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Laura asks…

is velez capital management trading program legit?

Velez Capital Management Is there program legit? There website boast that they will give you $50,000 trade using proven methods. I’m curious to find out if there is anyone out there that has had experience with this company 1st hand and has been successful.

John answers:

Have you read the details?

Michael asks…

why did the pilgrims leave england?

I need some help on my homework:

The pilgrims left england primarily because they

a) were expelled from england by the government
b) believed the church of england was too corrupt to save
c) waned to form a profitable trading company off Nova Scotia.
d) sought to establish a successful catholic commonwealth.

John answers:

B) believed the church of england was too corrupt to save

The Puritans were protestants who thought the Church of England had not done enough to get eliminate the Catholic influence after the English Reformation. The Church of England resembled Catholicism and had bishops of some of the rituals, it just placed the king of England at the head of the church.

Mandy asks…

General Motors the next golden opportunity stock after going public next year?

Ford Motors was trading at around $1 a year ago and is now $9. Part of the reason is the company’s successful turn around under Mually and gaining market shares. By the time GM goes public next year, do you think it’ll have the potential for its share price to multiply several times like Ford did since the company is going through restructuring phase and is washed clean of its debts? Do you think it’ll be the next golden opportunity stock to invest in?

John answers:

We won’t know the full answer until we know what the new GM stock will be priced at.

I don’t think Ford’s stock price really reflected what people thought it was worth as a solvent company when it traded at $1. The low share price reflected their thoughts of the value of the company discounted by the liklihood of bankruptcy. With the immediate threat of bankruptcy gone, the stock was free to return to a solvent valuation.

GM on the other hand went all the way to bankruptcy. If there is a turnaround for GM by the time of the IPO, the stock price will already reflect much of it. The IPO would be priced the night before shares begin to trade, so the market would have all the time leading up to that event to judge a fair price.

With that said, you can watch a rough approximation of the value of the new GM everday. Look at the value of the old GM’s bonds. The unsecured bonds will receive liquidation payments from the remaining assets of the old GM (some old factories, land, golf course, etc) as well as a portion of the 10% of the new GM currently owned by old GM. There are other claimints of course, but the bonds mostly derive the value from the expected value of the GM stock holders will receive. Immediately after the bankrupcty, the bonds were worth as little as 9 cents on the dollar. Since that time, the bonds have gained in value. They are now trading around 16 cents on the dollar.

Mary asks…

How would you generate PR for a client whose services help businesses optimize their employee performance?

Hello all,

Would really appreciate your input regarding this. I work in PR and am in negotiations with a client whose predominant skill sets like business performance enhancement. She has a forty year career in sales, and her techniques, observations and seminars claim to enhance the performance of a company’s workforce treble fold. Businesses have noticed radical performance improvements from their employees after hiring her as a consultant and she has forged a hugely successful career visiting different companies and advising them on how to break with useless coventions, introduce new techniques, reinvigorate a latent workforce – all with the objective to harness the very best from their employees. I’m trying to think of unique PR / publicity opportunities for her – aside from national and trade press, business TV and radio, etc. what inventive and imaginative PR opportunities do you think could be applied to her publicity strategy?

Thank you so much in advance, this has been evading me.

John answers:

With a client like this the problem is more focusing on one opportunity!

1. Interview the employees she has helped give their very best. Create a series of questions that reveal how happy, productive, self-confident and proud they are to be able to give their best to a company that now recognizes that best. Interview the owners too. It should be easy to get her on the morning show of your local station with this as well as create an article for multiple uses.

2. Create an audacious goal for her: make government efficient. Choose one government organization or non-profit to radically change. Blog and vlog about the process and send press releases.

3. Create a contest – “Want to Love Your Job More?” Sponsor your company to win a free workforce incentive overhaul. This one is more controversial and would need some guts.

Ken asks…

How hard is it to jump right into the stock market?

Is it diificult to make money in the stock market? I am looking to maybe do some trading on the side every now and then with Ameritrade or soemthing…Is the market very unpredicatable or can you be successful as long as you are keeping an eye on things (company news, etc.)?

John answers:

It is not difficult to make money as long as you purchase shares in solid companies for the long term. Where people tend to loose their shirts is a). Buying speculative stocks hoping for a fast killing b) buying and selling attempting to make a buck a trade. C) investing based on hot tips. D) buying at the top of the market and selling at the bottom.

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