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Donald asks…

Does your trade company do business with China?

In China, majority of suppliers has completed the foreign orders through the local trade agents. Finally, many parts of profits are owned by agents. Due to the lack of foreign trade knowledge, the suppliers suffer huge lost. In addition, the foreign partner doesn’t have a clear sense of sale price in local. So there are some foreign trade companies setting up the branches in Shanghai. The purpose of it is direct communication with local suppliers. Their successful story proved the advantages of the branches. In the terms of your exports, someone wants to develop the Chinese market. I could follow your advice including consult agents about Chinese law and policy.or trade affaires to handle in China.especialy suppliers information
Yes, trade business goes on. The rateof success is high. Provided that community or person could settle trade affair in Shanghai China with your company, you do not invest any things to this matter.if possible please
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John answers:

We arent yet. But looking into the possibility of trade with them next year.

Paul asks…

What is better out of trading ordinary spot forex or currency options?

I am 18 years old and I am considering trading currencies as a home based business. I’ve had practice with ordinary spot forex and find it okay. I want to know what is better if I was to trade ordinary spot forex or currency options? Which is better, and which has the best chance of you becoming successful and becoming a millionaire out of?

John answers:

Currencies tend to trend long term and be volatile in the short term.

Have a look at this chart from finviz & see if you agree.


I only trade currencies using long term call options. Why?

1. I have a known level of exposure (I can’t loose any more than I put in)

2. I feel its lower risk, as I am trend trading – trends can also revert.

3. It is definitely lower risk than spot trading, as I am not trading on margin – I can still loose everything though.

4. I’ve had a few friends take up currency trading (spot), do quite well for a bit then have a bad run, only one out of 6 is still in the game.

5. It suits my personality. If you can handle the swings, spot trading might be the thing for you.

Open up a demo account and see how you go.

Give your self time to learn before putting your own money down – once its gone, its gone.

Daniel asks…

How do I start a mail/shipping business?

I recently moved from an area with a business that was very successful that people could bring packages or items in and the company packaged and gave a shipping quote on the item. I want to use this business as a model and incorporate ebay trade assistant but I cannot find any information anywhere on how to get started with usps, fed ex, ups and all these other serverices that this company used to help there customers. Im new to the whole entreprenuer thing and want to get some advice on where to get started especially from someone in this area.

John answers:

Number one you will have to be setup as a shipper with all these carriers and be certified by the tsa as a known shipper as well as your customers is it is a box,, Mail boxes etc has franchises, but they pay all the freight cost and deduct it out of your settlement and still pay a franchise fee,,,, Will you have enough capital to move say 1000 fedex envelopes
at 25.00 a piece a month ,,, thats 25,000 bucks,, and you have to pay it on time …..
You could open an airfreight franchise and get the benfits and still use fedex or ups they take about 11 percent charge on each shipment

David asks…

Is the furniture trade with China a good business?

My grandfather owns a successful company that manufactures and imports furniture from China. The business has made hima millionaire (not that that means anything in this day and age). But this is my question: when I “grow up”, should I learn this business and then continue it? Does the furniture trade with China have a promising future?
I always hear people talk about how we should reduce trade with China, so would a reduction of trade with China hurt the business (if it were to happen while I owned it)?

John answers:

If it works now, it should work in the future. Just be aware that everything changes over time and what was done today may not be the same thing people do 20 years from now.

Jenny asks…

Is a college degree necessary to have a successful blog or website?

Do you need that degree beside your name in order for viewers to take your posts seriously?

I’m asking about blogging about business. In particular, anything from analytic to business organization, marketing, stock trading.

Thank you

John answers:

No. Most bloggers do not seem to list a degree after their name. A track record of investment success is more important than a degree.

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