Your Questions About Successful Trading

Jenny asks…

Why do Atheists assert that the more Atheist a country is the more successful it is?

Some of the most Atheist nations are the former USSR, Albania, Czech Republic, N. Korea, China, Cuba etc… Why have these countries not been more successful if Atheism leads to success?

John answers:

Let’s look at history in totality. Dark Age was when Europe was most religious and people in general were living in poverty (most of them being serfs in feudal Europe). It became better after reformation, revolution, rebellions, starting from the 16th century. Because of such poor conditions, many countries started revolutions and overthrew the governing system and replaced it with Communism, or some managed to make transition fast enough before revolutions ccould take roots. As religion loosened it grip, and as more countries separated religion from state affairs, men gained more rights and more freedoms. For those countries that still stuick to medieval Europe’s establishment of religions having final say, as in many Muslim countries, the stark difference in human freedom can be discerned, especially the rights of women.
For another example, compare “atheist” nation like China throughout its history. China had been dominant for 1800 years out of 2000 years of human recorded history, and for 500 years from 15th to 19th century it was most dominant, accounting for 30% of the world’s GDP. After 19th century, history shows us that European nations ran out of silver to trade and then forced opium trade into China. When China resisted, 8 allied nations combined to attack China. Further internal unrests subsequently led to civil wars, and communists gained upper hand in gaining control of China. Since 1989 China has opened up to the world, and has made miraculous progress in capitalism, trade and the shift in its economic principles. Its success must first be installed in its internal stability.
It is not that non-religious nations were not successful, but that many countries were being plundered by colonisers and left in a devastating state after the colonisers were gone. During 15th to 17th century, many Europeans nations were often at war, and often bankrupt.

Helen asks…

Which computer occupation is the most successful?

I’m really interested in a computer-related occupation, and im wondering which is the most successful, financially.

I enjoy programming, and I also enjoy computer repair, technician, but i’m still in school and need to know what classes to take to pursue my goal.

John answers:

Computer repair is considered a vocational trade and will not pay as well as having a degree in computer science and has limited growth opportunity. CS degree will take you very far if you have the real skills in programming languages. No set limits. If you really like working with hardware, you can also look into specializing in network infrastructure or embedded devices.

Sharon asks…

When forex tradeing why cant I trade both sides and use a stop loss?

When forex tradeing why cant I trade both sides and use a stop loss? It seems like it would work if the market moved enough.
I know that I have the cost of the spread, but it seems like this would work, why doesnt it, if the trailing stop loss is active. Both going short and long.

John answers:

Hi garryh41,

I advise you not to do manual trading either short or long. Because manual trading is always affected by panic, greed and fear. If you really want to make money, you should use an expert advisor.

As I monitored, currency market is most volatile market and implementing “stop loss” may result to loss of all investments. So “averaging strategy” is most perfect for making money through forex market. I have a lot of experience of manual trading in Forex Market. And on the basis of my long experience of a few years, I suggest you not to do manual trading. I also listened and read about a lot of Forex Robots and tried a few of them.

Currency market is most liquid market of the word. With the use of correct strategy anyone can make money through Forex market. It’s a simple process to understand, buy a nation’s currency when their economy is weak, and then trade the currency to make a profit when the global economy starts to change.

Forex trading is a very profitable business in today’s world. Unlike the domestic stock markets, the forex currency trading is open for trades 24 hours a day. A successful Forex trader is one for whom the total amount of profit eventually outweighs the amount of loss. Using an auto trading software will eliminate the chances of the trader’s emotions affecting his or her decisions. Therefore, to be successful in Forex market, one should do Auto trading.

Myself a most successful Currency Trader. With the Forex Market I am making money daily without any risk.

I have a great experience of Forex Trading both manual and Auto. I am a successful currency trader. I had uses a lot of Forex auto robot. But none found like Aeron Forex Auto Trader ( It is really for making money.

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Lizzie asks…

What has stocks helped you accomplish?

Im new to stocks and interested in starting. I know successful trading is not a get rich quick scheme that takes disciple and time. If your an active investor I would like to know how much investing in stocks, bonds, options, forex, etc. has helped you financially. Has it helped you achieve financial freedom?

John answers:

Look these over

Sandra asks…

What is the best method / strategy for day trading? Fibonacci, gap, news-related?

I have been trading for approx. 6 months with ok results. I am still ahead, but not by the margin I had hoped to be at this point. I wanted to hear from other day traders in regards to what methods and strategies do you use to have a successful day trade. Any and all help is appreciated. If you could recommend any videos (possible youtube) that would be great. Thanks…..

John answers:

Listen to these

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