air cleaner. The full effect cannot be seen until basically all this technology is fully in use. So therefore, we should just continue to drill for oil. The Republican party opposes the cap and trade legislation because they feel “that would impose a national energy tax on families and small businesses that would kill jobs and raise utility prices.” They think that the expense of using clean energy sources would raise prices and make it harder for companies to keep many jobs available to the people.

John answers:

Are you asking about energy and the environment? Or, are you asking about the economy and and energy?

It certainly seems as if the Republicans have had an environmental protection prospective that places immediate economic and business needs and wants first; environmental protections second. They have seemed willing to address environmental concerns once the need is established for human health and in particular, human reproductive health. Also, that if given an adequate body of evidence that actual environmental harm has occurred and the specific causes, the Republicans are willing address environmental issues following a cost benefit model….I suspect that many Republicans as individuals are more concerned about environmental issues than what it would seem if all you did was listen to their leaders.

I would bet that if you took a poll among Democrats, most would say that the environment is an issue that they are concerned about. You might even get a majority to say that they think that CO2 reductions are needed and/or that they support some type of cap and trade legislation. I’m not convinced that those same poll takers would fully understand the ramifications of what they speak of nor would they all be speaking of the same concepts. In general, Demorcrats have a more protactve and vissionary perspective with repect to environmental protections than do Republicans.

Foriegn reliance on energy can be considered a short term, balance of trade, economic issue. It can be considered a Defence issue. It can be considered a long term, dependancy issue of economics. It can only be considered an environmental issue if one agrees that the burning of fossil fuels causes environmental problems in the short term or, that the available amount of crude is a finite resource in the long term. Still, forgien dependancy on oil is more of an economic issue than it is an evironmental issue. On the other hand, everything related to more efficient energy use, energy innovations, and cleaner energy has all been given the “environmental” label in the US.

Many of the other topics you bring up also revolve primarily along economic lines as opposed to environmntal lines. It basically describes the beginning of a new industry revolving around the reduction of the use of raw resources, the complete use of raw resources and manufactured items, the reduction and mediation of contaminates, and redirection of waste items into useful products. One could even call it “lean manufacturing” applied to the generation and use of manufactured products utilizing raw resources. It is an industry that is being developed in the rest of the industrial nations. If we were talking about the development of a new type of computer chip, few of us would have our hackles raised. But, we are talking about energy, raw resources out of our environment, and effects on our environment. It is my bias that we, in the US need and could use the products of this growing industry. But, even if we choose to not utilize the advances in this industry until we are left no other option, we do have a growing trade deficit and a whole lot of potential customers across the globe.

The Obama administration proposes making a proactive investment in this industry for a variety of short and long term benefits for the economy and environmnet. The Republicans continue to favor more of a supply side economics perspective towards recovering jobs and the economy on “Main Street”, or in indivudals’ homes. They continue to have a greater concern for the economy than the environment. And, some would argue that they have a greater concern for the bigger players in the economy than the small ones which is in part where the Tea Party has sprung from.

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