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Mary asks…

What do you notice/do/like at a trade show booth?

I’m in a few trade shows coming up within the next couple months, representing my home business with skincare and nutrition products.

I’m wondering- what would you think is the most effective way to do this? Should I have lots and lots of products at the booth, or keep it simple? Has anyone done this before, and if so, what was successful for you?

John answers:

Hi There!!

I just got done doing a booth on the 14th and this what i learned! Make sure that you have stuff on hand to sell! Maybe not all out but ready like under the table! I had a few thing set like gift bags and I have found that there really don’t sell! I sold a lot of the body care sets and the new primer! I wish I had more! I would place a little on the back of there hand and they loved it! With samples I have them fill out a card with there info, so I can call them back! If you have any other questions please email me!

Good luck!!!

Nancy asks…

Is it possible for me to do business?

Ok so my parents keep telling me that I shouldn’t do Business/International Business cause I don’t have the qualities for it. I’m not the MOST social guy out there, and I guess you could say I’m kind of shy, but I’ve been thinking about doing a international trade career for some time now. Is it possible to become more outgoing? And will I not be successful in the future in the business field just because I’m not overly talkative and social. This is really bumming me right now, because it’s like this quality I lack is stopping me from doing what I want to do. I don’t want to waste time studying this if only in the end my personality will bring me down…

And yeah I’m going to college next year and I’m thinking about my career choices.
Please don’t give me other career paths or anything I just want to see some opinions and some advice.

John answers:

A; I am a career counselor as a PT thing
b; ALL people mature and change as they age. It is automatic.
C; I have had many jobs but no career change……….I knew what i wanted when I was under 23.

D; there is being ‘overly outgoing’—and being “comfortable with nice people.”

I used to be OO and now I am basicallyCWNP.

What you were at age 5 is not what you were at age 10, and now what you will be at age 25.

If your parents do not understand that, it could be how they were raised.–some cultures
expect kids born in some families to follow specific career paths………how sad.

If I can help you, let me know

if you are under age 18, plz inform your parents you are talking to me…….it is unethical to not
do so for me at least……..

Donald asks…

Define big business please.

I keep reading about “big business”, but really, what is big business? Is it the number of employees; the amount of gross revenue; the net profit; the percentage of profit to revenue; being publically traded? At what point is a company a big business? How big of a company does it need to be before the gov’t comes in and starts to penalize them for being successful?

I ask this because the term is out there and being used. Shouldn’t we define it before we discuss it?

John answers:

It’s a meaningless term used by politicians who want to tax certain industries. They are usually referring to sectors, like the pharmaceutical companies or the oil companies. Beware when the politicians start talking about “big-anything.” It means they are about to start taxing businesses and prices are going to increase as a result

Richard asks…

Need direction to my business future?

I’m currently 19 years old with 6 months of experience at a restaurant, 3 years of experience at retail, and 6 months of experience at a bank, my goal in life is to finish college in 4 years get my bachelor and start on my grad school for MBA. Now, I’ve worked on internship specifically for Global Trade Compliance.. and I’m really into the business field..
I have exceptional reputation from the business individual that have met me, received several letters of recommendation and reference availability. I want to become successful in life.

I’ve always want to aim for a position thats into project managing, I want to share my ideas, thoughts and lead. I’m stuck on the part where I suppose to work towards.. and I’ve tried hard on finding jobs and internship specifically aim towards that field. I really need help from upper executives that are interested in young talented individuals like me.

Please help me out and recommend me a job or paid internship, on project managing.. or anything close to that.

John answers:

Without knowing your location or whether you have the freedom to relocate, giving a specific response is difficult.
Having this variety of experiences will serve you in the future, but for now, none of them screams HIRE ME FOR AN INTERNSHIP.
What people with your level of experience and education do is to network carefully. Start with the career counselor at school. Talk to the HR people at GTC. Contact the state job service- even in this economy there are opportunities. Consider all the aspects of whatever position you choose. There are high paying jobs that will add nothing to your career goals; there are lower paying jobs that will give you worthwhile experiences, and networking opportunities. There are volunteer opportunities that can help further your progress.

(Lately, in my area, the stations have given lots of air time to that old film, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. -irony or inspiration?)

You say you want to do project management, to lead and to communicate your ideas. Those are strong goals and they will bring you into contact with all levels of your employer. That means that impeccable communications skills are essentials. If I had the position you are seeking available to offer you, I would not do it based on this inquiry. I would see an applicant you did not take the time to proofread or use the spell checker. Those are important details. Paying attention to the details. You would not go to an interview with your clothes in disarray because that is the first thing they would see and you would not want to make a poor impression. Having your writing in disarray is comparable- but they might never even get to meet you as a poor written impression would have kept you form getting the interview.
Another consideration, as a project manager you could be reporting to the CEO, the Board of Directors. People who got their educations at the finest universities where, of course, emphasis on clear communication was fully integrated into the process.
So, why did I take my valuable time to respond? There is a passion in how you present yourself and a strong sense of a motivated, intelligent person. I think you will achieve your goals.

Jenny asks…

1. Why did the Israelis allow the Palestinians?

1. Why did the Israelis allow the Palestinians to take control over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank territory? (2 points)
Yitzhzh Rabin, the Prime Minister, gave it to the Palestinians as a peace gesture.
More Palestinians than Israelis lived there.
The land was not suitable for agriculture.
The United Nations ordered the Israelis to leave.
2. Which of the following is NOT an example of Mohandas Gandhi’s ideals of passive resistance? (2 points)
Work stoppages in British owned businesses
Hunger strikes
Violent and deadly protests
Boycotts of British goods
3. India gained their independence from which world power in 1947?
(2 points)
Great Britain
United States
4. Why did the United States recognize China’s communist government? (2 points)
The United States wanted to convert China to Christianity.
The United States wanted to be able to trade and do business within China.
The United States wanted to overthrow the government and change it to a democracy.
The United States secretly agreed with China’s communist beliefs.
5. Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor to the problems in Africa? (2 points)
Civil wars
Immigrating to the United States
6. Land reform has been successful in all of the following places EXCEPT ______________. (2 points)
7. What is the goal of NAFTA? (2 points)
Control the amount of weapons coming into the Western Hemisphere
Create more trade restrictions in the Western Hemisphere
Establish better trading conditions in the Eastern Hemisphere
Eliminate trade barriers in the Western Hemisphere
8. In an attempt to make Iran a modern nation, the Shah did all of the following EXCEPT ____________. (2 points)
build highways and factories
give peasants land of their own
begin new industry and build schools
give women more freedom
9. ____________ and Tunisia were the first African colonies to gain their independence. (2 points)
10. The South African policy that gave no economic, social, or political rights to black citizens was called ______________. (2 points)

John answers:

This is crap history.
The Israelis stole the land of Palestine from the Palestinians in 1948.
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