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George asks…

Explain where the revenue for The Coffee Shop will come from (10 points for best answer).?

Now that Hardcastle and Sykes have completed the conversion of the spare buildings into retail units, the units are in a good position alongside the canal towpath and are ready for letting. The canal has been cleaned up and is quite a tourist attraction for walkers and cyclists who use the towpath on a regular basis as well as the holidaymakers who use barges on the canal and those touring the area by car.

Imagine that you have successfully completed your BTEC First Diploma or Certificate in Business and have decided to start your own business by combining the knowledge gained on your course and your hobby. In your spare time over the last few years, you have been baking celebration cakes for friends, neighbours and charity fund raising events. You now feel ready to turn this hobby into a profit making business by opening a café, specialising in coffee and home made cakes.
You have been to look at the new retail units belonging to Hardcastle and Sykes and have reserved one which you feel would be ideal for your proposed new venture – it is very spacious with an external paved area that is ideal for summer.
In order to encourage businesses to rent the new retail units, Hardcastle and Sykes have decided to charge a low rent for the first six months of trading whilst the businesses become established. After that rents will be reviewed. It is envisaged that the units will be occupied mainly by new rather than existing re-located businesses.
You have managed to save up some money with which to start your business and your parents have agreed to help out financially with an interest free loan for 2 years provided that you can prove to them that your business will be financially viable. To convince them of this, you have to provide written evidence that your business is expected to be successful. This evidence will be checked by a Small Business Adviser at the local Chamber of Commerce.

Most of the food items and ingredients, cleaning materials and necessities like serviettes, will be bought weekly from Batley’s Cash and Carry warehouse. There may be busy times when you run short of things like washing up liquid and have to buy them from the nearest shop.

John answers:

The revenue will most likely come from the coffee and associated beverages. You will probably buy it at somewhat of a discount and sell it for maybe a 50 percent profit. You will split any profit from the handmade cakes with the makers therefore cutting into any revenue for you. Of course you should do or have done a count of the number of people that pass by the potential shop place. Determine if there are any other businesses going in nearby anytime soon. The 6 month low rent worries me because many times it takes a little while to establish a business. If you think summer is going to be your busiest time than make sure to strategically place that time period relative to the 6 month low rent. Whatever your strategy is. If there is only bicyclist, walkers, etc I do not think it is a good place for a business that sells coffee products (diarectics) and handmade cakes (calories). You will probably loose money on water, ice and cups/straws and bathroom supplies. If lots of tourist visit than it would be good to have nice and easily maintainable bathrooms. If there is a nice view than most likely people will stay and by coffee and cakes for a snack or a meal. You might have dock to encourage canal enthusist to anchor or stop by. Depending on the physical features of the cakes and their presentation might only be bought by people wanting to eat at the coffee shop and local demand. If they are presented well and easily managed in a car or by tourist while walking around the area then your cakes may see increased demand.

The 2 years no interest loan is really nice.

Mandy asks…

Can Infidelity Improve A Marriage?

My sex drive has always been considerably higher than my wife’s. This has caused some problems in what has otherwise been a very good marriage.

I run a successful business that was just me for several years. Three years ago, I employed a woman about 5 years older than me. We had a totally professional relationship – indeed, we have little in common, or so I thought

Seven months ago, I took her with me to a trade fair. This involved an overnight stay. We had a meal together and the wine loosened our tongues and libido. We made love that night. Afterwards, she told me that she had a much higher sex drive than her husband.

Since that night, we have had sex in the office on an almost daily basis. Sometimes twice a day. We do not see each other socially at all.

The sexual frustration that caused a small amount of friction in my marriage has disappeared completely. The woman reports the same effect in her marriage. Are we wrong to continue?
Gosh … has Yahoo answers become the last stand of the moral majority?

John answers:

You do whatever makes you feel happy bro

Thomas asks…

What are the faults (if any) that you find in this solution to the problem of piracy in Somalia?

A new approach is needed to rebuild Somalia that does not rely upon a distribution of political power as the foundation of reconciliation. Now that power has shifted away from the warlords, one possible approach is for the international community to capitalize upon the natural inclinations of the Somali people toward trading and business to attempt a commerce-based solution that provides a market sector for each of the major clans and sub-clans to develop. The United States Institute of Peace, for example, has reported that a free and unregulated market economy has emerged in Somalia and that decentralized, local action can be the organizing principle around which permanent reform might be built.
Given the Somali people’s long and proud tradition as traders, a commerce-based approach based on trade and other economic incentives deserves consideration, as an alternative to a politically-based scheme. A commerce-based approached could be initiatied and/or supervised either by private industry, the Security Council, an international institution such as the IBRD or the IMF, or by a combination of these. Because any approach would need to be apolitical, the most successful commerce-based arrangement would be one initiated by private industry and partially funded or guaranteed by international financial institutions or states.
Such an approach would be only the beginning of a solution, of course; the warlords must also agree that a government will be put into place at a designated time. But a commerce-based solution would provide the financial incentive to all Somalis to cooperate and promote the political interdependence upon which a government can be built.
There are many different ways to tailor a commerce-based solution. Its basic structure would depend primarily upon the interests of the private investors involved, but the key is that in return for the financial support and assistance in a particular chosen market of products or services, each warlord, sub-clan leader, elder, and religious group would place all offensive weapons in cantonment areas and would strictly enforce an end to the fighting and banditry that are still rampant. There would be no immediate requirement for a political structure, but as the clans become more economically interdependent upon one another, they will develop stronger reasons to mend their political relationships, since continued economic growth will require a more formal governmental structure to create incentives for foreign investment. Economic interdependence and the desire for further economic growth will thus foster political reconciliation and encourage formation of a national government
For the future of Somalia, a private, commerce-based solution to reconstituting a democratic and prosperous Somali society should be supported by the international community. It may be Somalia’s only hope.

Thanks a lot for your help.

John answers:

Attracting people towards legal trade is a good solution. What is difficult is the attracting part of it. For those now indulging in piracy etc, it itself is traditionally a job for them. No other ‘trade’ would give them this much profit.
Apart from suggestions, effective steps should also include coercive measures and even punitive action. If action could be initiated against countries like Iraq and contemplated against Syria and Iran, it should not be difficult to initiate international action against countries sponsoring or abetting piracy and terrorism. Piracy is nothing but economic/commercial terrorism.

Michael asks…

Please tell me the meaning of this phrases “takes over the role of mentors for the new candidates”. Thanks

After the candidates start their enterprises they are given handholding support for sometime in order to ensure smooth running of their business. All efforts are made to assign these candidates under the mentorship of successful entrepreneurs in the trade of their choice. These mentors guide and help the candidates in establishing their enterprises and day to day management. When the alumni association grows, it automatically *takes over the role of mentors for the new candidates*.

John answers:

It’s just saying that those that are mentored eventually become mentors to others.

Joseph asks…

How to stop being jealous?

I’m jealous of my friend who barely graduated hs but her husband has a successful business. I hate myself for being so jealous, even though I would not trade my places with her. She got married at 19 bc she was pregnant and has been a housewife since. I went to college and now have a decent job, nothing great, but I’m still advancing and I love what I do and being around people. I guess I’m jealous that she’s got what I do without working for it. How can I stop feeling this way? I’m telling myself how stupid I am for doing this, life is too short. We are all just flesh and skin, but…I’m still jealous.

John answers:

Turn your back on people.

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