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Daniel asks…

Which Business?!?

What type of business should I start that would give me the greatest return? I don’t mean what type of ownership just should i start a business in animals, food, trades, a service type business and so many more! But what type of business tends to be the most successful? (Ex. Starting a pizza business) Also how much money should i save up to invest in the company? I am currently 15 (grade 11) living in Canada but i wish to get my MBA as well as a degree in real estate and move to California and than start a business.

Please give as much specific detail as possible and as well as advice

John answers:

Some sort of online business……

Someone answer mine please:;_ylt=AiSlI3YhaU71ZE.aJOZO9vP59xd.;_ylv=3?show=WaZsYVVXaa

Charles asks…

110 Years Of Jim Crow? What’s The Remedy?

Does anyone have a clue about correcting 110 Years Of Jim Crow?
A nation with the Industrial and Technical expertise to execute the New Deal, Marshal Plan, Rescue Kuwait, and Invade Iraq must have the capability to resolve the African American dilemma.

Prior to the institution of Jim Crow heirs of emancipation had successful businesses and trades. Economic independence was commonplace where African Americans had access to land for survival and subsitance.

Immigrants came from Europe with nothing and were used to displace African Americans economically, politically, and socially. Check the history. Separate the truth from fiction.
Baxter – Pay attention. You are doing what heirs of Immigration find comfortable and convenient. This is a logic that permanently fixes a European immigant advantage. This question asks for suggestions. It neither excuses nor begs. Read the information before commenting or responding. If you don’t have the integrity to examine the facts, silence would be appropriate. You may even learn something. Thanks for the attempt. Who is Dr.George Washington Carver?
Since some want to forgive and forget, let’s suppose European immigrants had to return to the native ancestral land and return all the advantages and wealth accrued by displacement of African Americans. This will take many out of their comfort zone.
Mac – Selective denial is not a suggestion. It is not our place to resolve every injustice. What we can do is stay with the context of 110 years of Jim Crow. If your family has not been the beneficiary to the European Migration circa 1895 – 1925 this is not about you. Don’t be so sensitive. Read the list of published attrocities during this period. Tell us what impact these events have had upon Mainstream America. It is a challenge to be more creative than denying these events. Thanks for responding.
For the record US Civil War was fought to maintain the Union. Not to free slaves. Emancipation is net effect.
blh454 – Jim Crow is in much of the structural fabric. Some benifit from it. Others are abused by it.

John answers:

Thats a good question. One way would be to stop complaining about it, take a deep breath on both sides and try and go from there. It’s going to take a lot more than that but first calming down would help.

Joseph asks…

How is the situation of the Lebanese in Australia?

I heard of the Cronulla riots that took place in Sydney against lebanese and “wogs” in general.
First of all i was VERY surprised to learn that Lebanese were discriminated against in Australia, then i learned that they were involved in violence and gang activities.
But this surprised me even more because from what i know lebanese have communities throughout the world and they have a good reputation; in Canada and the U.S they are very successful and we don’t hear any complaints about them, they are even considered white.. in Latin america and Brasil, they are a very well established and powerful community (the richest man in the world is a Lebanese Mexican: Carlos Selim), Also in Africa they are doing well, they have very successful businesses and trade cartels. Even in South Africa they are a successful community and the whites there didn’t have any problem labeling them WHITE and giving them full rights during the apartheid era.
So why only in Australia are the Lebanese facing problems? Whose fault is it? and how is their situation now 4 years after the Cronulla riots?
Also how “White” do you have to be to be counted white in Australia?
I”m Italian American by the way and i have a Lebanese GF 😉

John answers:

The issues with Lebanese gangs in Sydney are a direct result of non assimilation & poor education….

Opportunities are open to everyone but some migrants have come here & not taken advantage of opportunities ..this isn’t exclusive to Lebanese either !

Australia’s success has been built on the backs of migrants from all over the world …our cultural diversity has enriched our society as a whole & we have welcomed people who come prepared to contribute to society as a whole.

Having said that I am sure that if you were to do a survey of those who are the cause of racial tension the common thread would be a failure to accept that they need to conform to our culture , not us to theirs !

Chris asks…

How to become a power seller on EBay ?

Curious how to become a good ebay buyer and seller, Seeking tricks to the trade that the pro traders use, where to buy the ebay items you sell, how do you figure shipping fees, ect ? I guess I am seeking an ebay trader who can teach me the methods used to be successful w/ my ebay business. Thank you for any tips and help you can give me.

John answers:

Hi, I just came across this club online about ebay trading among many many other things about online business. This is amazing source of info and good tips on all these ways to do business online.

Check this page out.

This will blow your mind, good luck.

George asks…

What language is the best….?

What language is the best to learn if you want to become successful in European business? I’m thinking either German or French, but I could be wrong.

I understand that Japanese and Chinese are both great languages to learn to become successful in the International business trade, but neither or European…so those answers are not what I’m looking for. Both of those will help me succeed in the Asian business trade, sure, but that’s not what I’m going for. (Had asked this question previously and Japanese was the number one answer.)

John answers:

A lot of Germans speak English, much more then the French do, so go with French

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