Your Questions About Successful Trading Business

Jenny asks…

How do you open a successful business?

I want to open a business that sells different kinds of trading cards (baseball, football, etc……) are there any specific ways to opening one, and where do I get my inventory?? I’m only in high school at the time but I feel that this is what I would like to do in my life……And also what should my major be in college if I want to open my own business?? Thanks!

John answers:

I wanted to share this with anyone who is in need of start up capital. If you have bad credit this company will still give you a loan. The catch? Your looking at an interest rate of about 20%. However, once you start paying off the loan your interest rate can drop and your monthly payments will go down. They also report to all 3 credit agencies. I borrowed $15,000.00 ffrom them last year and have had nothing but a positive experience with them.

This is not some “fly by night” company and I do not work for this company nor do I get paid to pass on any info about this company. I am simply doing this to help others who are having the same problems getting a start up loan.

You still have to work,(I put in about 50 hours a week on my webstore), and you still have to be honest. I do not know ANYONE who works 4 hours a day and makes thousands in a week. That’s bull****!

I put my heart and soul into my webstore and I simply needed extra funds for inventory to sell. By getting this loan I was able to buy inventory and my sales went up because I had better items to offer and a lot more to choose from.

If your interested please email me at

I cannot give this company name out on here. I do not have their permission.

One more thing….I DO NOT MAKE MONEY FROM GIVING THEM REFERRALS! I make my money the old fashion way…..WORKING FOR IT.

Susan asks…

I want to go into small scale business/investment, how can i start and how do save/source for fund?

I am a civil servant and a graduate in the area of Administration but want to eventually go into business of trading or manufacturing in small scale. Really need guidlines on how to go about it and be successful. I have seen people starting with very little capital but eventually get to the top. I have always had the believe that i will only succeed in business.

Kindly advise me on how to go about establishing a successful business, how to source or save for adequate fund and or if possible organisation(s) where i can start as an agent.

John answers:

I suggest you check your phone book or ask the Chamber of Commerce in your city if there is a Small Business Administration there. They will help you figure things out.

John asks…

what do you think the most successful small business (skilled trade or labor) would be to start reasonably?

do not have any degree. just some money & would like to begin something to be my own boss. something most anyone could do. i’m a truck driver and sick of it and a new rig costs more than i want. not to get rich but to stay busy and make decent life

John answers:

By a truck of your own and lease it, Wait till six months or till its running good, then buy another and make this your small business.

Paul asks…

Is it wise to learn a trade to start your own business?

I’m 19, female..and from the time I was little up until last year, I helped my dad out at his jobs. He is a Painter & General Contractor and has been running a successful business for over 20 years. I want to know what trades are good to learn in order to start taking over his business. (I know about painting and plaster and fixing walls but not really anything about plumbing or electric work.) Would this be a good thing to learn such trades?

John answers:

Of course it is. You might want to pick up some marketing and financing skills too.

Daniel asks…

Can you really make good money trading foreign currencies and how do you get started on the right track?

Can you really make very good money and are there people that are honest and knowledgeable that help you get started and guide you into making it a successful business?

John answers:

You need to belong to a great trading comminity…I am a trader and a tutor myself, but i belong to thge coolest Forex traders communities. Here are the resources : : a lot of foreign exchange analysis : great news, forums, discussions., – where i teach other traders
You need to make a commitment and educate yourself…trading is NOT a gambling…Unless you treat it so..

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