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George asks…

Who is the most famous and successful underlying stock market swing trader of individual shares in the world?

I want to know who is the most famous, most successful underlying stock market swing trader of individual stocks & shares, i.e. the master stock market super swing trader?

NOTE: I already know that the master, super day-trader is a japanese guy, tashaki kotegawa, who grew his investment funds from $14,000 (£9,300) to $156 million (£105,000,000) in 8 years day trading stocks.

Who is the master super swing trader of stocks I ask?

John answers:

I can find a lot of forums discussing Tashaki Kotegawa, but I can’t find one legitimate web source that proves he really did what you say. Such an amazing feat should have been written up in the Wall Street Journal, other business magazines, Wikipedia, etc, but there is no mention. I therefore consider his claims as unproven. Don’t believe everything you read on the web.

The truth of the matter is that the long term buy and hold investors like Warren Buffett are the most famous, not the day traders or swing traders.

Sandra asks…

How can we get the government to bring more equality to the investing world?

I have noticed that most investors are either White, Jewish or Asian. I have met very few African traders in my 20 years as a trader. Most of the Hispanics I met were also only part time traders. I have also only ever met one woman who was a successful full time trader. She was my first wife.

My question is how can we allow this bastion of sexism/racism/inequality to remain erect? For gosh sakes it’s 2011! Any ideas?
Come on guys. Seriously, this is a major social issue.

John answers:

Don’t you have anything better to do besides cry racism and inequality? For gosh sakes it’s 2011. Look at the demographics for each race mainly their GPA and then it may become clear why it’s such a rare sight. No I’m not being stereotypical, I can’t possibly be stereotypical when I have the facts to back up my claims can I?

John asks…

The New Breed of Celebrities?

I maybe completely alone here. Does anyone else feel that WallStreet & the Financial Markets are going to be the new cool? That very successful traders will become celebrities when people realize that they shape the world & their actions could have effects on everyone (As Micheal Douglas so accuratley displayed “Greed is Good”)? At the moment (being a young hedge fund trader) it just annoys how people are so oblivious to how the markets shape their lives & I think it time we got some just recognition!
A prime example there just how little people appreciate. The Credit Crunch started with traders selling huge positions causing massive lack of confidence in investors which made people realize just how little value these packages of good & bad credit were worth. Now the amount of mortgages taken out in the last 6 months has decreased by 70%+. People cannot buy homes, cars etc. Yet people just go along in a normal day pretending these things happen for no reason. Celebrities are famous because they millions $ a movie. That is absolutely nothing, Nothing on Wall Street.
“There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need, but not for man’s greed.

John answers:

I wouldn’t call a hedge fund trader a celebrity…but u have definitely made me realize the importance of them… N i applaud they’re work!..

Susan asks…

Black History Question?

Who was a successful trader and entrepreneur who laid the foundation for one of the largest and most important cities of the world, Chicago?

John answers:

Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable

Nancy asks…

The Democrats greatest fear appears to be coming true?

It appears The troops will be successful in destroying the insurgence, Bush will declare the Operation a success for the Iraqis the American people, the troops, and for the rest of the free world. The troops will return home with the appreciation they deserve. The Democrats will be seen for the traders they are just before the 08 election and never be a real party again. What do you think?

John answers:

Sounds like a wonderful dream really….I wish it were true!!!

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