Your Questions About Successful Trading

Ruth asks…

How much trading do you do?

How much trading do you do?
How successful are you at trading for the player you want?
How do you put together your trades?
How important are your bench players?

I’ve been having luck matching a starter with a bench player to get a better starter. As a result, I have a great starting lineup and a very shallow bench. This works great as long as no one gets injured. Once injuries occur, I’m sunk.

Is this good approach or a recipe for disaster?

John answers:

I’m not saying that I am in any way an expert but I always like to keep trading to a minimum, unless of course you have a serious deficiency in your lineup. Every year there are some surprise players that, if you pay attention to the games, can be scooped up through free agency to bolster a weak bench, so its not always horrible to upgrade a starting lineup by sacrificing a mediocre bench player.

Obviously the approach you are taking is not a safe one, but if you can find that sleeper, it can turn out well.

Robert asks…

Can I still be successful if I go to Trade School?

Financially and socially speaking, could I still be successful if I don’t go to university 4-year? Learning a skilled trade/vocational training/aprrenticeship type of thing?

A lot of people say trades will get you blue-collar jobs, while universities and colleges get you white-collar, which is a lot better. So will I be stuck forever with mediocrity?

John answers:

Do they have Trade Schools? Must be in the bigger cities. Here you just learn your trade by doing it. But it’s a good life – and if you invest your money and don’t drink and don’t gamble – you’ll be better off that some poor bastard who shoves paper around all day.

I went to the University – and then became a carpenter…. I like being a carpenter a whole lot better than anything I saw at the University.

Donna asks…

Looking for a good stock screener for bottom up trading. I use mostly tech analysis not fundamentals.?

I’m successful and bottom up trading with tech analysis works regardless of how broader market is moving. Looking for stock screener to find good setups, e.g. new uptrend from pull back or consolidated base. Opposite for short selling. Any suggestions on stock screener?

John answers:

If you can express what you look in terms of technical indicators, try “stockfetcher”. Less than $20 a month. You can use any of their pre-done screens, those found on their forum, or, better yet, if you know what you are looking for, you can roll your own. Combinations of MACD crossings, RSI levels, anything you can imagine. Good hunting.

Mark asks…

Is fear one of the tools of the trade of successful religious missionaries?

John answers:

Fear plays a major role in a huge number of things, religion being one of them. It is really quite a successful tactic for gaining power and influence over people, not to mention getting rich in the process. The beauty of it is that you do not have to believe in anything yourself, so long as the people you influence, believe you. No sweat, no muss, no fuss, just scare the people into submission!

Susan asks…

What is the best program to use for individual share trading?

I am new to share trading, but would like to start. Which program is the most user friendly and successful one to use and why? Kindly indicate for Mac and Windows as I have both.
Please note that I am interested in online share trading, as in buying of stocks, and not forex.

John answers:

What platform is best is totally dependent on what you need…. Not what some stranger thinks you need. Read some books, learn the basics… With that knowledge, decide what’s important to you.

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