Your Questions About Successful Traders Stories

Laura asks…

What kind of mindset / personality type is this?

I met someone at work the other day. This person does some low-level basic IT work for our firm.
I’ve been trying to figure out what actually goes on in the heads of people like this.

He’s an entrepreneur, not very successful, runs a small 2-person IT firm.
From what i gathered he dropped out of school before finally getting his high school diploma at the age of 28.

He tries very, very, very hard to brag about the little he knows.
e.g. my first degree is in electrical engineering, but he had the nerve to rudely and presumptuously tell me about the “mysterious complexities of how technology works”. He was being serious, and there were other examples.

Also he comes up with FANTASTIC tall tales and lies about “friends”.
Stories that literally make you gasp at the stupidity and absurdity behind them and make you wonder if he’s retarded or loony.

e.g. how some trader from bank ABC offered him $500K a month to use his firm as a holding company for illegal “black ops” trades. not realizing that I know the traders at bank ABC…
And here he is repairing my computer for $50?

The list goes on. Blatant lie after lie, the worst part of it all they were all flimsy see-throughs that anyone with half a brain could see through.

From a psychologists’ standpoint, what kind of personalities are these?
The amazing thing to me is how they function in society.
I want to feel bad for the guy, but he’s just downright obnoxious.

John answers:

Not sure if there would be a diagnosis for this but more of an obvious explanation of how this guy operates. He needs to be the center of attention so he makes up wild stories to impress others. Because he has not been very successful career-wise he has to bloat himself up with lies/fibs so as not to feel inferior. I have seen many many people behave this way without necessarily having any personality disorders but just very low self esteem, inferiority issues and attention-seeking behaviors to overcompensate for extreme feelings of inadequacy. Sad really, but very, very difficult to be around, hence the reason for no friends.

Michael asks…

Where can I find this specific YYH fanfiction? (Yes, yaoi)?

I once had this saved to my computer, until said piece of technology crashed. I lost the few stories that I had saved, and I’m trying to recuperate them. I’ve only been partially successful. Here’s a YYH (Yu Yu Hakusho) fanfiction that I lost, and can’t seem to find again. If anybody knows title, author, or even just a link, I’d really, really appreciate it!

Premises: Yusuke is in Makai and gets captured by slave traders. Kurama and Hiei have to go rescue him. They walk participant in a bidding, with Yusuke (naked, blindfolded, and strung up, and doped up on some sort of drug/aphrodisiac). Kurama “seduces” the youkai that wins Yusuke. Kurama loses control of Youko in the process, kills the youkai and (more or less) rapes Yusuke. Hiei is the one who gets them out of there, rescuing a bunch of other human captives along the way. As they’re escaping, they get cornered, and in the ensuing attack, there’s some thought sharing going on. It actually ends with Kurama x Yusuke x Hiei. I don’t know if there is a sequel or not, but if anybody can find just this story, I would really, really, really appreciate it!

John answers:

Good luck in finding it.

Linda asks…

What do you think of this?

The story idea takes place in India in the 1920’s, once it began striving towards its independence, and
Ashad, a nine-year old boy from Delhi, whose father disappears one day from their beautiful home to attain business in Bombay. A couple years following his departure, the father stops sending the family money, and the family is forced to move in a poor rural area in Delhi, where his older brother begins working a small job to keep the family running. In the rural area, Ashad makes friends with many kids, namely Salim and Gauri. Both of which have problems with their parents, and become very good friends. Gauri secretly has a crush on Ashad, while Salim is fearful of his abusive, alcoholic father, and often does not eat enough, so turns to his neighbor, an old lady widow. In return, he works for her, and helps her around the house.
One day, Salim meets an old man in the outskirts of the village, who he helps out with his cupplies. In return, the man gives him an offer to come with him to Bombay to meet Gandhi, and embark on his protests. Salim, excited that this might be a chance to escape his father, agrees. Ashad, who feels this is an opportunity to search for his father, also agrees. Gauri who hears about all this, decides to go as well, since she doesn’t fee any love from her parents anyway.

