Your Questions About Successful Trading

Helen asks…

Does anyone know of a good legit currency trading program that actually makes money?

I know there is somewhere, I’m looking for a successful mentor also.

John answers:

The Federal government warns there are a lot of Forex frauds out there, and these Forex trading program appear to be one type of these scams. If these robots really worked, there would be scads of articles about them in the Wall Street Journal and other financial publications talking about them. When I do a web search, I can not find a single reputable news article encouraging the use of Forex robots. The link below is a Federal website warning you about Forex fraud.

There are a lot of people on the Internet claiming they have done very well using Forex robots. These appear to be of two types. One is the outright liars. You might meet a person called “Zboy227” who says “I made a lot of money using ScamRobot2000, go to their website at ScamRobot .com/Zboy227.” The “/Zboy227” tells the website that Zboy227 has referred you. If you buy the product, Zboy227 gets a commission. He is only lying to you to get a commission.

There is a lot of luck in Forex. Sometimes you will run into people on the web who have tried a robot for a few days and have had some beginner’s luck with it. They start bragging about how well they have done. Later, they start to lose money, but they rarely get back on the web and talk about how much money they lost. People like to brag about their successes, but rarely talk about their losses. The result is that much of the feedback about these Forex robots is positive.

I may point out that websites that sell Forex robots admit there are a lot of scams out there. Of course they claim the other guy’s robot is a scam, but their robot works. If you do a web search on the words “forex robot” and “scam” you will find a lot of sites saying their competitors are scams.

I will admit I have not personally tested every robot out there, and I can not prove they are all scams. But I would be very hesitant to spend a lot of money on a robot without clear proof it really works.

Mark asks…

Has anyone used a Forex Expert Advisor or Robot that has proven to be very successful for you?

If so, which one did you use? In addition, which Forex Broker did you do your trading with and did you use a Demo or Live account?

John answers:

These only work on demo accounts. As soon as you try it live, you’ll lose money.

A friend set up 2 accounts, one demo and one live. The demo account usually made a profit but
the live account usually lost money even though the exact same trades were done at the same time.

Looks like a scam to me.

John asks…

which one is likely to fetch the maximum returns?

which one is likely to fetch the maximum returns:-
1)successful day trading
2)mid term trading
3)long term trading.

John answers:

Welll..i would suggest u not to involve yourself with Day trading if you are just starting up investing in stock..also beware of yourself with the derivatives…..
If u have are thinking about earning some money out of your investment u need to think and act investing for midterm and long term…all the transactions(buying and selling that u do must result in a positive long term investment…i mean your short term trading must ensure that your long term investment goals are achieved.for this remember these things carefully while trading …

When it comes to making depends on ones strategy of investing…
People can make good money if they invest properly …and if ones foolish and more greedy he might loose out every thing…things always happen in extremes in stock markets…
Remember this one thing before investing….
Dont hurry ur self…think about the stock fundamentals(like its financials like balance sheet or in simpler terms the profits that it made during recent times..its managing style..people in the business…competetors industry as whole etc)
when once u feel that the stock is fundamentally good..then u move on to technical aspects like how is the stock performing in recent times..take the history of atleast past 3 months…and then invest if u feel thats good..u can get the recommendations in investment channels like CNBC watch it carefully during the market hours.
When u invest u have to watch the price carefully..keep a target level..say fro example u bought it at 100..keep a target for that stock say 130…sell it at that level..i dont recommend u to sell it entirely(in bullish market when the market is goin up..sell a partial amount of your holding..and when the market is falling the entire profit by selling it…)
then u can pick another stock…
Even while buying the stock its necessary for u to pick up the stock when ever the market is has to be this u can average out ur buying price…by doing this u can average the price..if u see n compare the total market movement..which will be more profitable….
I hope ive given u sufficient information to start off..feel free to ask if anythin else is necessary…
Happy investing…!!!!!!

Betty asks…

If you are week in studies ,is there anyother way to be successful in life?

I try hard but I do not get good grades and I believe that I’m intellectualy not capable of studying at college level.
Is there anyother way to be successful in life?
I can play guitar a lil’.

John answers:

Consider a trade school in an area that is of interest to you, like Welding or Mechanics.

Sandra asks…

In Great Expectations, how successful is Dickens in the portrayal of 19th century childhood?

Great Expectations is one of Dickens’ most vivid presentations of growing up. What means does he use to make it so effective and how successful is it as a portrayal of 19th century childhood?
I will be grateful for any help given.
Many thanks!

John answers:

What Dickens portrayed is how poor most people were.
Their education was “hit and miss”, and often depended upon luck.

Education was something only the wealthy middle class and rich could afford, and you had to learn good behavior, how to act like a gentleman.
Ladies often did not go to school.

The role of women was greatly restricted, being a wife and mother was about only option. Poor women could became housekeepers, servants. Wealthy women did not work outside their home, but enjoyed greater luxury, if they married well.

I don’t remember the names of the main characters now, it’s been a long time since I read this book. But, the key character was destined to be a manual worker, and only improved himself because he was sent off to become an apprentice as I recall, at a respected firm.

This was main way to learn a good trade in those days, become an apprentice, and work for a master.
To become ” middle class” mean you had to learn to talk better, write better, and have the best manners. (compared to the poorer lower class)

Marriage often wasn’t about love, it was about making a good connection, with a more wealthy family.
Marriage then was more about finances, and living a better life, not about romance.

Of course the main character lost out, he wanted romance and love, with his childhood woman.

She however, stayed true to her upbringing, and did not marry for love, as much as a better social position.
That was what was most important in 19th century, your class, or social position.

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