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Mandy asks…

Is it time for a serious debate about the War on Drugs?

Some info:
• $45.5 Billion spent this year and $30.1 billion of that was incarceration alone.
• The total cost of drug abuse in the US is estimated at $143.4 billion… that includes indirect costs.
• Drug use has increased in every way measurable since prohibition.
• 20% of all drug traffic is interrupted. 75% interruption would be needed to begin effectiveness.
• The average markup for legal drugs, both pharm and recreational (tobacco, alcohol, etc) is 10-15%. The average markup for illegal drugs is 1000% reflecting the so-called “risk premium”.
• The illegal drug trade, by any standard, is a hugely profitable and successful business venture. Impossible to estimate, profits are believed to be in the hundreds of billions, annually.
• Illegal drugs and drug use are theorized to be responsible for a permanent underclass.
• Prohibition, in theory, creates a premium as reflected in price, creating a market for cheaper and usually more dangerous and destructive drugs like Meth, and Crack.
My question is simple. Isn’t there a better way?
Everyone can agree that drug abuse is a questionable practice on a personal level. But responsible drug use is entirely possible too. Isn’t it time we stopped kidding ourselves into thinking we’re eradicating drugs, solving more problems than we create?
And a link:
sharia_vigilant- Don’t you see how racist that sentiment is. Why not ask yourself why drugs and gangs go together. Is there a better way besides ‘muscle’ to stop it? Perhaps if the drug trade wasn’t so profitable, gangs and the poverty stricken wouldn’t be interested in it.
Ken- you’re right. but that’s why we have second terms.
sharia_vigilant- I’m not buying it. You say gangs, you imply inner city black kids. You may be able to cover your tracks by listing other gangs, but when you say, “Execute gang members” it’s going to be an inherently racial issue.
sharia_vigilant- please. not covering your tracks is also part of being a man. YOU KNOW that when YOU say gangs, you think black kids, and I say that on YOUR track record of answers.

John answers:

Not to mention the human cost. I think it is time to have a serious dialogue but in politics this is considered a taboo issue. If you suggest anything other than higher sentences for drug users and dealers, you are a fringe candidate. The only people talking about this are the libertarians, believe it or not. Even the candidates such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who have admitted to prior drug use do not talk about decriminalizing even marijuana.

Danny: Good answer, that is exactly the dialogue that we are talking about. There are many alternatives to outright legalization. A rationale approach seems to me to be legalization of marijuana, use that funding for greater treatment options for other drug offenders, and continue to prosecute dealers of narcotics. That is just my opinion and I am sure they run the gamut from hang’em all to live and let live. The problem is that we cannot have a real dialogue as sensible people because some people have blinders on. US citizens do not even know the methods of dealing with drugs in other countries and the rates of success (me included). These are all things we should know.

John asks…

Is there any examples of a large multinational business that have benefited from the recent world recession?

Preferably a UK or American firm! Just the name will do fine cheers

But any additional info would be appreciated and likely to get a best answer!

(P.S i already have Domino’s, Tesco, Boots, Virgin, budget supermarkets and fair trade products (i know not a firm but they’ve been successful)

John answers:

Walmart, McDonalds, Dollar Tree Stores.

Robert asks…

Do You Think Some People Can PREDICT THE FUTURE?

i have always that believed the future isn’t set, that we make it up each day with the decisions we make, but, could it be we are predestined to make certain decisions, whether we know it or not??

criminals who end up on death row?

successful business owners who wind up with fame and fortune?

were those people destined to end up that way, or could they just as easily wound up trading places??

John answers:

You can’t predict the future, but you can have a bloody good guess. About 30 years ago I was offered a property for cheap and said no. They built a beachside suburb around it and it’s now worth heaps. Moral…. I couldn’t predict the future to see what was going to happe in 10 years time.

Fast forward to now…. I was offered another beachside apartment cheap and snapped it up. I’ve already made $50,000 in valuation and who knows in 10 years? They recently started building the suburb up and property values are rising.

Is that seeing into the future? Or just luck?

As for deaths row…. It doesn’t take an Einstein to see that if you commit murder, your future looks bleak. Not many get away with it.

Maria asks…

Could any one tell how to be successful in online trade?

As everything has gone online, i want to have my role in online trade too. I know that though it has been the root cause problem for petty businessmen, i do not want to stand behind this thought or be idle. I want to know how we can enter into online business and the basics of online trading. Anyone to help pls…. ?

John answers:

Its accordin experience and time u spend on online trading… My dad does online trading and he is successful in it… My grand father does the same thing without online stuffs and still he’s successful…

How well u use ur brains and sources does matter online trading.So think twice b4 doing that…If ur not sure, then try observing others who does online tradin…Only once ur are confident do that….

Lisa asks…

Business takeover question?

A friend and I are starting a company. However, I don’t agree to his terms. Also, he wants to do this under the table. I believe that the business idea will be successful. He thought of the idea and we both thought of the name. My question is, if he hasn’t registered the business name or trade marked the name. Can I legally register the business and have it be my business? Keep in mind, he thought of the idea, but we both thought of the name. However, there are no records proving that he came up with the idea.

I am not looking to screw him over. I am looking to have this done right. And to stay in business long enough so that we can make good money.

John answers:

Sounds to me like you could go behind his back and do this and get away with it. However…you will ruin the friendship and most likely make an enemy that could potentially do damage to your business. If he is the type of person that can get violent then I would look for bricks through the windows or slashed tires on your delivery trucks.

Good luck.

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