On the night of the day they meet the man, they undertake their journey. They see numerous things and meet numerous people. Eventually they arrive in a small trade area of merchants and traders. The man states that he was supposed to meet his friend in this town.
From their, the three children experience many things, and eventually, 10 years later, Ashad becomes a store owner, and becomes moderately successful, (he finds out his father married
some other women following his departure to Bombay), Gauri is arried to a very abusive man, but she escapes from him and goes with Ashad. (Salim dies of sickness). In the end, the two of them go back home to rural Delhi, to live in their mother’s home.

What do you think?

John answers:

It sounds really good! A couple of things though:

One, you said that Salim’s father is an alcoholic. But don’t they live in a poor area? If so, then the father wouldn’t be able to afford alcohol, would he? Maybe he gets alcohol from a rich friend, or he steals it or something. That would be an important detail because it would confuse the reader if Salim is really poor or not.

Another thing: I agree with whoever said that you need more of a “goal”. Okay, well I understand that each of the children’s goal is either to escape their abusive/ non-loving parents, or to find one of them. That’s good. But you also need a climax point. Something dreadful or bad should happen on their journey. Maybe it should be at that time that Salim grows ill and eventually dies (probably three or four years after the start of their journey.) Or maybe the old man is really a trap, and actually is looking into hurting the children or their family. If you are following me, then you understand that you need to have a climax point of the story.

Otherwise, this sounds really well thought out and veeery interesting! I’d read it (:

John asks…

I cant remember the name of a book?

The book was about a boy born in a ancient society to a “middle class” race. His race were thieves stealing from the lower class. They all carried knives, and the lower class had to wear ropes around their neck. Every year or so, some of the middle class race would go crazy and burn things. All kind of violent acts would go on during the burning. During one of these fires, The main character escapes through the woods by burning/cutting a path out to a “plains” like region. The plants in the forrest were deadly. The ones that weren’t poisonous were razor sharp and would lash out at people.

The story continues as the main character grows older, joining a tribe of sorts. The tribe were nomadic traders. The main character becomes very successful at his new life. And finally goes back to where he came from imprisoning a water spirit in a great pit underground. My memories are a bit fuzzy on the details as i haven’t read this book in years. I do remember the end said that the great pit contained a fire god and that the fire god wasn’t killed but trapped in oil. Causing gasoline to become ignitable, And that the whole story was set somewhere in the western united states. I think the pit was the tar pits in California.
its not eragorn.

John answers:

I believe it’s called “Eragon”

Daniel asks…

Do Democrats care that the Clinton’s profited from illegal Iraqi oil?

Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, a man wanted by the Justice Department for selling illegal Iranian oil under a US embargo and later found out to be selling illegal Iraqi oil under a UN embargo and the largest private donor to the Clinton presidental library.

Denise Rich, the wife of Saddam’s personal oil broker, donated 1 million dollars to the democrat party.

Former American fugitive Marc Rich was a middleman for several of Iraq’s suspect oil deals in February 2001, just one month after his pardon from President Clinton, according to oil industry shipping records obtained by ABC News.

And a U.S. criminal investigation is looking into whether Rich, as well as several other prominent oil traders, made illegal payments to Iraq in order to obtain the lucrative oil contracts.,8599,99302,00.html

Marc Rich’s socialite ex-wife has donated an estimated $1 million to Democratic causes, including $70,000 to Hillary Clinton’s successful Senate campaign and $450,000 to the Clinton presidential library fund. She also lobbied heavily for Marc’s pardon.
How much do you think the Clinton’s profited from the suffering of the Iraqi people while helping to support one of the worst dictators in modern history?

John answers:

The liberals think the Clintons can do no wrong, Hillary had Vince Foster bumped off when He was about to rat out her Legal company for Whitewater…………….########

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