Your Questions About Successful Trading

Sandra asks…

What are some characteristics of successful international trading?

John answers:

1, you’re making money
2, you’re not in jail
3, your product or line of business is legal in the countries you operate in
4, you are well known in the industry or beyond and enjoy acclaim for your achievements

Helen asks…

How do I become successful at day trading?

How do I analyze support and resistance levels and use indicators and such to accurately spot a move in a stock? how do I know for certain whether the stock will go up or down?

John answers:

Learn to spot support and resistance levels. They will help you predict which way the stock will go.

Linda asks…

What were the Dutch so successful in establishing a trading empire in the Indian ocean?

John answers:

We (I am Dutch) are nicknamed the Chinese of Europe. Has always been the case. The Netherlands isn’t a big country. We have to trade to make a living.

When the Dutch set up a colonial empire, it was a merchant empire type. Meaning: setting up trading post wherever profitable, and shut them down when they don’t generate a profit. Business was conducted in local language. Only on a few strategically important places the Dutch set up permanent settlements: mainly Indonesia, on Java and South Africa, Cape of Good Hope.

Religion was utterly UN-important (stress intentional). If you wanted a bible, the VOC would be happy to sell you one. Apart from that, no missionary efforts whatsoever. The few ministers present were for VOC staff, not for conversion.

That was completely opposite of what the Spanish and Portuguese practiced. They used trade as a foot in the door to convert. And to set up permanent colonies. Especially in Japan, this almost led to a successful revolt. Almost, because that revolt failed. Christian Japanese were executed and missionaries expelled.

The Dutch were very welcome to replace them. They were assigned a little artificial island near Nagasaki, Decima. It is now a theme park, Holland Village. Only the Dutch were allowed to trade with Japan.

That attitude was appreciated all over Asia. That’s why the Dutch controlled all Pacific and Indian Ocean shipping for so long.

Robert asks…

How did Trading make Great Zimbabwe Successful?

I need this for a World History Project so if you could help me within the hour that would be great (:

John answers:

Exporting Tea, Coffee (and Slaves) until Mugabe took over and derstroyed Africa’s most successful economy

Michael asks…

Is there any successful trader who can mentor me in Forex trading?

John answers:

There are so many mentors but you have to be very careful and try to know the best mentor so that you can make more profit on Forex.

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