Your Questions About Successful Trading

Ruth asks…

How to invest and trade stock myself without a broker?

I am very keen on investing.I can invest 3000 a month. Can someone guide me on the same. Please tell me websites or blogs on stock trading. Also with icici direct can i trade myself??? Can someone guide.

John answers:

A Discount Broker really is Trading electronically without the help of a Broker..Except that you get to use their extensive research.On your own..

But,..You better have some kind of strategy that’s some kind of successful…Don’t make the mistake you can jump-in, not knowing anything….best of Luck;)

Thomas asks…

How would things be different if the Hornets never traded Kobe Bryant?

If in 1996 the Hornets never traded Kobe Bryant’s draft rights to the lakers, how would things be different today NBA wise? What things would have been different the last 15 years?

John answers:

Kobe wouldn’t have 5 rings, probably 2, Cp3 will not be in New Orleans, the Lakers wouldn’t be as successful as they were in 09 and 10 without him. Alot of things would’ve changed.

Mary asks…

What is a major reason for the failure of West Africa’s coastal countries to create successful economies?

-The region has been unable to borrow money for development.
-The cost of the region’s imports exceeds the valueof its exports.
-Most European nations avoid trading with West Africa.
-The region exports only manufactured goods and not raw materials.

I can’t find it, so I’ve resorted to Yahoo answers >.<

John answers:

The biggest problem is the resources are being robbed blind by other countries.(with their help) So what is being exported is not actually calculated into their economic reality.

Betty asks…

What does it take to be a successful financial advisor?

I am currently training to be a financial advisor and I would like to know what it takes to become successful?

John answers:

Largely this depends on what you mean by successful and the type of financial adviser you will be. If you are working for a retail outlet that pays you on commission for selling their product then the measure of success will be how much product do you move. If you are going to be an independent financial adviser working for a flat fee the measure of success will be you ability to attract and retain customers who will get referrals for you. The latter will depend much more on the quality of the advise you give and the former will rely more heavily on your salesmanship although both are true to some extent for both types of advisers.
Then of course there is the registered investment adviser which is much more involved, requires passing certain certifying exams and may be regulated by the SEC depending on the nature of the firm for which you work. In that capacity having a vast or highly specialized knowledge of securities/trading and the ability to consistently match or surpass a benchmark index with investment strategies that you develop and implement will be the measure of success.

Sandy asks…

How exactly in the world do you trade stock?

Where can I go on the internet or in person to learn how to do stock? It looks like a good thing to invest in, maybe I can even become rich off of it.

Right now, I am just stock and confused as to getting knowledge about stock exchange. Please let me know of a good source and stock trading software.

Is there something user-friendly and straight-forward? :-). I’m kinda confused reading the technical talk at the moment. I need the real beginners guide or a personal step-by-step instruction.
Where do I read/learn basic stock? I need straightforward lesson and something to easily understand.

John answers:

If you have friends with well-to-do families, ask if their parents or other relatives invest in the stock market. Successful older investors love to talk about the stock market and will tell you all the introductory stuff. Just remember they are probably set in their ways and convinced they know the only way to make money in the stock market, and that is not true. There are many ways to make money, you have to find one that works for you and not be a slave to someone else’s ideas.

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