Your Questions About Successful Trading

James asks…

How did James Buchanan Duke become successful through his cigarette trade?

help please? =-]

John answers:

He created an extremely productive network of growers, bought at a reasonable price, created a strong market where he could sell for a reasonable price, and made sure everyone was happy throughout the supply chain so there weren’t delays or gaps in production.

Richard asks…

What to do if military career falls through?

I failed twice and kept mediocre grades through out school. College really isnt an option..I was going to join the coast guard and try for the AST and ME. But their is a chance my medical history prevents me.

What is another career options to be successful? Trade school?
I graduate high school in 2 weeks. Kinda need to get plans in order
Had a seizure a few years ago

John answers:

Well first the military (for enlistment) doesn’t really give a hoot about your GPA and your grades in high school. Sometimes you had to have certain GPA’s for certain career fields, but the important question is: DID YOU GRADUATE WITH A DIPLOMA? No GED’s these days. Has to be a diploma from a brick and mortar school. I know there are many people that were home-schooled that are having a difficult time, but they are working to change that. Only the Army and Navy will take applicants with a GED, but, you’d be classififed as Tier II – and tier II applicants are limited in the jobs they can do, and the number of recruits they CAN take from the Tier II gene pool is relatively small. In the navy for example, they can’t (by regulation) fill more than 10% of all their available opening with Tier II applicants. Even though there is a regulation saying how many they CAN take that are Tier II, there is nothing in the regulation that says they have to take ANY from Tier II, and with the downsizing taking place (i read in army times they want to cut over a hundred THOUSAND soldiers!) and the record numbers staying in and wanting in, my bet would be they won’t take ANY tier II. That’s jsut my guess.

Education aside, what is in your medical history you feel would prevent you from enlisting? I really don’t have enough to go on there to be of much help to you. Please advise.

Donald asks…

What is it like to trade in pre-trade hours?

I want to trade in pre-trade hours but i’m a little afraid because i heard that their are risks involved plus you have to sign a bunch of stuff before you trade? Can someone give me some incite to be successful in trading in pre-trade hours?

John answers:

Lack of traders means;
Higher risk of getting bad prices… You can easily pay too much when you buy…. And get too little when you sell. Unless you’re a successful, experianced trader…. You don’t want to get involved……

Hint: Every order should be a “limit” order…………………..

David asks…

What is the proof of paid of tax online share trading?

If I done a successful share trading. then how the tax is paid and what is the proof of paid tax..if I don’t recieve online tax document then what should I do for proof of taxes……..thanking you…….

John answers:

In the UK it is your responsibility to register for, keeep records for and pay your bill for taxes.
Either as Self Assessment or as a Limited Company you must register. The exchange will be reporting your trades so the tax authorities will be informed.

Linda asks…

What effect do you think the rising standard of living in China will have on our ability to compete with them?

I went there two years ago, and even though I knew that they had become successful in trade, I was totally surprised by the shear number of people who appeared to be what we would call middle class.

The city I visited, Xiamen, was modern, and clean. The newer, wealthier part of the city was much larger than any of the areas that could be called slums. Out in the country side, where the factory I visited was, there was more apparent poverty. The city was different altogether. Xiamen is a MINOR city. It boggles my mind to imagine what Shanghai must be like.

John answers:

For the short term, they are going to be very competitive. Long term (a generation or so), their middle class is going to be so large that it will open up business opportunities for companies all over the world.

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