Your Questions About Successful Trading Business

William asks…

Retail Manager to Trading Standards Officer?

I am considering applying for a new job as an ‘Assistant Trading Standards Officer’ however it requires 3 years experience in a Trading Standards environment. I have been in retail for 10 years and a manager for 5 years and have been very successful in this role, I also have a degree in Business and Management Studies.
However as they require experience I don’t know if I would be wasting my time applying, what do people think?

John answers:

I think you possess ample qualifications to apply for the training programme, you cannot walk into a position without first passing TSQF

Donna asks…

will my idea work for business?

I want to do business of manufacturing daily use of products. I give you a hint. The products are like tooth paste, soap, food items etc. I don’t have any unique idea but I am working on it. I am not a rich man or I don’t have strong financial capital. I am just a common many who is doing normal trade work. I have an ambition of doing successful business. I live in Australia and I from India. I want to start business in India first as it’s easier there to start from little then I will start in Australia. what do you think about my expectations?

John answers:

Heart Winner,

I think it’d work… But I think it’s a bit too general. You are going to be hard pressed to find any investors, and you will need to convince buyers as to why they should buy from you and not other suppliers.

Niche you products down further and I think that you will see more success.

Robert asks…

i need tips to start tea business?

I already have a trade name registered for tea business as it was my late fathers vision. but need ideas and tips to make it successful.

John answers:

Steps to start Tea Business:

1. Secure a tea supplier. Tea plants require specific climates and soils to grow properly. Therefore, there are specific areas of the world in which specific types of teas are grown. Rooibos teas generally come from Africa, while black and green teas are often grown in India and China. Ensure you have one or more suppliers who can provide you with tea leaves from all parts of the world. To mix your own special blends, you may also need herbs, spices and oils. For instance, you may add cinnamon, pieces of dried apple, and orange oil to black tea to make a spicy Christmas blend. Or you may mix peppermint leaves with bits of candy cane for an herbal holiday treat.

2. Select your product line and specialty. You may focus on healthy herbal remedies; high-quality, hand-rolled teas from exotic locations; or new recipes of blended teas. As a business, you may distinguish yourself in other ways, such as by having distinctive packaging or by supplying only to corporate customers. Your specialization should be based both on your passion as an entrepreneur and on opportunities in the market not filled by competitors.

3. Set up your distribution channels. If you intend to sell your tea over the Internet, have your website, your eBay store or your Amazon store set up for you with a digital shopping cart and payment processing. Taking credit card payments may be easier if you set up a PayPal merchant account. If you believe there’s a market to sell your tea in local stores, approach these store owners to set contracts and orders in place.

4. Stock your inventory. This includes not only ordering your supplies, but also packaging them so that they are ready for your customers. If you are having custom packaging designed and and created, you also need to acquire a supply of these materials. Ensure shipping supplies and marketing materials are also available.

5.Market your business. The key to this is to understand your specific customers intimately and to tailor your marketing message to them. Explain to your customers why your tea is particularly healthy, or what kind of flavor experiences you can provide that they’ll love once they try, or how the scent of your freshly brewed tea in their store will encourage customers to linger and purchase more. Advertise in locations those customers are likely to be found.

Linda asks…

Can any wife be more submissive and devoted than this woman?

1500 BC: Kavalan was a very wealthy merchant who married a beautiful woman of fine character named Kannagi. As a wedding gift, He bought her a pair of priceless anklets.. The anklets were made of hollow gold filled with many tiny precious rubies. They lived happily for many years and had many children together until one day, Kavalan met a beautiful young dancer named Madhavi and fell in love with her. Kavalan spent all his wealth on Madhavi, he built her palaces and mansions and bought her jewels and exotic silk and fragrant perfumes. Eventually Kavalan was left peniless, and he realized his mistake. He went back to Kannagi to beg for forgiveness.. Kannagi took him back, completely forgave him, and of her own wish, she took off her priceless anklets and gave them to Kavalan , so that he could start a new business and a new life together for their family … They went to the port city where Kavalan wanted to start a trade business.. Kavalan went to the jewellery market to sell the anklets …… What he didn’t know was that the Queen also had a beautiful pair of these famous anklet s, they looked the same on the outside, but the Queen’s anklets were filled with pearls, not rubies, the queen’s anklets were stolen by a greedy court minister…. When the King’s guards saw Kavalan with the anklets, they thought he had stolen them, and killed him instantly. When Kannagi heard of this, she was furious , she went to the king and queen to prove her husband’s innocence. She split open the anklets and showed that hers were filled with rubies, not pearls… She cursed the whole city to burn in fire , her curse came true and all the food crops and houses and ports were destroyed, the city was in economic turmoil and the people were starving… The king and queen begged Kannagi to take back her curse but she wouldnt, soon the Godess Lakshmi came to Kannagi, and asked her to take the curse back.. Kannagi agreed but on one condition, she asked Goddess Lakshmi to bring her husband back to life…. Goddess Lakshmi granted her wish , Kavalan came back to life, built a very successful port trade business , and he was faithful to Kannagi for the rest of their lives… The king and queen gave Kannagi back the beautiful anklets and all the people of the city were so impressed with her wifely devotion that they built a temple to her and worship her as a goddess until this day .

John answers:

I think the answer to your question would be “Michelle Duggar.” I mean come on — 20 pregnancies and children? That’s beyond “submissive” and “devoted.”

Carol asks…

Can I go to college at the age of 16 if I get a GED?

How does it work? Links to your source would be most helpful. So anyway, i’m 15 turning 16 in October and considering getting a GED to complete high school early. Can I get into college right after I get one or do I have to wait until age 18? Also, how does getting a GED count, is it like a high school diploma or does it lessen my chances into getting into a good college? I know college has to do with grades, extracurricular activities, etc… I took honors classes back when I cared about school, and dropped out to give my business my full attention. Will colleges care that I run a successful business? I’m considering studying business or stock trading just to learn things I prob don’t know already but I most likely will do something fun like fashion or cooking… What would a college think? Thanks 🙂

John answers:

Some states will let you take the GED at 16, others won’t let you take it before age 18 or 19. You’ll have to check the rules in your state. Either way, you’d have to officially drop out of school and wait at least 3 months before taking the GED. It takes another month to get your scores. At that point, if you passed, you can start applying to colleges. You can either start at a community college the next semester or go through the process of applying to a 4-year college or university (you need to have the GED in hand when you apply, and you apply about 9 months before the semester starts). So if you get the GED at 16, you don’t have to wait until you’re 18 to go to college, but with all the time delays involved, you may well be 17 by that time you start.

While most 4-year colleges and universities will consider the GED instead of a diploma, it’s not as good (represents one day of work instead of 4 years of work) and can hurt your application. Not all colleges and employers will consider it (the military won’t take it without some college as well). Having started and run a successful business will certainly help an application to a business program.

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