Your Questions About Successful Trading

David asks…

What are the keys to successful day trading?

John answers:

There are many, but definitely keeping track of trends (what goes up must come down) and not trading based off emotions (fear or greed), but rather following instincts.

Lizzie asks…

How to become a Successful Professional in International Trading ?

John answers:

If there was a way to do that, that would always work, it wouldnt work. Think about it.

William asks…

Why not stock trading signal provider survive on themselves if they are so successful?

would like to know whether earning from stock trading signal service is more than the investment itself? Why not service provider trade themselves and survive on their own?

John answers:

Your implication is correct. The truth is;
A. It’s less risk of capital to supply a service. They win either way.
B. Always know… As good as a service is… You’ll never duplicate their results.
C. A good swing trader is happy if they get 50% of their trades correct. This can be very scary
for a novice.

Sandra asks…

Would a trading card store in Alaska be successful?

Living in Alaska, I’ve discovered that the only way to buy Magic, Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh! cards is to go to Wal-Mart or order online. I live in a small town and was wondering if perhaps there is enough of a market for them to sell.

John answers:

I think it would be a great idea. I live in a small town and theres only one shop for cards and it does great. In a little town thats where everyone goes. Make sure to hold tournaments to keep people interested and when you hold tournaments have cards on sale because there will be lots of people.

Ken asks…

What are some of the best day-trading strategies that were known to be successful?

What I want to know is that how many times does a good day trader trade stocks during one single day and how does he/she do it? Is it like just chasing the trends and listening to the news? or there are other stuff that can be useful too?
Any opinion would be appreciated 🙂

John answers:

I don’t know of one single day trader that is actually successful for any length of time. Although they can all shine you on pretty good.

The biggest rule is – don’t hold anything overnight. Clear out your positions at the end of the day.

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