Your Questions About Successful Trading

Jenny asks…

What is the key to having a successful trade??

i have proposed like a million trades and only 3 were accepted (1 got vetoed)… so whts th key to a good trade?? wheather its picther for pitcher, Batter for batter, or even pitcher and batter for pitcher and batter??? please help me with this one!! ohhh and its for fantasy baseball.

John answers:

Mutual need, and persistence.

You have to give him something he needs, or at least thinks he needs.

Most players are afraid to trade, because they are afraid to make a mistake. More often than not, people will not respond or reject hoping you will sweeten the pot.

I try to the “everything but the kitchen sink” offers for one or two guys. Tossing in name brand guys helps.

There’s no real secret in baseball or football. Keep trying.

Sharon asks…

In options trading, what is the difference between people who win at it and people who lose at it?

I am 18 years old and I want to know more about options trading, and what factors affect winners and losers, i.e. what do winning options traders have that losing options traders do not have? Also, if I am to become successful at options trading, what do I need to be successful at it?

John answers:

Most people lose. To quote Merton MIller: “People really think they are doing something purposeful, but they are really not” – when he addressed the subject of stock/option trading.
Actually, people really find it hard to believe that stock prices are changing randomly – hell even Einstein didn’t like the idea of randomness, but in a famous debate between Einstein and Niels Bohr – Niels Bohr proved Einstein wrong…
In the options trading there is one thing called a “fair price” – that is…a price whereas nor the buyer/nor the seller has advantage. Black-Scholes and similar models attempt to find such price and they are successful most of the time. Other than all that: Volatility arbitrage nowadays almost never occurs…so you are basically fucked.

Who makes money then??? The option brokers make money, people like me who lie to other people that you can make money ;). But…you cannot. My advice? Start your own option brokerage company! Do not bother trading, only bingo winners like George Soros make money…smart folks lose money unfortunately.

Good luck.

Paul asks…

Was portugal the first to establish a successful trade in luxury items, such as spices?

John answers:

If you mean by first a modern nation in Europe, the answer is No. The Romans, ancient Greeks, and Phoenicians traded with Arabs and other ancient civilizations in the Middle East, which in turn traded with others via the Silk Road, at least for 2,500 years or more.

In terms of modern trade, post-Roman Empire, Venice was the great trading depot west of Constantinople until the Europeans began exploring by sea (15th c). With those discoveries, the Portuguese surpassed Venice and became the hub for the spice trade.

Susan asks…

Are there people who are successful in day trade?

I found a wonderful way to get advice on daytrade. If there are people who are intrested to know to be more successful, let me know.

John answers:


Robert asks…

Singapore was just a trading port, what made it so successful today? what was Singapore focuses?

please try to send me some links.
i m doin a project on this. so stop sending me links on hw to make a business or hw to make money

John answers:

Just a Trading Port? That is the whole essence in a nutshell.

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