Your Questions About Successful Trading Companies

Mary asks…

Why does Berkshire Hathaway Inc sell its stock at a very high price?

What is the motive of a company to sell stocks at a very high price? Is it just to brag or is it the more elite people it wants to attact to invest in or they just don’t like people buying their stock, if so then why become a publicly traded company if they wouldn’t want to sell it?

John answers:

As Pierre said, Berkshire doesn’t sell its stock – its sold between investors in the market. That said, Berkshire’s policies make it very expensive. Unlike other successful companies like Walmart or Microsoft, Berkshire never splits the “A” share and never pays dividends. So, in addition to being wildly successful, its doesn’t get diluted by issuing new shares and it doesn’t slow growth by paying dividends.

By the way, it recently broke tradition and did split the “B” shares to make its acquisition of Burlington Railroad work. They currently sell for under $80 so anyone can own a piece of Berkshire.

Susan asks…

How do companies like Starbucks or McDonalds gain so much profit with unhealthy products?

How do companies like Starbucks or McDonalds gain so much profit? They’re able to market their products so well that people flock to their stores/restaurants everyday and gain so much profit. Don’t people realize how unhealthy the products are that these companies sell?

John answers:

Starbucks whose coffers are already overflowing with the ill gotten gains from victims with wool in their eyes the world over, seeks to inflate the already bulging, grande, bank accounts of its corporate officers by robbing hard working Americans four dollars at a time for overpriced, poorly made lattes and machiattos. This atrocity must be stopped and it is up to you to make that happen.

People who shop at Starbucks aren’t customers, they are victims- victims of an evil empire that is built on the blood of an exploited working class, victims of an organization that is playing a part in systematically destroying the neighborhoods in this country, and victims of a company who charges too much for bad coffee!

Starbucks is renowned for poor business practices that hurt hard working people, and kill local economies. In a recent attempt at unionization, workers complained that, “the gourmet coffee giant is grinding them down with oppressive working conditions.” Christina Rosevear, a Starbucks Barista, was forced back to work during her eighth month of pregnancy, despite her doctor’s advice against it, under threats of losing her job.

Any victim who has ever walked into a Starbucks and attempted to order a cup of Fair Trade coffee can attest to the company’s lack of interest in supporting the communities around the world responsible for growing, harvesting, and processing the product from which billionaires like Starbucks chief Howard Shultz make money. The corporate executives at Starbucks will glady continue to get fat on the underpaid labor of growers in third world countries who are dying from curable diseases because they have no medical care!

Coffee farmers are becoming even more impoverished, going further into debt and losing their land due to extremely low world coffee prices. Meanwhile Starbucks has not lowered consumer prices but are pocketing the difference, even taking into account the quality premiums in the specialty industry.

According to Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International, Fair Trade farmers sell only about 20% of their coffee at a Fair Trade price. The rest is sold at the world price, due to lack of demand. Demand can be created by large corporations selling Fair Trade.

Starbucks’ policy of cannibalizing neighborhoods is no secret- their scouts seek out the hub of a neighborhood and locate successful locally owned and operated businesses. They attempt to break the leases of the current proprietor, and if they are unable to send the current tenant packing, they open up shop across the street and try to steal customers one by one. The invading company is quite open about this carnivorous tactic in magazine articles and power point presentations.

Starbucks brings death to neighborhoods — the depoliticized world view spews from the uncaring unfeeling corporate monster like a scentless gas, invisible yet highly explosive. Nietzsche’s pflight- The wings of American neighborhoods clipped by expensive coffee drinks!

Nietzsche’s pflight- It is your moral imperative, arise as one! Put the kibosh on Starbucks’ and their evil empire’s attempts to exploit you by monopolizing the coffee trade in your neighborhood! Boycott, protest, speak out with one voice and say “NO!”

Paul asks…

What does it take to run a construction company?

My dad owns a construction company right now and I think that when he retires, I want to take it over. I want to go to college for business and construction. Is this really necessary though. The reason I want to go to college is because I want to turn it into a huge company and I want the tools and knowledge to make that happen. Is this a good decision?

John answers:

I’m in the same boat as you, my father also owns a construction company, and I would like to continue running it once he retires. He has a very successful company and still has work right now even though its slow because of the economy. It is not necessary to go to college if your a smart kid and can learn the tools of the trade from your father. The best advice I can give to you is to sit down and have a talk with your dad about this.

Sharon asks…

How might a company or business community at large influence universal primary education?

I am stuck on this question and was wondering if anyone can help me out. I need to know how a company might help encourage primary education? I already had to answer how “I” alone might encourage it so Im trying not to put the same answer. Thanks!

John answers:

In order to be successful in school and life, students MUST have goals, dreams, and plans for the future. Honestly, most children have no idea why they are in school – they simply think that they have to go because adults make them go! Yet, even from a very young age, kids need to “want” to go to school and they must enjoy the process of learning because it meets their own academic and emotional needs.

When young students go to school each day only because adults make them go … their education will lack personal relevance or meaning. These students without an innate desire or passion to learn will always grossly underperform and take the path of academic least resistance. However, when kids have a connection to the real world and to personal career goals and dreams (no matter whether they want to attend trade, vocational, junior, community, or 4 year college) – students will then:

• do better academically
• behave better in school
• make better life related choices
• choose healthier friendships
• have healthier self-esteems
• become life-long independent learners
• and be more passionate about the future

Definition of College, Any form of Higher Learning Beyond High School.
A four year degree from a major college or university isn’t for everyone … And that is OK. But, everyone needs to have a dream. Dreams of higher learning can include trade or vocational schools where kids can have careers that use their hands as well as their minds! Careers like these can include craft or skill jobs like plumbers, computer or software designers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, chefs, and a host of other neat positions.

It doesn’t matter what your child wants to be when he or she leaves high school – but what does matter – is that they want to be the best at what they do. They need to desire to be the most trained, most educated, and most knowledgeable at their chosen craft. With more skill and more training, comes more opportunity!

Dreams come in different shapes, colors, and sizes – but the important thing is that we have personal dreams from a young age. Without a desire or passion to reach out into the future, school becomes a chore instead of a mission or quest for success. When kids have a purpose in school, they will out perform your wildest imagination!

College Goals are Essential for Success
Our kids need goals to shoot for – without them they will always choose the path of academic least resistance. Challenges will go unmet, opportunities will be squandered, and kids will all too often refuse to push themselves beyond the expectation of the classroom teacher.
Dare your kids to dream about the future and help them reach for it … you will be amazed at the results!

Ruth asks…

How can a company last for a long time if the owner dies?

Say you own a company wen you get old no children and you die, how does a company can keep running?

John answers:

Depends on the nature and scale of the company. If it was a successful company, then there is a #2 guy. If it was VERY successful, it might already be publicly traded. However, if it was a one guy operation…the company dies OR is sold.

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