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Lisa asks…

What can I do with a degree in applied buisiness and financial services?

I want to go to college to get my bachelors degree in financial services. (Stocks, insurence, investments, ect) However I know that banks are trying to lower the number of workers they have and I dont want to end up selling insurance or anything like that. I would like to trade up stocks or tell companies how to better spend they’re money. Can I do that with this degree? What could I do with it?

Thanks! 10 points for reasonable answer!

John answers:

Well if you don’t want to go into financial services, one option you could consider is consulting. Consulting will give you better exposure to different clients, industry sectors, and business environments than working for a bank anyway.

You will also have more control and be able to take full ownership of your career. You can position yourself more towards service side if you like “doing” and getting direct involvement in all the actions. Or you can align yourself more to advisory roles if you like “advising” and having a broad vision of the overall engagement and where it’s heading.

The job is not routine. It is very dynamic. As you go from one client to another, the challenges come in different twists of flavor. Your work will always be appreciated (unlike bankers, who are just corporate drones). The sense of satisfaction in consulting is unmatched by any other job industries.

All in all, it is a prestigious professional field with great compensations and mobility. Even if you decide to move on to do something else or get MBA, the consulting experience will earn you the respect, bolster your resume, and equip you with the skills and confidence to walk and lead any business circle on a successful path.

Thomas asks…

How would decriminalization of an illicit good or service effect its price?

An informed and impassioned electorate selects the government leaders in the United States, but often these two groups are non-overlapping and the latter crowd is a much larger and easier source of votes. As a result, many pleasurable activities have been outlawed in successful bids for political power. I can still have my parties with cocaine and hookers, but if these unjust statutes didn’t exist, would they be more expensive or less so?

John answers:

No relevant change.

1) Who is responsible (i.e. Who can I sue) when I buy a defective or dangerous product (diseased hooker, cocaine)?

2) What company in it’s right mind is going to offer any addictive, destructive drug for sale after what the liberals did to the Tobacco companies (it’s still legal, but the price is up to almost $6 a pack).

3) When someone is killed by someone else driving drunk, the bar-owner who served the drunk driver can be held liable. How many “coke” bars do you think would open under those rules?

Currently, it is not possible to sue cocaine distributors, pimps, or prostitutes. They are shielded by the very laws that restrict their trade. To remove those shields would be to increase the cost of doing business (every pimp and dealer would have his corporate lawyer on speed dial).

Mary asks…

I am looking to become a travel agent, anyone heard anything about Global Travel International?

I have heard wonderfu lthings about YTB and was leaning that way and then someone mentioned to me about GTI {Global Travel International.} Obviously I want to get with a reputible company that I can succeed with. GTI did provide a BBB Report to be seen. Anyone have any imput on these comapnies? I need help to make a decision! Thank you all in advance!

John answers:

Hi Niki, YTB Is A Well Established, 7 Yr Old, Debt Free, Publicly Traded Company With A Guaranteed, Bonded Copywritten Compensation Plan That Increases Every Year, 28th Largest Travel Agency..11th In Leisure Travel, Revenue Growth 177%..$141 Million & Continuing To Grow Strongly..Over 300,00 People..150,000 Who Are Agents, Up Over 150% From Jan 2007. (60,000 Agents)

Received The Highest Awards 3 Years In A Row From Carnival Cruise Lines..On November 8th, 2007 Booked Over 12,000 Cruises In One Day! In January 2005, Received The Platium Award From Apple Vacations, Was Voted One Of The Top 500 Franchise Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine, In “SUCCESS FROM HOME MAGAZINE” Twice.. All 128 Pages Of The January 2008 Issue & In All 130 Pages Of The January 2007 Issue, Approved By The Direct Sellers Association. (DSA) & In Other Press Releases 73 Times..Most Receint..Today..4/17/08, In Every State, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Opening In Other Countries Later This Year. Global Travel Pays Less Commissions & Does Not Give You A Check Until You Earn $50. With YTB You Receive..25 Web Sites, Pays You Many Different Ways..Even At $10. You Can Also Start For Free As A Rep, Receive Health Benefits & Earn More Income Get Paid Sooner!! See The YTB Support Information Group Established To Help People Become Successful:

Richard asks…

How to become an actress and be successful?

How do i make it into the acting business i am 13 and hope to be an actress please! =)
Like what i need to do
What company should i go to?
What should I do?

John answers:

Take classes and audition for school/ community plays !
Here I have tips and steps to help you:

Tip: There are sites where you can get casting calls ( audition) here are good legitimate sites where you can make free profiles – actors access, now casting. You can also Google your city and audition and see what you get but be aware of scammers

Tip:NEVER pay anything upfront. Stay away from John Robert Powers, Barbizon,Nova Talent,John Casablanca and any other “acting school” that makes you pay thousands of dollars!

Here are the basic step to being an actor( I am simplifying the process it is a lot harder and complicated than simple steps because along the way you are never guaranteed success BUT for simplicity sake)

Enroll in acting class. Good actors study their entire lives. To choose a good class, ask trusted, successful professionals for references.

Get a headshots ( pictures)

Compose a resume of all the work you have done so far. As your body of work grows, drop the less professional work (such as school plays) from your resume.

Send your headshot and resume with a brief cover letter to all the casting directors and agents in your area. Follow up with postcards every four to six months, updating them on your current acting projects.

Read the trade papers regularly: “Backstage,” “Dramalogue,” “The Ross Reports” and “Variety,” as well as online publications , as appropriate. Know what is being cast where, and send headshots and notes directly to directors and producers whenever possible, requesting auditions.

Always accept invitations to industry events and parties, and meet industry professionals whenever possible. Who you know is extremely important.

Acting is a tough business; make sure your personality is suited for the ups and downs. If not, amateur theater is also a good way to practice your craft.

Be skeptical of shady services offered to actors; there are many scams that prey on the dreams of actors.


Betty asks…

What Chicago companies pay their employees’ tuition?

I’m looking to go back to school and am also looking for a new job but I would like to work for a company which will pay for my school. My two preferences are to either get an MBA or a JD. I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks a million.

John answers:

Most companies who pay for tuition will only pay for classes which are directly relevant to their job. As far as who pays for tuition I think you will need to call around. I doubt there is a list of companies who pay for employee tuition. As a side note many larger companies do reimburse employees for advancing their education. It is usually reimbursed after successful completion of the class with a minimum grade. Some companies mention benefits and tuition reimbursement on their websites or company literature. Headhunters may also be aware of tuition reimbursement. If there are job fairs in the area it would be a good place to find out about tuition and other benefits. If there is a specific industry in which you are interested you may check with their trade association or magazines that cater to that industry.

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