Your Questions About Successful Trading

Betty asks…

What are good things I should read to help gain knowledge of day trading?

I would like to get into day trading, what are some things that would help me gain knowledge to be a successful day trader?

John answers:


Linda asks…

What profession must I undertake to become incredibly successful, I tried Real Estate, however its a?

dead market right now. I am willing to pay the price needed to become successful and the education required but I need to know in what Industry and what occupation,

I have been thinking of day trading or becoming a stock broker, are these good choices and is there better out there?

John answers:

Try to know your skills and adapt it on what you like the most doing. Like writing : blogging, drawing:designing.

Maria asks…

Which course must i select to become a successful Share Market Analyst ?

Dear friends,
I am a graduate (B.C.A.) interested in share trading . Can anyone tell which courses i must do to become a successful market analyst. I have NCFM certification for capital market & derivative.

John answers:

But while a lot has been done to ensure that everyone at least completes a basic bachelors degree, many people cannot get their degrees after high school because of the fact that they need to work right away. The reasons could be many, but the fact remains that there are a number of people who, despite wanting to, are unable to acquire a bachelors degree. This is where online bachelors degree become such a wonderful option and you can click here,and you can get more scholarship scheme there………

James asks…

Women generally have the choice to try to be successful in a profession trade or buisness, or?

to find a man to support them as a stay at home mother.

Do men have the same choice ? Are lawyer/dentist/doctor women willing to settle for a stay at home dad, or do we still live in a world where a man is either somebody or nothing ?

John answers:

No we don’t

Ken asks…

Will Daniel Snyder and the Redskins be successful in putting together a trade to send off Albert Haynesworth?

Even though he is very overpaid, I think he can help a team that he wants to be on.

John answers:

It will tough to get any kind of fair value for him this close to draft day. With the uncapped year, this would be a good time for the Redskins to get out from under his contract (especially if he’ll be ineffective in a 3-4), but that just means someone else will have to swallow all that money instead. With the draft deep in DT prospects, it’s unlikely anyone will make that kind of trade.

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