Your Questions About Successful Trading Business

Paul asks…

Where can a 16 year old gain knowledge of the business trade?

Trying to find knowledge in business, finance and entrepreneurship. What kind of jobs can i get with so many labor laws? What kinds of buisness could i start or what habits do i need to develop to become successful?

John answers:

Start your business or job which you like,at the beginning don’t look at the money.when you will take the interest with your job so definitely you will get the success along with high salary as per experience.For gaining knowledge in business you can join BBA or MBA Degree or you can take the advice for Business Consultant like best of luck.

Donna asks…

Setting up a street vendor business selling crepes?

I noticed whilst in paris the successful trade of street vendors selling crepes. I then had an idea to do this in my local town centre
How would I go about starting this? Would I need to contact the local authority/council? Would I need a health & safety qualificaton and a permit to do so?
I havent yet bought any equipment so havent started the business yet, just came up with the idea for a hobby in the summer

thanks for all your help in advance 🙂

John answers:

First step is to contact the Environmental Health at your local Council, they will give you all the advice you need. You will need a food hygiene/safety certificate and public liability Insurance. You will also need a traders licence from your council. You will also have to register with HMRC as self employed. If you are only going to do this for the summer I doub’t if it will be worth it.
Lots of hoops to jump before you can trade.

Linda asks…

what courses do i take if i want to become an importer of luxury cars?

at first i thought a course(major) in international business would do but my peers say that i need to learn engineering too- and i don’t like anything related to physics. Is it absolutely necessary to take up some sort of automobile engineering course or is only a major in intl. business and trade good enough to make me successful?

John answers:

To import them you dont really need anything, a degree in international trade/ business would help. You wouldnt need to know engineering because most major companies have engineers there already to check stuff out

Mandy asks…

Schooling an Career guide?

Ok so business is the “now” thing at the moment and of course i want to be a part of it, i am currently in year 10 of school and i need to know ;

if i want to own my own successful business (international trade and globalization etc) will i have to go to university or TAFE or both and how much would it cost and do i need to finish school?

and wat courses should i take i was thinking something like business management or something along those lines

please help all help is appreciated 🙂

John answers:

Ys google

Carol asks…

Who would you rather have as your elected official?

Someone who has run successful businesses or a career politician (probably an atty by trade) who’s main job is to be elected again?

John answers:

I’d rather have a Congress full of plumbers, truck drivers, mechanics, small business owners and circus clowns rather than the moronic Republicans and Democrats we have now!

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