Your Questions About Successful Trading

Sandra asks…

If I lease a shop and say after 1 month the business isn’t been successful and I decided to stop trading?

must I still pay the remainding on the lease for the remaining amount of years?

John answers:

Of course. It is a legal & binding contract. If this is a concern, ensure the lease states you have the right to sublet.

Betty asks…

How successful is hedging method apply on currency trading??

I just wanna to see proof from experience traders who trade using the hedging strategy in the forex market

John answers:

I have been using an application at

to fine tune the various hedge strategies that I currently use in the Forex marketplace.

I have found it quite useful in determining margins, leverages and which currency pairs in should be utilizing.

If you an analytical kind a guy this is pretty cool.


Mark asks…

has anyone had a successful trade with Teikoku Commodities and got their money back?

I think I may have been duped into investing in options trading.
I can’t make contact with the company, but my ‘account’ is looking good to the tune of $56K. No money has been sent back.
If it is a con it is a very good one!

John answers:

Hi I think I am in the same boat as you,
My account is up to USD$27000 , but since requesting a withdrawl, have lost complete contact with Teikoku Commodities.
I would be very interested in hearing your story and seeing if we can work together on a plan to get our money back.
It seemed to good to be true but also very smooth, and all the people I dealt with did what I expected, right to the end.
I’m in Melbourne, and would be very happy to talk to you.
Call me on 0407068800

Charles asks…

Who has a most successful portfolio in trading world?

…want to be a millionaire..;)

John answers:

Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? A successful portfolio now doesn’t mean the exact same portfolio will be successful forever. Situations and circumstances change all the time, and so will the profitability of a never changed portfolio.

John asks…

Would a Greek Mythology-based Trading Card Game be successful? Like Magic the Gathering? How do I pitch it?

I’d have to pitch it to Wizards of the Coast right? They made Magic

John answers:

I’d say probably not. It’d be cool, but it probably wouldn’t last and people would call it a rip off of Magic. There’s only a very small chance that it would take off because people liked the concept of it being like Magic but liked the theme more.

There’s still always the chance that they might like it.
Write up a pitch with every detail about the game. Rules, how to play, cards, everything you can think of and more. Organize it as best you can to make it look official. Then sent it off to them.
Here’s their contact page. =)

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