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Sandra asks…

How would you PR a client whose services help businesses optimize their sales/employee performance?

Hello all,

Would really appreciate your input regarding this. I work in PR and am working with a client whose predominant skill sets lie in business performance enhancement. She has a forty year career in sales, and her techniques, observations and seminars claim to enhance the performance of a company’s workforce treble fold. Businesses have noticed radical performance improvements from their employees after hiring her as a consultant and she has forged a hugely successful career visiting different companies and advising them on how to break with useless conventions, introduce new techniques, reinvigorate a latent workforce – all with the objective to harness the very best from their employees. I’m trying to think of unique PR / publicity opportunities for her – aside from national and trade press, business TV and radio, etc. What inventive and imaginative PR opportunities do you think could be applied to her publicity strategy?

Thank you so much in advance, this has been eluding me.

John answers:

Frankly speaking, It’s very nice and intelligent question you have asked and invited to pour ideas from others like me. 😉

But I am just a bit suspect about her weather she needs PR person Or an agency if she is very famous and popular among her tribe? All though, we never know if she needs until we ask her intelligently. Anyhow, If I would be at your place, I would like to do…..

First of all, Study maximum (from all corners) about her. Her likes-Dislikes, Hobbies, Influences, Colleagues, Competitors, her leisure time-spending pattern etc. In a nut shell, Do her SWOT analysis. I am not suggesting you to spy her on her steps. But with a positive attitude KNOW MORE ABOUT HER. I am confident you will come out tons of ideas to praise her. Note everything.

Now, meanwhile find out the way how she wants to promote and maintain her PR rank through various creative activities and generate income. That’s totally up to your skills. Endorse her with your highly potential client (or celebrity) get her on track. She will be flattered for sure.

Dear, Please update me how this techniques are effecting in your work. To Your Positive Success!….

The Better Business Idea Guru.

Betty asks…

Condescending, race playing, (D) “Senator” Barbara Boxer At it again?

Harry Alford is the head of the Black Chamber of Commerce (believing the road for success for black americans is through business), he mimics the same cries as the business community when it comes to tougher regulations curtailing successful business practices, if the wider business community can’t get it across, he tries to get such policies past for African American business owners.

With the recent Tirade of Green Jobs and readying for cap and trade, business have been hurting, including his constituents, black business owners.

He then compiles research and experts on the topic of effective and energy efficient policies that should work as a compromise.

Boxer, then quotes opinions of laymen from the NAACP and such organizations with quotes that essentially spouts, “green jobs are great” Which has no meaning or relevance to the case whatsoever, she then continues to quote black empowerment organizations that are of equal significance.

Harry Alford loses his cool, and gets frustrated over Boxer’s irrelevance vs his research and experts, and Boxer just gets funnier and it progresses “he would be proud to be quoted”. (the quote comes in mid way)

Here is the clip.

John answers:

Liberals are the true bigots. They try to play the race car all the time. Also, they have generalization about the races.


Thomas asks…

Could you look through my writing and correct my grammatical mistakes?Part 1?

Hi:) Could you look through my writing and correct my grammatical mistakes? It is a part of my coursework. Thank you very much for your help!

Marketing is very important process involved in promoting, selling and distributing product or services. From the marketing campaign it usually depends how successful provided product or service will be. Effective marketing communication helps to build-up brand and relations with customers. Each business has clear goals, which they want to achieve trough marketing strategies.

Before planning marketing strategies and targeting new groups of people a business needs to take into consideration cultural differences which can affect a business. Usually marketing strategies involves big decisions that can influence the whole business. All mistakes made may cause serious damage of reputation and may discourage future customers.

Culture is they way how people do things around and different ways in which people behave. Each country may have different cultural standards of thinking, and acting, and these cultural differences can strongly influence businesses. Marketing needs to consider the local culture of the country in which they want to operate. Cultural differences may include language, different religion or values and attitudes.

Business involved in the international trading must be aware of different cultural differences. In some cases identifying cultural differences can decide how new business will be successful.

Values and attitudes may vary between different countries, and even within country. If a business is planning to expand and sell their products or services abroad, they should make sure that they have a good knowledge about locality before they enter the particular market.”

John answers:

*Before planning marketing strategies and targeting new groups of people, a business needs to take into consideration the cultural differences that can affect the business.

*Culture is the way people do things and the different ways in which they behave

*Each country may have different cultural standards of thinking and acting but these cultural differences can strongly influence businesses.

*Businesses involved in the international trading must be aware…..

*In some cases, identifying cultural differences can decides if new businesses will be successful.

Helen asks…

Can I be a successful retail investor?

I want to know if I can be successful, and I’m not talking about Warren Buffet successful, but just enough to attain financial security and potentially a very comfortable life. I plan to use various techniques integrating technical and fundamental analysis with long and short term investing in stocks in multiple portfolios. Maybe in the future I would trade other securities as well. Heck, I even want to know if I could potentially fund a business with successful trading and investing. I believe with all of my heart I can do this, but I wonder what others would think about these ideas and if there is anyone out there who is successful with their trading and perhaps even living comfortable lives. Thanks!

John answers:

Without question you can be successful. I like that you would like to combine both fundamentals and technical analysis. Stop by the Shareplanner community and join hundreds of other investors/ traders that share your same aspirations. Membership is free and we try to support each other and share a broad range of ideas there .

Michael asks…

What is the best way to learn trading in capital markets?

Is there any book which teaches the successful ways to trade and make huge sum of money or are there some institutes (Delhi) which teach trading or is there any software which in addition to trading helps improving one’s skill set in trading.
I am willing to get my hands on trading and be good at it as I am hoping to start a financial services business. What else is required to start and run one financial services firm. I do have a degree in investment analysis.

John answers:

_Stock Markets for Dummies_ is a great place to start.

Investors Business Daily (IBD) is a solid daily resource (and its complement, ). It’s a better newspaper than the Wall Street Journal and it is built around a particular approach to trading. You could read _How to Make Money in Stocks_ by William O’Neil too–he’s the founder of IBD.

Search your local library for other books on stock investing. Try to absorb as much knowledge and understanding as you can. Eventually, you should open a brokerage account and paper trade for a while–this is practice (not real money).

If you start throwing money willy-nilly at stocks without knowing a thing about technical analysis, fundamental analysis, ownership, and valuation, then expect to donate a great deal to Wall Street in tuition for the “school of hard knocks.”

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